How To Invest In Somnium Space? Beginner’s Guide For Investment

Somnium Space is one of the biggest Metaverse projects. You can meet individuals from around the world. If you are an investor, you must have thought of investing in Somnium Space, right? So, we are here to guide you on how to Invest in Somnium Space.

We are well aware that with Facebook’s announcement of rebranding the name to Meta, the prices of Somnium Space’s ‘Cube’ had gone up. But now, the current price of Cube is $6.72 with a market capitalization of $84,080,005.

Somnium Space is famous as a digital platform for the wonderful experience to users. It allows its users to buy land and trade and explore here. If you want to invest in Somnium Space then, this post will surely be helpful as it will be telling you how to invest in Somnium Space in this article.  

Ways Of Investing In Somnium Space

We will be providing a few ways to invest in Somnium Space. You can choose any of these to earn money. Let us start with how to invest in Somnium Space.  

1. Purchasing And Selling Land

One of the best ways of investing in Somnium Space is to purchase land. You can buy land in Somnium Space, and their prices will be on a hike after some time. So, you can hold that land and sell it whenever the prices go up. If you want to earn huge profits, this way would be of great help as it will help you earn more and more.

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2. Buy And Rent Land

Another way that can be a good investment for you is to purchase land and give them for rent. Yes! You can rent your land in Somnium Space. You can build virtual homes on the land and then give them on rent. You can get land on rent here in Somnium Space. So, if you have little investment, it is a great way out for you. 

3. Creating 3D Avatars

One of the exciting things in Somnium Space is to create avatars. The prices of these digital assets like avatars and land have gone up. You can make an avatar in Somnium Space, and if you don’t want to sell it, just place it on the blockchain. It will provide you with proof of creation origin, and your ownership will be secured. You can get tokens for selling avatars in the wallet and even sell them on OpenSea for some price.

4. Tokens

You can purchase tokens of Somnium Space, that is, CUBE, and it can turn into an investment. All the in-game purchases make use of this token. So, you can purchase them from exchanges like Gemini. The prices are expected to even grow more in the future. Hence, you can earn more by purchasing the tokens and selling them when the prices rise. 

5. Gaming

One of the most booming sectors these days is the gaming sector. You can invest in gaming companies and earn profits. Like any other play to earn games in the Metaverse, Somnium Space also allows its users to play here and provide enjoyment and earning at the same time.

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6. Transportation

Investment in virtual transportation can be a good way of earning for you. We are well aware that transportation can be a way of representing NFTs. Avatars cannot walk or run at speed for a long distance. There are 50 Teleporter NFTs and 5 NFT cars in Somnium. So, one can drive these for some time by paying CUBEs. Higher prices can be charged if there is high demand for transport like cars. Hence, you can invest here.  

These are a few ways to invest. Somnium Space is one of the popular Metaverses and will be gaining even more popularity soon.


In this guide on ‘How to invest in Somnium Space,’ we have explained the ways of investing in Somnium Space. You can choose the method or the way that suits you the most for investing. 

We are not an investing site! Do your research before making any investment. If you found this post informative and liked it, don’t forget to share it with friends. Do tell us if you have any doubts regarding this topic. We will answer them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Much Is Somnium Space?

The current market price of Somnium Space is 6.72 USD and a market capitalization of 84,080,005 USD, and the market cap rank is #459.

Q. Is Somnium Space Free?

Somnium Space can be freely downloaded, and you can even use it for free. 

Q. What Is The Currency Of Somnium Space?

The Currency used in Somnium Space is CUBE. With the help of Cubes, the transfer can be easily made between the players. You can purchase these cubes from various marketplaces like Gemini, Uniswap, or many others.  

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