How to Install ES File Explorer on Android TV

ES File Explorer helps to install or sideload any third-party application on your Android TV. It is one of the most popular File Manager apps used on multiple platforms. Although Google officially took it down from the Play Store, the users couldn’t settle on any other app.

It is reputed for its advanced functionality and a bunch of valuable features. Being more than just a file manager, it acts as an app manager, file downloader, task killer, FTP client, cloud storage, and more. Above all, it offers an easy-to-follow procedure to download any apps that are not available in the Google Play Store.

With ES File Explorer, the multi-purpose application, you can sideload TeaTV, Terrarium TV, Mobdro, Cinema HD, and Whatsapp. So, if you want to enjoy amazing applications, read the guide to install the ES File Explorer on your Android TV.

Here’s A Quick View About The Areas We Cover In Our Guide Below:

  1. Steps to Install ES File Explorer on Android TV
  2. Allow Unknown Sources
  3. Method #1- Use a USB Drive
  4. Method #2- Download the APK file on Android TV
  5. How To Use ES File Explorer on Android TV
  6. User interface
  7. Networks and Downloads
  8. Apps and Storage
  9. Hide Media From Gallery

Steps to Install ES File Explorer on Android TV

As you know ES File Explorer is not there on Google Play Store, hence to get the app you have to first make some arrangements. You have to enable the installation of the apps from unknown sources.

Allow Unknown Sources

To do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to “Settings
  2. Click on “Privacy
  3. Click on “Unknown Sources”
  4. Select “Allow Unknown Sources.”
How to Install ES File Explorer on Android TV

If you are using an Amazon Firestick, you can easily locate the ES File Manager app on the Amazon store. Before you begin using the app, recommends users connect to VPN to shield their IP address and online activities before downloading and accessing third-party apps. It helps keep away the spying eyes of government authorities and scammers and you stay safe from issues related to copyright infringements.

You are all set to install ES File Explorer. So, let’s begin:

Method #1- Use a USB Drive

To download the ES File Explorer you need to get the APK file. Here is one method in which you can download the file on your desktop or laptop and then using a USB drive transfer it into your Android TV.

Following are the steps to follow::

  • Download the ES Explorer APK file on your dekstop.

(You can get it from APKMirror, Aptoide or APKPure to avoid downloading bugs)

  • Copy the APK file and transfer it into the connected USB Drive
  • Connect the USB Drive to your Android TV
  • Go to the Default File Manager and open Flash Drive
  • Navigate to the folder where you installed the ES Explorer APK file
  • Install the file

Method #2- Download the APK File on Android TV

How to Install ES File Explorer on Android TV

Although the Android TV Boxes have the capabilities of downloading files without a File Explorer, the Android TV enables fewer options to its users. Before you begin the installation process, you need to make sure your Android TV has Google Chrome installed. If not, you can get it from Google Play Store.

Following are the steps to follow::

  • In your Google Chrome, go to either of these sites- Aptoide, or

(You can even get Puffin Browser as it allows automatic installation once the downloading is complete. Click here to check out Puffin Browser in the Play Store.)

  • Search using the keyphrase “ES File Explorer file manager” to get the best results
  • You can choose between Du Global and ES Global to get to the APK File
  • Hit the “Download” button and get the APK file

(You may get a warning from your browser but do click OK to proceed.)

  • Navigate to the File Manager App where you saved the APK File
  • Click Install by granting necessary permission.

How To Use ES File Explorer on Android TV

ES File Explorer and its super-amazing features add ease and convenience for its users. No matter which media streaming device you are using, you can enjoy the complete range of its features. Some of them are listed below:

User Interface

How to Install ES File Explorer on Android TV

ES File Explorer has a Home Screen loaded with different folders. It has a drop-down menu that allows an easy filter to locate the desired folder. The third aspect of its interface is to resize the icons and image thumbnails to your desired size.

Networks and Downloads

Apart from being a great file explorer, the app offers a seamless downloading experience. You can choose to download any app or file you want. Secondly, ES File Explorer offers great connectivity and easy file sharing. In the app, you can use FTP, Remote Manager and cloud features. Users can easily sign in to multiple Dropbox accounts along with enjoying uninterrupted streaming on Android TV (read more).

Apps and Storage

When two devices are connected over the same network, the ES File Explorer allows sharing of downloaded apps. It creates an APK file upon sharing which gets instantly installed into the receiving Android device. Hence, you can easily share the media streaming apps from your Android TV with anyone you want. Additionally, it provides a deep analysis of your storage space. It shows the breakdown of each app with its storage consumption.

How to Install ES File Explorer on Android TV

Hide Media From Gallery

You can hide any media file from folders. If you wish to hide specific photos you can save the file name by putting a full-stop in the end. By doing so, your folder will not appear in front of other users. For instance, you can hide your WhatsApp images from syncing into the media gallery.

Wrap Up

ES File Explorer is safe to use on any media streaming device, it can be Amazon FireStick or Android TV. Although the procedure is a bit longer to get the app for Android TV, the perks of using the apps are undeniable. It adds efficiency and creates an avenue to enjoy media files. Its functionality stays the same on every device. Furthermore, the app’s directory has multiple features with seamless functionality. Apart from the ones listed above, you can find Note editor, Cleaner and Music Player.

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