How To Install Fire Anime on Firestick?

With over 10,000+ downloads on the Google Playstore, Fire Anime has made its spot in the top anime streaming apps. From entertaining storylines to adorable characters, there are so many reasons why anime is so popular? Do read this post till the end to find out how to Install Fire Anime on Firestick, so that you don’t miss your favorite anime shows.

The best part about Fire Anime is that it is supported on Fire TV, Amazon Firestick, and many other devices and the free availability is like the cherry on the cake. You can easily install Fire Anime on Firestick then whether you’re using Fire TV Stick, Firestick Lite, 3rd Gen FireTV Stick, or any similar Fire TV Devices.

In this post, I have covered details about Fire Anime which includes:

  • What Is Fire Anime?
  • How To Install Fire Anime On Firestick?
  • How To Navigate Fire Anime?
  • Features Of Fire Anime

Before we move on to steps to install Fire Anime on Firestick, let’s understand what Fire Anime is and get to know its features.

What is Fire Anime?

Fire Anime on Firestick; What is Fire Anime
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If you’re an anime fan you don’t need any introduction to this app but for new users, Fire Anime is the most popular APK specially designed for Anime fans. If anime series fascinate you like crazy and you need a platform where you can surf all your favorite anime shows, then Fire Anime is the place for you.

How To Install Fire Anime on Firestick?

Keeping the first things first, here is a step-by-step guide on how to install fire anime on a firestick:

  1. Go to any play store and download the “downloader app” on your device.
  2. You need to enable unknown sources for the app to work properly. Turn it on from the settings.
  3. Once you launch the Downloader, you need to click “allow”. Now click “Ok”.
  4. On the left side of the menu bar, select the  “browser” tab.
  5. Click on the “search” box and enter the following URL : Anime and click “Go”.

  1. The URL is of the official website of this downloader app. Scroll down a little and click “download”.

*Note: If you’re operating these steps on an Android TV or Chromecast Google TV, you first need to download the “Downloader Browser Plugin” to your device. For this, type the URL: “” and it’s done.

  1. When the download is finished, click “Install”.
  2. As soon as the app gets installed, click on “Done”.
  3. You’ll be redirected back to the Downloader. Here you need to click on “delete”.
  4. Click on “Delete” again.
  5. Open your home screen page and search for “Fire Anime” under your Apps and Games section.
  6. When you find “Fire Anime”, you need to click on the “options” tab on your remote control.
  7. Now click “move to the front”.The app will be moved to the first part of the row.
  8. The installation for your Fire Anime is successfully done!!

How To Navigate Fire Anime?

Fire Anime on Firestick; How To Navigate Fire Anime
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Feeling stuck with the navigation process? Don’t worry follow these easy steps to navigate Fire Anime:

  1. When you’ll install and launch the Fire Anime on your device, you’ll be given a short guide about the app.
  2. Do read that guide carefully. Once done, click on “Get Started”.
  3. Return back to the home screen. You’ll find all the available servers right there.

Features of Fire Anime

Fire Anime on Firestick; Features of Fire Anime
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Fire Anime APK is worth a try for several reasons. Here are the key features of this app.

  1. Fire Anime is completely free. Plus, it’s free from ads.
  2. Regular updates are available.
  3. Watch trailers of freshly released anime series.
  4. You can choose Add-ons according to your choice.
  5. No log policy.
  6. It uses real debris.
  7. Smoother and faster streaming experience balancing the traffic load through multiple servers.
  8. Search any series, episode, seasons, genre, and release dates on the search bar.
  9. Find category-based shows easily.
  10. Be the first one to watch new releases.
  11. Single page browsing for all your anime shows.
  12. Arrange and rearrange episodes in your preferred order.
  13. Find out the shows, their ratings, status, description, and everything else.
  14. Can be used on external players like Mx player or VLC.
  15. Save episodes for viewing it later.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Fire Anime:

Do I need a VPN for Fire Anime?

No, it’s not necessary to use a VPN for Fire Anime Installation. Your Firestick can work well without a VPN too.

Which is the best Anime App for Firestick?

Some of the best Anime Apps for Firestick are:
Fire Anime

Is Downloader safe for Firestick?

The downloader is totally free to use and it does not take up much space on the firestick. It is not supported by Amazon but if you have any problem setting up or using it, there are many YouTube videos to review on the subject. It’s good to watch videos and understand the basic utilities of the app.

For all those who were looking for How to install Fire Anime on Firestick, I hope this article made them understand the procedure clearly. If you have any other queries regarding the process or the app, do reach us in the comments section below!

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