How To Put NFT In A Smartwatch? Flaunt Your NFT Everywhere!

Non-Fungible Tokens are ruling the world and so are the new additions to it. Here is another feature of NFT, the NFT Smartwatch! Yes, you can put an NFT in your Smartwatch now. How? Here is a guide on ‘How to put NFT in a Smartwatch’ that will clear your doubts! 

NFT are popular and now NFTs in smartwatches are also becoming popular. Well, if you still don’t know how to put NFT in a Smartwatch, you should learn it before it’s too late. One can personalize NFT and show off your collection of NFTs in front of people. 

You can use this amazing feature of the NFT watch. So, let’s not waste much time and start the post on ‘How to put NFT in a Smartwatch’. Go through the post until the end to have a better understanding. We will first discuss NFTs and then move on to putting NFT in Smartwatch.

Let’s dive into the post!

What Is An NFT? 


The immensely popular Non-Fungible tokens are the unique tokens existing on the blockchain. Anything in a digital form can be regarded as NFTs like music, art, video, etc. The artists worldwide have got the benefit of making their artwork available to a wider audience with the help of NFTs. You can also make NFTs and earn various benefits through them. You can now display your NFTs in your watches as well. You can wear the watch on your wrist and move the NFTs wherever you go with you.

Want to know more? Let’s see how to put NFT in a Smartwatch and try putting it on for yourself.  

How To Put NFT In A Smartwatch?

How To Put NFT In A Smartwatch


Let’s watch out for the steps on How to put NFT in a Smartwatch (Android Watch).

1. Sign In

You need to log in to to use this platform to put an NFT in a smartwatch. Visit the link and on the upper-right, you will find the Log In button, click, sign in by filling in details, and move towards the next step.

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2. Design

After signing, you can find the designs of watches. You can click on the blank option and then press Background Image from the left-side. Then, click on the plus sign. 

3. Choose Watchface

You can now choose the watch face that you want to display on your Smartwatch. You can then stretch it to make the right width for your watch. 

4. Publish

Once you have made the proper fittings, click on Publish on the right at the top. You can now view the display of a round watch and a square watch with the watch face. You can select a display watch of your choice.

5. Details

Fill up the details like the design name, description, category, tags, accept the terms and conditions, and then tap on Publish. Now, you can wait for some time until the next step in the process shows up.

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6. Send To Watch

The next step is you will find a small watch icon on the right side at the end. Click on that icon and refresh your watch face. It is now loaded on your Smartwatch and published.

7. My Collection

You can now press the Go To My Collection button. Here you will now find the design under the published designs. You can now edit this by adding digital time, changing color, etc., and then click on update

With this, you have completed displaying an NFT on your Android watch. 

You can also use this NFT feature on your Apple watch. You can use apps like Zerion to put NFT on your Apple watch.

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This post was all about ‘How to put NFT in a Smartwatch’. We have explained to you how to put NFT in a smartwatch with the Facer platform. We hope you have understood the details regarding how to put NFT in a Smartwatch.

Why are you waiting now? Try putting an NFT in your smartwatch! Well, if you still have any doubts regarding how to put NFT in a smartwatch, ask us in the comment section.

Keep forwarding the blog to as many people as you can. Tell us what you want us to write next in the comment section, we are curious to know!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Put My NFT On My Apple Watch?

A. Yes, you can put an NFT on your Apple watch.

Q2. What Is The Most Expensive NFT Ever Sold?

A. Everdays: The First 5000 Days is the most expensive NFT sold for $69.3 Million.

Q3. Is It Possible To Have An NFT Watch?

A. Yes, you can have NFTs on your watch now. 

Q4. What Is A Wearable NFT?

A. Wearable NFT can be anything like jeans, shirts, glasses, sneakers, hats, etc. that you can put on the digital avatars.

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