How To Install Xfinity Stream On Firestick In Easy Steps

If you are a firestick user the Xfinity stream app is best for you, it has so many exciting features. Now, if you have a question regarding how to install Xfinity Stream on firestick? The solution to this problem is here. Before we go further, the main question is “What do you mean by the Xfinity Stream App?”

This app gives you the freedom to see live broadcasts, recordings, inner cable channels, cloud, and video on demand, for all of this you don’t have to pay to rent an Xfinity TV Box. Is this not exciting?

Yes, you can install Xfinity stream on your firestick by several methods. Firstly, you have to go to your Amazon app store on firestick, then you have to go to the search bar to check whether the Xfinity Stream app is on your list or not. If you don’t get the app on the list. Don’t be upset, there are a couple of methods to download this app. We will tell you the complete solution to the problem.

We will tell you the best feature of this app and how to do the installation on your firestick in a very safe and secure way in this article.

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What is the Xfinity Stream App?

How to Install Xfinity Stream On Firestick; What is the Xfinity Stream App?
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Xfinity Stream app offers amazing TV shows and you can also record the shows and matches if you want to watch them later. One who has Xfinity internet and TV services can enjoy its all features but those who only have Xfinity Internet can watch only on-demand shows. The other features are given below:

  • It’s not only supported in firestick but Android, Mac, iOS and others as well.
  • If you purchased the movie or show, you can download it, you don’t need to go online to watch it.
  • This app offers you to record, watch your shows and movies on demand.
  • You can see it’s interface and can easily find any show or movie categorized by some filters. 
  • This is the only streaming app which offers you thousands of shows and movies.
  • The new shows and movies are regularly updated on this app.

How to Install Xfinity Stream On Firestick?

How to Install Xfinity Stream On Firestick; Installation Of Xfinity Stream app on Firestick
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If you locate the amazon app store on your firestick then you can  easily download the Xfinity app on your firestick by following the steps given below:

  • Power on your Firestick and connect your firestick with wifi.
  • Open the Amazon app store on firestick.
  • Take your cursor to the search window, write down the Xfinity app there.
  • Then select the Xfinity app from the list and download it. 
  • The app will start to download itself and the installation is done by firestick automatically.
  • After installation now you can open the spectrum app and enjoy your all favourite shows.

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But as we know there are restrictions and legalities policies on the installation of third-party apps on amazon, and in some regions, the Xfinity app is not easily downloaded by the Amazon app store. Don’t be upset, you can enjoy the feature of the Xfinity app by changing some settings on your firestick. 

Installation of Xfinity app With The Help of ES File Explorer

  1. Go to the amazon app store and search for the Es explorer.
  2. Click the ES Explorer download button and install it.
  3. Open the ES Explorer and find their new button click on it.
  4. Enter source URL  “” in the path field. 
  5. Then allow it by clicking the ok button.
  6. On downloading page click the download apk app. 
  7. The spectrum app will download on your firestick.

But before download the Xfinity Stream app through the ES Explorer app you have to go on the firestick and change some settings on it by the following method:

  1. Go to the setting from the homepage in your firestick device.
  2. Then click on my fire tv or my device from the options.
  3. Now you have to move on to the developer option.
  4. Then you saw an app from unknown sources option-click there to on it.
  5. Now a warning message pops up on your device, turn on it and download the Xfinity app through ES explorer.

Installation of Xfinity Stream App by Downloader App

How to Install Xfinity Stream On Firestick; Installation of Xfinity Stream app by Downloader app
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Before installing the Xfinity Stream app through the Downloader app make sure you change your setting of firestick by the above method. Follow this method by which you can download the Xfinity Stream app by Downloader app.

  1. Go to the Amazon Store app on your firestick device.
  2. Search the downloader app from the search bar.
  3. Click on the downloader app and download it.
  4. Firestick device installs it automatically.
  5. Open the app and now you have to download the Xfinity app from the downloader app.
  6. From the homepage of the downloader app, enter the link  “” and click on “go.”
  7. After you give the command “go” the downloader app download the Xfinity app.
  8. Now, you can enjoy its features in firestick.

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In Nutshell, I hope you got the solution to your problem. Xfinity Stream opens new doors for you where you get your entertainment package at a satisfactory price. The only thing you have to do, install it on your firestick. Do share these tricks with your friends.

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