How To Mint NFT Without A Gas Fee?

The minting process for NFTs has always been difficult in traditional times because of paying high gas fees. It has hindered many artists from entering the blockchain. If you have also suffered this, you don’t need to worry anymore. Now, you can mint your NFT for free! Yes, we will tell you how to mint NFT without a gas fee in this guide.

Non-Fungible Tokens have been immensely popular, but the minting process is less profitable due to high gas fees. It has become important to mint NFTs without a gas fee as this would break all the artists’ hindrances.

With the lazy minting option, you can now mint your NFT without a gas fee. Here is how you can do it. So, we will share how to mint NFT without a gas fee on OpenSea and Rarible. But, before that, let’s know about lazy minting.

Then, let’s start with it without wasting much time!

What Is Lazy Minting?

Lazy Minting allows the users to push the minting process. With this, the burden of minting is carried over to the buyer. Lazy Minting means that your NFT is not inserted in the blockchain until someone purchases it. Your NFT would be uploaded to a platform like Rarible, but you won’t be able to see it in the Ethereum blockchain.

However, if you want security and the ability to see the NFTs inserted in the Ethereum blockchain, you can pay a gas fee and turn off the free minting button. With this, you can also put your NFT on sale at other marketplaces as well.

So, choose wisely if you want to go for lazy minting and pay no gas fee or enjoy the various features by paying a gas fee. If you think of going for the first option, then here is how to mint NFT without a gas fee.

Still not clear? Here is a complete guide on what is Lazy Minting of NFTs and how is Lazy Minting of an NFT done!

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How To Mint NFT Without A Gas Fee?

If you think you cannot mint an NFT for free, you are wrong! You can mint an NFT without paying any gas fee.

Yes, we are not kidding!

Here we will tell you how to mint NFT without gas fee on OpenSea and Rarible. Let’s get started then.

How To Mint NFT Without A Gas Fee On OpenSea?

How To Mint NFT Without A Gas Fee on OpenSea

For minting an NFT without paying a gas fee through OpenSea marketplace, you need to follow a few steps.

Here are the steps on how to mint NFT without a gas fee on OpenSea. 

1. Create Account

Go to and open an account on OpenSea. You can connect your wallet, you can use MetaMask wallet by going to the profile on the upper-right. 

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2. Collections

Once you have connected the wallet, go to the profile icon and click on My Collections. Then, you can press Create a Collection. You don’t need to create a collection to maintain NFT, you can even choose a single NFT instead of a collection. 

3. Details

You can now fill in the details like a logo image for your collection, featured image, banned image, name, URL, description, category, royalty for your collection, and wallet address.

4. Blockchain

Once you have copied the wallet address, you will find a blockchain option after that. If you want to mint an NFT for free, you need to change the blockchain to Polygon. You can then change the display theme and then click on create

5. Add Item

You now need to add an item. So, click on add item at the right side on the top. Then, add an image or audio, or video. Add a name, description, external link, and other details, and click on create. 

That’s it! You have minted your NFT, and now you can put your NFT for sale if you want to by clicking on sell and filling in the details.

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How To Mint NFT Without A Gas Fee On Rarible?

How To Mint NFT Without A Gas Fee on Rarible?

For knowing how to mint NFT without a gas fee on the Rarible platform, you must follow certain steps. Here are the steps you need to follow. 

1. Sign In

The first step is to go to the Rarible platform and log in to your account by signing in to your wallet. You can sign in with the MetaMask wallet. If you are using Rarible for the first time, you need to set your profile.

2. Create Collectible

After completing the first step, click on Create to create an NFT. You can choose between a multiple or single collectible as per your choice.  

3. Upload

Once you choose between single or multiple collectibles, you need to upload the file you want to transform into NFT. You can click on Choose File and select the file you want as NFT. After that, choose if you want to sell the NFT at a fixed price or not and select a price.

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4. Choose Collection 

You can now select the Rarible option and minting the NFT for free. You don’t need to pay any fees, and only the buyer will be required to pay fees if you turn on this option.

5. Other Details

After this, fill up the other details like the title, description, and royalty amount for your NFT. Then, click on Create Item, and then the upload part will be finished, and you can click on Sign in the pop-up on the right side. You can again click Sign for completing the process. 

That’s all you have completed the minting process, and your NFT is on sale on the Rarible.

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With this, we reach the end of our post on ‘How to mint NFT without a gas fee’. We have discussed two ways of minting NFTs without a gas fee. If you have any queries write them in the comment box below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can You Mint NFT For Free?

A. Yes! You can mint an NFT without paying a gas fee through platforms like Rarible, OpenSea, etc.

Q2. Do You Have To Pay Gas Fee For Every NFT?

A. Whenever an order is placed or canceled for NFT, one has to pay a gas fee. Even if the NFT is lazy minted, you still need to pay a gas fee for minting.

Q3. What Happens If Your NFT Doesn’t Sell On OpenSea?

A. If it doesn’t sell, it can be re-minted or deleted. However, it costs more gas fees. 

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