How To Get HBO Max On Xbox | Just 8 Steps To Follow

Movies, series, and documentaries from famous tv services such as HBO, DC, and Warner, all are available on HBO Max streaming. The Xbox One, Xbox series S, and Series X are the only ones who got the permit to access. So let’s find out with us how to get HBO Max on Xbox.

You’ll find a huge amount of content on HBO Max in their library for streaming on-demand. WarnerMedia is the parent company of HBO Max and it’s accessible only in the United States. It provides the most famous TV shows and standard movies in the library. The app also provides Originals for streaming.

To get HBO Max on Xbox, subscribe to HBO Max and sign in and set up your account. Start Xbox, select My Games & Apps, then tap on App and open Microsoft Store. Search HBO Max, select it, and open the overview screen, then download and install it. After installing, open HBO Max and log in to your account. And that’s it but not it! Ask why? Because it’s an alternate way, fixes and many more are left.

You can stream HBO Max on Xbox. Here is how to download, install, signup and stream using your Xbox. Explore how to get the most out of your Xbox while using HBO Max.

How To Get HBO Max On Xbox One And Xbox 360?

How To Get HBO Max On Xbox

The process is the same for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 because they’ve the same operating system. Here is how to get HBO Max on Xbox one and Xbox 360:

  1. Start by Subscribing to HBO Max on their official website. Sign Up and Follow the on-screen Prompts to your account set-up.
  1. Now, start the Xbox console and select My Games and Apps from the home screen.
  1. Next, from the left menu, click on Apps and open Microsoft Store.
  1. Search HBO Max from the Search Box which pops up with a search bar and a virtual keyboard.
  1. Click on the HBO Max app from the results and launch Overview Screen.
  1. Then, using the installing button Download the app.
  1. After that, open the HBO Max app, and by using the Sign-In button, log in to your HBO Max account by entering credentials.
  1. There you go! Stream whatever you desire.

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Alternate Method On How To Get HBO Max On Xbox One And Xbox 360?

How To Get HBO Max On Xbox

Another method how to get HBO Max on Xbox One is casting from the mobile phone. You have to connect your mobile phone to your Xbox One to the same WiFi network.

  1. Head to the store on the Xbox One and look for Wireless Display.
  1. Install the Wireless Display on the Xbox and Open the app.
  1. On the mobile phone, open Google Play Store/App Store
  1. Download the HBO Max app on your mobile phone.
  1. Launch the HBO Max app and Login into your HBO Max account.
  1. Choose the Cast Icon and tap on the Xbox One to connect.
  1. Select the Content you want to eat on the smart TV.

The HBO Max app is a good application to stream movies on the first day of launch in your home itself. It has popular content such as The Flight Attendant, Family Matters, Rick and Morty, Justice League, South Park, and many more. 

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How To Fix HBO Not Working?

How To Get HBO Max On Xbox

If you’re suffering from inactivity of your current HBO account, cross-check whether you’re operating the old website. As of October 26, you directly need to go to the HBO Max page or app and enjoy its service. Memorize that with the same credentials you will be able to login into a new platform, and this modification will have no charges now or in the future because the cost of HBO Max is the same.

If you log in to a new account, you can have the benefit of a 50% off discount for all time subscription. All HBO for €4.99/month!

For the remaining, both in HBO and the latest HBO Max you can face different issues. While using the HBO app or its web version, you might face difficulty in streaming content on the platform, however only temporarily. However, it’s quickly solved.

Because of the number of HBO users, errors last hardly for a few hours. So you will be able to use their service again after it gets solved.

The issue occurs especially in periods of high influx of customers, like days of season or series premieres. With a huge number of users using the system, it gets unprepared and crashes. This might be the biggest reason why HBO doesn’t work.

Errors are also caused by the speed of the network you use on the internet or by your web browser. Ensure you have a good internet connection to enjoy your streaming session without any glitches.

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Wrapping Up

If you watch a lot of movies and TV shows, HBO Max is a great platform that one should have on their home entertainment system. HBO Max is a streaming platform that supports a vast variety of devices. This platform is produced by HBO, which has the new and biggest shows of the largest TV network in the world. The HBO Max platform offers native apps for almost all the current famous devices and platforms out there. This means it should be shocking for you that you can stream HBO Max on Microsoft Xbox consoles.


Q1. Why Can’t I HBO Max On Xbox?

Ans. HBO Max is the latest service that is only available on certain devices. Xbox is not one of those devices.

Q2. Is HBO Max Free With Xbox?

Ans. No, HBO Max is not free with Xbox. It costs $15 per month.

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