How To Get Paramount Plus On PS4 | The Playstation Pro Tricks!

Do you know how to run Paramount Plus on PS4? Here we’ll be shedding some light on how to get Paramount Plus on PS4 along with installing techs. Carry on to get the spice!

Paramount Plus is known for its subscription video streaming service which has popular 12000+ TV show episodes including originals of Star Trek-like Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants, Discovery, and MTV’s Laguna Beach, etc. You can get in tune with your favorite sports and can discover new worlds in the developing collection of Paramount Plus. The best part is, now you can stream Paramount Plus on your favorite PS4 too. 

Here’s how to get Paramount Plus on PS4, sign-up for Paramount Plus, head to the Home Screen on your PS4. Launch the App Store and search for Paramount Plus on your PS4. Tap on the Download option. After installing, log in using your Paramount Plus credentials, and you will be able to stream Paramount Plus on your PlayStation.

What? Still didn’t get it? Absolutely no issues, we’re always in your service. We’ll be explaining again the procedure of how to get Paramount Plus on PS4. To know the detailed manual swim through the content given below!

What Is Paramount Plus?

What Is Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is one of the most popular streaming services. It is powered by Paramount Streaming. Paramount Global Company is the parent company of Paramount Plus. Content served on Paramount Plus is shared by CBS Entertainment Group and Paramount Media Networks.

There are 32.8 million subscribers this year (2022) on Paramount Plus. You can access premium video content including all the best movies, series, and TV shows live and on-demand on Paramount Plus. The Subscription Plans Essential costs $4.99/month or $49.99/year and the Premium Plan costs $9.99/month or $99.99/year.

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How To Get Paramount Plus On PS4

How To Get Paramount Plus On PS4

As per the data that we’ve, Paramount Plus is accessible on the PS4 console. Follow the given two methods to know how to get Paramount Plus on PS4: 

  1. Add and Install Paramount Plus on PS4
  2. Stream Paramount Plus on PS4 through PS Remote Play.

By going after these methods, you can get the Paramount Plus application and its content on the PS4 console.

Method #01: Add And Install Paramount Plus On PS4 

Follow every single step carefully to add, install and watch the Paramount Plus App and its contents on your favorite PlayStation.

  1. Start with meeting up your PS4 console and Smart TV via its HDMI porthole.
  1. Next, attach your PS4 with a TV to a quick source of WiFi network.
  1. Then you should get into the PS4’s Home Dashboard and then to its Main Menu screen.
  1. Just like this, lead into PlayStation Store to enter into the Apps section to get the All Apps screen.
  1. Next, use the search feature on that window and search for the Paramount Plus application in it.
  1. After that, you need to choose Paramount Plus from the outcomes and download and install it.
  1. In the end, open the Paramount Plus app for the Login process and watch its contents on PS4.

It’s the first method to get Paramount Plus on PS4. Let’s move on to the second one!

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Method #02: Stream Paramount Plus On PS4 Through PS Remote Play

You are allowed to make use of the manual given below to help yourself know how to get Paramount Plus on PS4: 

  1. Initiate with linking your PS4 with a TV and set them up with a fast internet connection supply.
  1. Next, enable remote play by entering into the settings and Remote Play connection settings.
  1. After that, you’ve to activate your PS4 as primary by choosing up the settings and Account Management to enable it.
  1. Now, set your PS4 on Resting Mode from the Settings and Power save settings screen.
  1. Next, set its features accessible in Rest mode and tick on the check box fields which are being followed.
  1. At last, tick on Stay Connected to the internet and enable Turning on PS4 from Network on your PS4.

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Winding Up

Here, we went through all data and information regarding how to get Paramount Plus on PS4, in our today’s post and we hope that we are successful in our mission to make you learn the same. This post is useful for the people who desire to run Paramount Plus on their favorite PS4 but don’t know how? So, we brought them a solution “how to get Paramount Plus on PS4”.

Hence, we thank you for your sweet visit to our post. If there are any doubts or queries related to the keywords, then don’t forget we’re just a comment away!


Q1. Is Paramount Plus Accessible On PS4?

Ans. In this post we’ve already explained everything about this, your exact answer to the question is that YES. Paramount Plus is accessible on PlayStation. Next, you can download the Paramount Plus via the PS Store.

Q2. How Do I Get Paramount Plus?

Ans. Paramount Plus can be run on almost every smart device via its inbuilt app store. And specifically, you can get it from Android, iOS, Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and any streaming devices.

Q3.  Is Paramount Plus Free?

Ans. Unfortunately, not. You’ve to pay for the subscription plans of the Paramount y streaming service. Then you can stream Paramount Plus’s content via its application.

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