How To Get NFT for Free? 5 Proven Money-Saving Tricks

Turn on to any tech or business news you will only find NFTs. The craze of NFTs has taken over the modern world and the prices of these NFTs are skyrocketing. Do you know that the most expensive NFT was sold for US$91.8 Million. Shocking right?? Well, don’t get panicked because here we are with the guide that will tell you “How To Get Free NFT”.

NFTs are the Non Fungible tokens that are associated with digital assets. In simpler words, these tokens carry the ownership of the digital assets known as the NFTs. Well, one thing is for sure that NFTs are the future and it is the correct time to own some of these. It will be a good investment and as we know that soon metaverse will take over so you can display these NFTs in your Metaverse as well. 

Well, if you want a lot of NFTs and don’t want to put much strain on your pocket then why don’t you try to get the free NFTs. Yes, it is possible to do so. No, we aren’t joking. Don’t believe us check out the following guide on how to get NFT for free.

How To Get Free NFT?

We know that the price of NFTs is increasing day by day. Well, if you don’t want to spend much then let’s not waste our time and start with the methods that will tell you how to get free NFT easily.

1. Playing Alien Worlds

How To Get Free NFT - Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a Play To Earn metaverse game made up of seven planets that reproduces a digital facsimile of Earth with a unique economy based on Trillium (TLM) game tokens. 

The players stake Trillium to planets in order to vote in forthcoming planetary elections or to boost the planet’s prize pool. Players can also vote in weekly council elections, propose recommendations for how the planetary money should be distributed, and run for planetary council themselves. Here, players have the freedom to purchase and assemble the NFTs.

Coming to “How To Get Free NFT” from the platform then let us tell you that when you join the game two free NFTs are provided to you. Now, you can mine the land to get the in-game currency. Well, if you are lucky enough then you get also get free NFTs while mining the land. These NFTs are straight away added to our Wax account.

Here is the secret that we are telling you. Go to the Neri Planet and start mining at the locations given below. Trust me the rewards will be great.

  • 35:5, Tree Forest
  • 18:7, Mountains
  • 5:10, Rocky Crater
  • 7:7, Plains
  • 10:13, Sandy Desert
  • 2:10, Dunes
  • 16:2, Icy Desert
  • 23:18, Methane Swampland

2. Create Your Own NFT

Well, if want to get free NFT then what would be better than creating your own NFT. If you create your own NFT then you can also sell them at the marketplaces and earn huge profits. 

Oh!! Come on don’t tell me that you don’t know how to make an NFT art. Well, if you are not good at making digital art why don’t you try to create the Voxel animations and sell them as NFTs. 

No, I ain’t joking you can do that. Don’t believe us then you surely haven’t heard about the Sandbox Platform. Well, let us tell you what it is. The Sandbox Metaverse is the Virtual world where users can purchase land and earn money from the Sandbox platform

Yaa, we know that you are looking for ways to get free NFT. You would be surprised that The Sandbox platform also offers you a way to do so. It provides a free tool known as “VoxEdit”. You can use this tool free of cost to create NFTs on The Sandbox platform and later add them to the Sandbox Marketplace.

Well, if you are not interested in making the Sandbox NFTs you can create the NFT of any Digital asset. Yeah, it can be anything, let us give you an example of the Weirdest NFT ever sold. It was a Digital Toilet Paper. So, all you have to do is think and make your own NFT.

3. Community Giveaways

We know that NFTs are in trend nowadays from the celebrities buying the CryptoPunks to the big personalities like Jack Dorsey making NFT of his first tweet. NFTs are in trend these days. 

There are various communities as well that are giving away free NFTs. These Communities can be found on the Discord application. One such community is cryptomonKeys Discord. The community offers free NFTs to users who honestly participate in the discord community. 

Well, there is no set rule that they will be providing you with the NFT. Since we told you that it is a free way and a lot of people are trying to get the free NFT. So, getting noticed by the community members is quite a difficult job. 

It may take a few days or weeks to get free NFT from the community giveaways. But, the wait is worth it. 

4. Twitter Giveaways

There are a lot of people and communities that are giving away the free NFTs on the Twitter platform. As we mentioned above that every person wants to own NFTs. So, in order to keep their audience engaged, there are various Twitter accounts that occasionally give out free NFTs.

5. Websites

Well, there are various websites as well that are giving away the free NFTs. An example of one such website is Fullhouse. Follow the steps given below to get the free NFTs from the Fullhouse.

  1. Go to the official website of Fullhouse.
  2. Now, navigate to the “Claim My Free NFT” button and click on it.
  3. Now enter your name, email, telegram, and Binance Smart Chain address.
  4. The NFT will be Airdroped to you. 
  5. Don’t forget to join the Fullhouse telegram channel.

Wrapping Up

These were the five most prominent methods that you can use to get free NFT. we have tried all these methods given above and found them hundred percent working. If you think that you have got any other method to get free NFT then do share it with us in the comments section we will update the method in our post as soon as possible.

If you have any queries or doubt in your head then feel free to ask us in the comments section. If you find this article interesting and informative then do share it with your friends.

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