How To Preview Documents On WhatsApp Without Opening?

Want to know what’s in the document right before even loading it? Now that’s possible as WhatsApp is rolling out an amazing document previewing feature for its Beta users. This one is quite helpful from the series of new features rolled out by WhatsApp. Wondering How To Preview Documents On WhatsApp? Here is everything you need to know about the working of the feature.

A few days ago, Whatsapp introduced and tested several advanced features that might not immediately be apparent to Beta users of iOS and Androids. The app has added features like customized privacy settings, delete for all features, Facebook-Like cover images, and one-time access to see images. Also, this latest document preview update is so vital. 

The problem that is typically connected to WhatsApp is that thumbnails won’t be visible when you send Docs. The present Doc sharing UI issue is that recipients do not have access to the document until they open or download the file. This means that the new feature will allow users to glimpse the contents of a document file. So how to preview documents on WhatsApp to view them before opening them?

Let’s check when this feature will be fully operational for the masses. Hopefully, WhatsApp will soon launch this feature globally for all users. Meta is working to improve its features and rival Telegram to date.

How To Preview Documents On WhatsApp?

According to a report from WABetaInfo, the document preview feature has been implemented in WhatsApp’s Android beta version The platform claims that WhatsApp plans to launch the preview feature for images in the forthcoming updates. In the meantime, the preview feature is only available to PDF documents

Shortly, videos will be viewed in the same manner as images, and you’ll get an understanding of the content before sharing with others or saving it.

We’ll tell you that as of now, there is no news regarding the time frame for when the feature in WhatsApp will be made available to iOS, which is Apple users.

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How To Use WhatsApp Document Preview Feature To Save Phone’s Storage

How To Use WhatsApp Document Preview Feature To Save Phone’s Storage

It’ll be saved to your phone’s gallery when you download a file. The option to view media is enabled by default. This feature only applies to newly downloaded media after the feature is switched off or on and doesn’t apply to older media.

Prevent media from all your chats, groups, and individual chats from being saved. You can simply enable the WhatsApp document preview feature, to save storage. So, how to preview documents on WhatsApp without downloading them?

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Click More Options. Then go to Settings. After that click on Chats.
  3. Shut off the visibility of media.
  4. To prevent media from an individual chat (or group) from saving.
  5. Chat in a chat room as an individual or a group chat.
  6. Select More Options and then go to View Contact or Group details.
  7. Alternately, tap the contact’s name or the group subject.
  8. Tap Media visibility. Select No. Click OK to confirm changes.

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Other New WhatsApp Features

In addition to the coming Document Preview, the Meta-owned messaging platform has recently introduced new features.

This includes the updated phone call interface. Before releasing the new call UI version, it was only available on the black, plain background.

The user interface is now adorned. Rumors suggested that WhatsApp could soon make it user-friendly, allowing customers to create their backgrounds.

In addition, the WhatsApp desktop version WhatsApp desktop application has released an updated global audio player featuring a new caption menu and other improvements.

However, yet another WhatsApp upgrade is set to launch, allowing users to perform Android exchanges from iPhone chat history transfers.

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Wrapping Up:

Hopefully, now you have a clear idea about the working of the document preview feature in WhatsApp.  This is how to preview documents on WhatsApp without opening them.

Enjoy amazing WhatsApp features. If you find any problem using any feature, drop down your queries in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where Can I Find My WhatsApp Documents?

Al your WhatsApp documents are saved in the Whatsapp media block. Or if you are using internal storage to store documents and media, then all the WhatsApp media will be saved under the WhatsApp folder located in your internal storage.

Q. Can You Share Documents On WhatsApp?

Yes, you can share WhatsApp documents both on iOS and Android. With the latest update in WhatsApp features, you can now easily share media in the form of PDF documents on WhatsApp.

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