How To Level Up On Steam For Free? 3 Quick Tricks To Gain XP!!

Online Gaming is taking over the world drastically. Whether it’s streaming on Twitch or playing our favorite PC games on Steam everyone loves to level up! By leveling up I mean enjoying an extra chunk of bonus points, earning XP, upgrading your badges, and much more. How to level up on steam to enjoy these benefits? Read along and find out everything about leveling up! 

People play different games on Steam and enjoy the experience. The more you play the more you enjoy the bonus points (XP). But we often tend to ignore certain steps that take us one step closer to leveling up on steam. You can try certain tricks to boost up your level. Learn how to level up on steam for free and enjoy higher rankings.

While many people may suggest different ways to level up on steam, the easiest yet quickest way to level up on steam is Crafting Badges. How to do that? How to level up on steam by crafting badges? Well, Well, Well! Everything is mentioned right below you just need to follow the steps. 

Leveling up on steam is not that hard of a task. You just need to be active on steam and try these easy ways. Get visible results by using these methods and thank me later!

How to Level Up on Steam? 

You know how to level up on steam for free, right? You just need to earn more XP and in return, you get to level up yourself! Here have a look at quick easy tricks to level up on steam! 

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Quickest Way To Earn XP

How To Level Up On Steam; Quickest Way To Earn XP
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Out of the many ways you know to level up on steam, one of the fastest and the effective methods is badge crafting! 

Like you know to reach your first level on steam you need to earn 100 XP. Ah-ha! But this happens only until you reach level 10. Because after reaching level 10 and further you’ll need time to earn 200 XP per level. 

This thing continues after every 10 levels. Like up till level 1-10 you need 100 XP, up till level 10-20 you need 200 XP, for levels 20-30 you need 300 XP and this chain continues. 

The more the XP, the more you get to level up on steam! 

This can be easily done by crafting badges. When you collect the trading cards you create badges out of them. 

To check your current collection of badges and cards, follow these steps:

Your Account Name> Badges. 

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Upgrading Your Badges! 

How To Level Up On Steam ; Upgrading Your Badges
Source: Reddit

While your badge crafting goes well, you need to upgrade your badges to enjoy the benefits! 

Do you know that you can level up using a badge card over 5 times max? Isn’t it great? 

That means when you complete one level and craft a badge with just one gameplay, you can get 500 XP possibly. 

Also, every time you craft a badge, you get three options/items with it. Using those options/items you can buy more cards from the earnings you make from selling the items. 

Confused? Okay so, if you’re unable to sell any item you can transform them into gems. Gems help you to buy booster packs!! In short, you are moving one step ahead in leveling up on steam. 

Other Ways To Level Up On Steam and Gain XP! 

How To Level Up On Steam ; Other Ways To Level Up On Steam and Gain XP
Source: Steam Community

Besides crafting badges, there are some other ways too to level up on steam and gain XP. ways to do so. The first one is the Pillar of Community Badge. When you complete a certain set of tasks on steam you get the community badge.

These tasks may vary from adding a friend, posting a screenshot, completing a game, etc. Once you finish these tasks, you earn the level one badge for 100 XP.

To upgrade it you can use another 100 XP to upgrade level 2.

Another way to level up is By collecting Game Collector badges. When you buy any game on steam, you can collect these badges. Remember the more games you buy, the lesser you’ll be awarded XP with each passing game. But for buying the first few games, you can collect enough XP.

Furthermore, the longer period of time you own a Steam account, the more the chances of getting free XP. Like having an account for one year gives you 50 XP.

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A few months back I was playing on steam just for the sake of playing. But as soon as I discovered the above-mentioned tricks to level up on steam, I had that constant urge to do more, to grow more.

Hope you too have experienced this feeling. Now all you need to do is follow these basic ideas and level one step up with each gameplay. Surprise your friends with the drastic changes in your level. Until then, enjoy streaming!!

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