Oculus Quest 2 Jailbreak | Is It Legal or Illegal?

The Oculus Quest 2 VR headset was launched in October 2020, now news is coming that hackers have found a way to ‘jailbreak’ it and bypass its mandatory Facebook login. In this post, we will try to understand more about Oculus Quest 2 jailbreak.

The Oculus Quest 2 is jailbreak! I am not joking about it. It was reported and confirmed by the Extended Reality Safety Initiative (XR) that the hackers have root access to the device. After this, it has validated the news and the jailbreak of the Oculus Quest 2 headset was successful.

Jailbreak is nothing more than providing hackers access to modify the features of any device. If any device is jailbroken, then it can be modified as per the user requirements.

We will be discussing in detail the Oculus Quest 2 jailbreak. What does it mean and will it affect the users? We will also find out if jailbreak is legal or not. So, without wasting time, let’s start.

What Is Jailbreaking?

Let’s understand jailbreaking in simple terms. If you are an iPhone holder and someone has the access to your phone settings and your personal data. How will you feel about it? In similar terms, Jailbreaking is providing root access to the hackers to access confidential files and settings.

Every manufacturing company puts restrictions intentionally on every device. There is built-in software in every device that is provided for user safety and protection. This software keeps your credentials secure.

Privilege escalation is just another name for Jailbreaking. It simply means taking the advantage of the flaws and errors and exploiting them for self-benefit. Hackers exploit these vulnerabilities and gain access to the devices.

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How To Jailbreak Oculus Quest 2?

Oculus devices need a Facebook account to log in and use the VR headset. This also means if your Facebook account is compromised, your VR data is also breached.

XRSI’s own researchers have validated that a researcher from the XR community has gained root access to Oculus Quest 2 and is able to bypass Facebook Login, this jailbreak, and are currently working to gather assurances to protect the individuals who discovered these methods of jailbreak.

Since the launch of Oculus Quest 2, users have reported problems with connecting to their Facebook accounts. Hackers have exploited this bug to jailbreak the Oculus Quest 2.

Can Oculus Quest 2 Jailbreak Be Removed?

Now the final question remains, how to detect the jailbreak and how to remove the unwanted access from your Oculus Quest 2. Frankly speaking, there are no clean ways of detecting the Oculus Quest 2 jailbreak unless it is done on a mass scale. To reduce the chances of jailbreak happening in the future, the companies are offering people to exploit their bugs and jailbreak the device to win the rewards. 

WebXR developer Robert Long posted on Twitter and offered a $5,000 reward to someone if they were able to jailbreak the Quest 2. ” We have the right to legally modify our own devices just as people already do with their phones. We have the right to repair our own hardware,” Long said. 

“We need to be certain that our biometric data is being used correctly. We need to know how and when our voice and movement data is being used. It is our right to restore access to this hardware when it is taken from us.”Security researchers need root access to the headset to validate the manufacturer’s claims.

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Wrapping Up

Security and privacy are everyone’s concerns. Everyone wants to keep his credentials secure. Jailbreaking can break everyone’s data and then use it against you. With this, we conclude our post and we always recommend keeping your device up to date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Has The Oculus Quest 2 Been Jailbroken?

The hackers have root access to the device was reported by the Extended Reality Safety Initiative (XR). The news regarding the jailbreak of the Qest 2 was successful and was later validated.

Q2. Does Oculus Quest 2 Allow Sideloading?

You can easily check that by taking off your headset and then clicking on the tasks tab on the SideQuest PC app. Here you’ll see sideloading on your Quest 2 wirelessly on your selected APK file.

Q3. Is The Oculus Quest 2 Recalled?

As Oculus Quest 2 has ruled the market for a long time now. Its sales will be resumed by Facebook with a new model that will have double storage yet at the same price.

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