How To Make Money From NFTs? 5 Ways To Earn Passive Income!!

The Internet has gone crazy with the biggest experimental success in the world of money-making. The launch of the NFT aka Non-fungible token is proving to be the biggest asset for the investors as well as to the creators. Because of this, everyone wants to know the secret of how to make money from NFT. If you too are living with this curiosity, then you must check this post on how to make money from NFTs as here you will get each query answered without any further doubt.

So, what’s the wait? All the future investors, it’s time that you should try your luck with the NFTs. But!! It’s not an easy game where all you have to do is to create art or buy one and sell them at higher prices to enjoy the infinite profit. Ahhh!!! If you think that it is a kid’s game, then you must give it a second thought or maybe thousands?

Yes, we agree that it is true, people have earned as much as 69.3 million with this concept. You guessed it right, here we are talking about the Beeple’s NFT that became the internet sensation and changed the whole world’s money-generating ideas. That was just incredible!! Isn’t it? Seeing the popularity you too must be thinking of filling your buckets with this running water.

But the same question arises. How? How to make money from NFTs? How do brands create their NFTs? Can you make tons out of it, if you are an ordinary person? Let’s find this out below.

How To Make Money From NFTs?

Who would have thought that a signature can be sold as NFT for more than 2.3 million dollars?

Yes, you read it right, for a million dollars!! Strange, right? But that is true!

These digital currencies have changed the way we look at future money. All those Iconic memes, digital paintings, or videos are being sold and bought as blockchains that make the ownership certified. Well, it can be that lucky charm that can lead to being a millionaire.

But how to do that?

How to make money from NFTs?

Can you make tons out of it?

Well, to be precise, you can make money either by selling, buying, or renting your unique assets. Well, it’s not that simple as it seems to be. To understand this, firstly you need to know who you are: A creator, buyer, investor, or collector in the NFT world.

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You can make millions by:

Way 1: Creating An NFT

Image Credits: The Independent

If you are reading this, you almost know what an NFT is and how to convert your unique art into the future’s original masterpiece.

So, who are you? An artist?

If so, then yeah! Voila! Congratulations.

All you need to do is to create. Confused? What to create?


It’s serious.

Anything among memes, digital art, audio clips, music, and anything fun that people want to buy. Well, it’s not always that it is something that all wanted to buy. Do you know that a citizen from New York has sold a weird NFT of his fart?

Ewww!! Really?

Since NFT is a non-fungible token, it cannot be reproduced, copied, or altered. If it’s yours, only you have the ability to sell it to someone for millions or even trillions depending upon its value.

But what gives value to an NFT?

Firstly, you need to understand that just like any other form of trading, your creation can be the ace.

Well, it is just like a virtually created hypothetical art museum where the value of the art depends upon its collector. Quite confusing? But, it’s not that much difficult.

If you are a creator, you can upload your art on various platforms. One among them is Mark Cuban’s Uploading your art and selling it to the audience is similar to uploading something on a social media platform.

You can use other platforms like to do the same. Follow these CREATE> SINGLE> SALE PRICE> ENTER. Also, you need to pay a gas fee to get it sold.

Way 2: Trading In NFT

Well, this is the easiest option available among all the methods on how to make money from NFTs. Yes, it is!

We mean, you need not spend hours creating art. Instead, on part of this, you can buy an NFT that seems profitable to you at a lower price or good value. Look for a good deal and congratulations. For instance, that Beeple’s art was sold at a price that was 1000 times its original value.

So, ready for a resale?

What do you say?

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Way 3: Staking An NFT

How To Make Money From NFTs
Image Credits: Quartz

What if you do not want to sell your NFT at all or you are waiting for a profitable deal? In such a scenario you can take your NFT.

So what does this staking mean?

How to make money from NFTs by staking?

In the digital world, staking refers to lending. This means that if you are not willing to sell your Crypto asset to anyone, you can take or lend that NFT to a person for a while and get paid for it. After the period is over, the NFT will be yours again. 

Way 4: Investing In NFT Startups

If you want to know how to make money from NTFs, then one of the best ways is to invest in NFT startups. Well, this might sound crazy but it is the right time that you should invest in them.

Since it is visible that the NFT is not going to be a flop show in the coming future and that is why various startups have been working on creating something that can help people in investing or selling the NFT. For instance, the applications created, the tutorials, YouTube channels, and a lot more have been there too to make ordinary people understand the concept clearly.

Undoubtedly this is one of the revolutionary steps towards the future. Because of the huge demand for gaining knowledge or finding a platform to sell or buy the NFT, these startups are going to earn a lot more in the future. So it’s better to invest in them. Well, it is also so clear that investing in such a startup can be risky as not all of them will be successful.

Way 5: Try NFT Gaming

How To Make Money From NFTs
Image credits: Binance

Not only those digital art forms, but the NFTs is also a sensation in the gaming world as well. There are a lot of games that allow you to purchase in-game items. You can take the chance and create your unique NFT and trade them to those who wish to buy it.

Oh! Do you know about crypto kitties? Amazing about it is that a single Crypto Kitty can cost $3,00,000. Nothing how much you can earn out of it.

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Wrapping up:

NFT is going to be the future’s money and can get the best out of it if you really know how to make money from NFTs. So, what’s the wait? No matter if you are an artist, buyer, collector, or investor, NFTs can offer you a lot of opportunities. All you have to see is which one to choose and Why?

That’s it! Now it’s your turn. Use the comment section below to share your thoughts on other methods of how to make money from NFTs. 

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