How To Make Wearables In Decentraland? Create Fashionable Avatars Easily!

Avatar in Decentraland, you must be aware of this, right? Decentraland allows you to create your avatars on the platform and make them more fashionable. Yeah, you heard that right. It’s time to show your Fashion designing skills!! You can create clothes for your avatar in Decentraland and make them look even more stylish. If you are new to the concept then fret not because here is the post that will tell you how to make wearables in Decentraland?

The unique avatars in Decentraland can be named and you can even make them wear fancy attires! Yes, on hearing it seems super fun just imagine how pleasurable it would be when you do the same! You can make wearables and even earn them by participating in different events. You can even sell these avatars and earn money through them. 

Aren’t you excited to know more about it? I am sure you must be. We will be providing a complete guide to you on this. But before knowing how to make wearables in Decentraland, let us first shed some light on what wearables are!

What Are Wearables?

How To Make Wearables In Decentraland? Create Fashionable Avatars Easily!

Wearables are different items like accessories, clothes, or various features that can be used for making or customizing the look of the avatar in the virtual world. Though you will have default wearables once you have created your account and they are freely available, you can customize yours as well.

There are different categories for each wearable. You can decide amongst these categories, which you want to modify or customize. These categories are:

  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
  • Head
  • Helmet
  • Hair
  • Facial Hair
  • Feet

Accessories like hats, tiaras, masks, earrings, or many others can also be included in the wearables. Before you start make sure not to use too many triangles for running Decentraland smoothly. Don’t use more than-

  • 1.5K triangles per wearable
  • 500 triangles in accessory 
  • 2 textures per wearable (resolution-512×512)

Now it’s the time to create your wearables!

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Steps For How To Make Wearables In Decentraland

Here are the steps on how to make wearables in Decentraland. You can follow them and clarify your thoughts regarding this. 

So, here we go!

Step 1: Downloading Basic Avatar

The first thing that you need to do is, download the basic avatar of male or female characters. You can have a reference with this about where to start. Now you can use the 3D software of your choice and load the models. These models will have seven networks or meshes related to the frame like head, eyes, feet, or mouth. 

Make sure that you don’t touch or modify the cuts between these categories as it will make them look like these parts are floating! 

Step 2: Customizing The Look

You can see a different skin texture for each mesh and there is grayscale rendered to skin texture in the editor. You can give different shades of your choice to the skin in the avatar editor. 

You can take any one part of the model and modify the face and vertex for creating a new model. You can also make a model from a basic shape, modify vertex and create it. For selecting colors for wearables, you can use AvatarWearable_MAT texture. It is better to use a small texture file for the wearable. 

For eyes, eyebrows, and mouth, you have to create a png texture and place it in the UV map correctly. These textures require an alpha channel and should be 256x256px. You can change or modify other things like hair, facial hair, etc.

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Step 3: Rig And Export

Now after you are done with models and textures, it’s time for rigging and exporting in GLB. For this, you need Blender 2.8 or superior, as the models won’t work properly in other software. Import the model and then rig it by pressing P with automatic weights. If required you can correct them and then export them.

Step 4: Enter The Builder

It is time to enter the builder by logging in to the MetaMask account and Decentraland. Create a collection that comprises all the wearables, for this go-to collection. and press plus and then select a new collection.

Now you can press add items and select models and basic options for the wearables. Now you can select male or female and the body shape as well. So this is how you can make wearables in Decentraland. Not just wearables but, you can also create NFTs in Decentraland!

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We hope that it was an interesting concept for you to understand how to make wearables in Decentraland. If you enjoyed reading it then do share it with your friends and family and let them know about this super exciting thing in Decentraland. 

So, what are you waiting for? Christmas? Open the application and start displaying your extraordinary skills. You can also make wearables and then sell them in the Decentraland marketplace.

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