How To Get PPV On Firestick – Tricks To Watch PPV On FireTV

Firestick is the best option today when we talk about streaming movies and tv shows online. But, have you ever wondered about the telecasting of the PPV programs using Firestick? Is it Possible? Here is the article that will tell you how to get PPV on Firestick.

To start with the article let us first get clear with what exactly PPV is. PPV is the acronym for Pay-Per-View. It means the programs are telecasted on television or online streaming apps after the user has paid a certain amount for the viewership. It is just a way of monetizing the telecast of a program. In the article, we will discuss the ways how to watch PPV on Firestick.

We have disclosed the Two major ways to access the PPV on Firestick. Amazon 2018 offered the UFC MMS Bout for the PPV programs and after that, it launched the UFC app. You can use it for that purpose. The second way is the most convenient and gives access to relatively larger content than the Amazon UFC app. 

Read below both ways of installing the apps. We have ourselves tried many ways to get PPV on Firestick and found these two to be the best ways out of them.

How To Get PPV On Firestick

Further in the article, you will come to know about the various ways to watch PPV on Firestick. We have also mentioned the ways to install it and the type of content you can access through these PPV offering apps.

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Pay-Per-View (PPV) And Amazon FireStick Device

How To Get PPV On Firestick
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PPV or the Pay-Per-Views is a paid television or webcast in which the user pays for the specific programs to be telecasted. The scheme started with the advent of the cinema world when viewers used to pay for tickets to watch a movie in the theatre. Cable TV changed the scenario the PPV services were now started on the television sets.

You may have noticed that various YouTube channels, especially the ones showing the fights and sports charge money. This can be said as an example of the PPV scheme.

Moving to the Firestick, although you can watch movies, tv shows, and series on the platform it does not directly allow you to watch programs with PPV. But, various apps will allow you to access the feature. We have disclosed the ways further in the article.

Requirements To Get PPV On Firestick

You cannot directly install the PPV on firestick and require a third-party app for the purpose. Other than the third-party app, you need to keep in mind various things and make sure you have the things mentioned below ready with you.

  • Only Fire TV Cube, FireStick 4K, and Fire TV supports the PPV 
  • You are required to download apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. So, make sure you have a strong wifi connection.
  • You can get apps like Netflix and Hulu directly from the App store but you require to download various other apps as well. So, be ready with the “Downloader” (Another Third-Party App)

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Buy PPV From Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Videos launched the UFC MMS Bout exclusively for US citizens in 2018. The offer lets the US audience view the programs like MMA Events, Cris Cyborg v/s Yana Kunitskaya, and a lot more. The offer costs $54.99 for a quality subscription and if you want the subscription for HD quality then you are required to pay $64.99.

No such offer was given by Amazon Prime Videos after 2018. Now, you can use the UFC for the Amazon Firestick. But, there are various complaints by the users about the readability and the performance of the app. 

You can get PPV on Firestick using the UFC app. The UFC database has a lot to share with the viewers as the PPV.

Use Kodi To Get PPV On Firestick

Kodi is a third-party app just like the UFC. The app is legal to download but it also opens access to various illegal content. The content on the app is available in both the PPV and free. All you require to do is install the app.

The app gives you access to ESPN and Sling Tv after you pay for them.  A single app can let you use multiple apps on its platform. The most accessed feature of the Kodi app is FightTube. If you are a sports lover then you will love to use FightTube on the Kodi App. We have mentioned below what all you can access through the Fight Tube.

  • British Boxers
  • HBO Boxing
  • Glory Boxing
  • Bare Knuckles
  • England Boxing
  • Bellator MMA
  • Boxing Legends
  • Fight Network
  • Fight Hub TV
  • UFC on Fox
  • WWE
  • World Karate Federation
  • Behind the Gloves
  • Wrestling Hub
  • IFL TV
  • Showtime Sports

Installing Kodi To Get PPV On Firestick

How To Get PPV On Firestick - Installing KODI

Now that you are aware of the usage and importance of Kodi to get PPV on Firestick. Follow the steps given below to download Kodi on FireTV.

  1. On the remote of the FireTV click the setting options.
  2. The menu on the screen will appear. Select “Device & Software”. On the older versions of Fire TV, its option is available as “Device” or “My Fire TV”.
  3. On the next screen choose the “Developer Option”
  4. On the next screen click on “Apps From Unknown Sources”
  5. Next click on “OK” on the dialogue box.
  6. Go to the search bar and type “Downloader”. You can also search it using voice search.
  7. After that, the downloader will appear in front of you. Click on it.
  8. Click “Get It”
  9. The “Downloader” will download and install automatically.
  10. Open the “Downloader”, and give it the storage permissions.
  11. After that go to the URL section and enter the downloading link
  12. Hit on Go
  13. Kodi APK file will start downloading.
  14. After that, a pop-up will appear asking for installation. Click on Install.
  15. You will Install Kodi on Firestick

Note: Use VPN while accessing the Kodi App. 

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Best Free Apps to Watch Pay Per View on FireStick

1. HD Streamz

If you are looking for the best third-party application to stream on your Amazon fire stick then HD Streamz is undoubtedly the best choice. The application streams live sports events like MMA on its platform. Not only live sports you can also use the HD Streamz application to watch movies, listen to songs, and radio.

The application will also provide you with the option to set MX Player or VLC player as your default app’s interface.

2. TVTap

The TVTap application is another free app that you can install on your Amazon Fire Stick. The app is suitable for live MMA broadcasts. The application also deals in other entertainment fields like news, documentaries, kids, food, movies, and more. The application is available in three different languages French, English, and Italian.


We hope that you are satisfied with the information given above on “How To Get PPV On Firestick”. We have tried to make this guide as simple as possible. So, it becomes easier for you to access the content with ease. Remember to use the VPN while accessing the content or you can find yourself trapped in serious issues. 

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