How To Get UPX On Upland | Ways To Earn Free UPX

Are you planning to play Upland but confused about UPX? I know Upland won’t allow you to play without UPX. Yes, you can play in guest mode. But, to play in guest mode is quite boring. To solve your problem, we are here with a post that will help you out on how to get UPX in Upland to play. 

Upland is a play-to-earn game in Metaverse which was launched in 2020. The game developers Mani, Dirk, and Idan have socialized this game. Apart from that UPX is the currency that you need to buy assets and to make in-game purchases. Upland also has a unique feature that makes this game different in Metaverse, it is the conversion of UPX into USD directly. In other words, you can make real money by playing this game.

If you are new to Upland, UPX is quite tricky to earn. Once you get to know how to get UPX In Upland, then it becomes easy to play. Upland developers have made it possible to earn a lot of UPX for new players, some of it for free as well. In this post, we discuss all the ways on how to get UPX on Upland. So, let’s get started.

What Is UPX In Upland?

UPX On Upland

The primary currency used in Upland is UPX. It is widely used for a variety of purposes. Here are some of them

  1. Minting properties
  2. Purchasing NFTs
  3. Buying rare NFTs
  4. Transaction in Upland store
  5. Powering your in-game activities

UPX serves as a bedrock in the Upland economy.

Is UPX A Crypto?

Frankly speaking, No! UPX is not a Cryptocurrency. UPX is not tradable outside Upland. It is just the in-game currency or we can say the native token. However, Upland is built entirely on the EOS blockchain. This means that all the actions are stored in the blockchain. Apart from UPX, the rest of the NFTs are fully tradable. here we will know how to get upland free upx.

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How To Buy NFTs With UPX?

How To Buy NFTs With UPX?

Just now we learned that UPX is not Crypto, so we can buy NFTs from it. Yes, of course, we can buy NFTs in the Upland game which can be later sold on OpenSea or Rarible, or any other marketplace. This also means that apart from being a play-to-earn game in Metaverse, Upland can also be used to acquire exclusive NFTs which can be sold later for large sums of money. All properties and assets are fully tradable in Upland. you can get upland free upx.

How To Get UPX In Upland?

Here are some of the best ways on how to get UPX on Upland or how to get free upland how to get upx.

1. Sign Up Using Coinbase

If you are signing up from Coinbase, you can earn some cryptocurrency for free. You can convert that crypto into ETH, BTC, or UPX later.

2. Buying UPX From Cryptos

You can simply purchase UPX in exchange for cryptocurrency. if you have already signed up using Coinbase, then this way will give you free UPX. You can also pay in BTC, ETH, UTK, USDT, and DASH. 

Click on Get UPX and then select PAY WITH CRYPTO.

3. Upland Store

You can also purchase UPX from the Upland store. However, if you register using a referral link, then you can receive an additional bonus of 50% on your first purchase.

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4. Buy UPX From USD

You can always purchase UPX from a credit card or PayPal. You have to click on the GET UPX button. Select the PAY WITH PAYPAL option to continue your transaction in USD.

5. From Properties

How To Get UPX On Upland?

All players are given a small amount of UPX that helps them to acquire their first property in Upland. Here are different ways on how to get UPX on Upland from properties.


New players can purchase unminted properties which other high-ranking players can’t buy. These properties can be sold at a higher price in the marketplace later. The highest flipping can be made in sold-out districts.


Each property you buy in Upland can also generate revenue passively at a rate of 17.3% of the base mint price. If you purchased a property for 100,000 UPX, it will generate 17,300 UPX over the next year. You can always boost this UPX by purchasing more properties. You can collect these earnings every 3 hours by clicking on recurrent earnings.

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Once you have made a collection of properties, you can earn a visitor’s fee. Every time a player visits a minted property has to pay fees in UPX to the owner. You can also decide how much visitor fees you want. You can set your visitor fees by clicking on the button of SET YOUR VISITOR UPX FEES.

Visitors fees are also accumulated in the earnings tab and can be collected from that.

6. UPX From Collections

Collections are of different types depending on the level and difficulty to complete.

  • Exclusive
  • Ultra Rare
  • Limited
  • Standard

Some properties have more than one collection category and players are allowed to switch properties freely between different collections. A property cannot be used in two different collections simultaneously. Bonus can be claimed once for each collection.

To view the collections available, select the triangle next to the property BUY option. Then, click on the boosted earning.

7. Treasure Hunts

How To Get UPX On Upland?

This is another way of earning UPX. Standard treasure hunts can be spawned at your request. However, exclusive and limited are spawn rapidly. You can find the treasure in less than 5 minutes. Here is a guide to finding treasure hunts quickly. This is one of the best ways to UPX easily and freely.

8. Special Events

These events are the bonus events to unlock new NFTs and win large UPX. Special events are not announced or commenced regularly. You will be noticed one or two days before the event starts.

9. Challenges

Challenges are again the best ways on how to get UPX on Upland. Participating in official challenges can be very fruitful. These challenges are hosted from time to time. If a challenge is active, you can find a challenge icon on the top right corner of the screen.

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10. Daily Bonus

A small bonus is credited to your account daily. This will also help to achieve big milestones.

Wrapping up:

Earning UPX in Upland is quite easy and Upland has provided users with a lot of different ways of earning UPX. This post provided you with all the possible ways of earning UPX in Upland along with the steps involved.

We hope you liked this post and keep sharing it with others. Still, got doubts? Comment down below. We would love to answer all your queries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Withdraw UPX From Upland?

Well, you can’t withdraw UPX from Upland. It is because UPX can’t be used anywhere else. If you have collected UPX in large numbers, then the best way is to buy NFTs from it and then sell NFTs on the secondary marketplace.

Q2. How Do You Make Money In Upland?

There are many ways of earning money in Upland. You can earn by selling property in Upland, completing collections, treasure hunts, and much more. Here is a complete guide on making money in Upland.

Q3. How Do I Buy My First Property In Upland?

There are various steps in buying the first property in Upland.

  1. Choosing the property.
  2. Buy the property.
  3. Completing the transaction.
  4. Here is the detailed guide on buying property in Upland.

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