How To Get Free MANA In Decentraland? 8 Money-Saving Ways

You must be aware of the rebranding of Facebook to Meta. Yeah, it was the time when there was a hike in the prices of MANA. The current market price of MANA is USD 2.01 with a market capitalization of USD 3,659,772,383. Now you must be having thought about how to get it? But there might be few who are thinking of how to get free MANA in Decentraland! 

Yes, you can get free MANA as well in Decentraland! We will tell you how but first let us go through what is MANA for those who are a little ignorant with this term. MANA are the tokens that are used in Metaverse of Decentraland which can be used for buying or selling land plots, wearables, or names in Decentraland.

If you want to buy MANA then you can purchase it with the help of major exchanges like Binance, Gemini, and others. For those who are thinking of buying MANA with a little investment or no investment, we are here to tell you how to do so in this article. So, here is a direction for you that will assist you in knowing how to get free MANA in Decentraland! 

Ways On How To Get Free MANA In Decentraland

There are various ways of knowing how to get free MANA in Decentraland. We have made a list of ways through which you can get free MANA. 

1. FreeCryptoRewards

You can get free MANA without spending anything! Yes, you read that right! It can be done in FreeCryptoRewards, where you just need to 

  • Answer survey questions
  • Watch videos
  • Complete offers

With this, you can earn free points within minutes. These points that you have earned can be exchanged for crypto coins of your choice or cash.  

You don’t need to worry about losing money or about other risks in this. It is a secure way through which you can add MANA to your digital wallet.

2. Dapper Drops

Dapper brings the best blockchain experience for you. You can download it and enjoy special offers and free rewards. Here every user can claim 100 free MANA. You can use this currency to try new avatar features in Decentraland. 


Through this, you can earn free MANA. Just click on the ‘Roll” button over there and it will give you free MANA which will depend upon the number that you have rolled. You can visit this every hour and play again to get additional MANA for free. 

The Faucet sites also help you in earning the free NFTs.

4. Bitsler

If you are worried about how to get free MANA in Decentraland then, here is another way. This website can help you earn free MANA by playing games. This website has the latest online games with which you can claim free MANA. The few most popular games here are Roulette, dice, or other casino games.

5. WinDice

With this, you can get a free MANA faucet and an instant withdrawal as well! But you need a minimum withdrawal limit for this. You can use this earning to play games like Dice games, Plinko games and increase the earnings.

6. BCGame 

If you are thinking of another website for earning MANA, then here it is! On this website, you can create an account and get free Decentraland. It also gives a free daily spin where you can win up to one MANA. So, it can help you with earning MANA for free.

7. ParaDice

It is not only a free MANA faucet website but also a casino that allows you to get a bonus daily and also a daily spin for free. If you want to earn more MANA or Decentralands then, it can help you with earning more for sure. 

8. TrustDice

On this website, you don’t need any investment. It is a simple and easy to play game in Decentraland that gives rewards like free coins to its users. You can even invite your friends and earn bonuses in this casino. It will be helpful for you in making money or earning coins.

Not just these but there are other websites like BetFury, Betnomi, GamDom, or others also that allow you to get free cryptos or free MANA. You can even complete various quests and earn from that as well. So, why and for what are you waiting! Get yourself free MANA and enjoy. Ask your friends also and help them in knowing how to get free MANA in Decentraland. 


You can also earn your free MANA and help your friends as well with the same. But go through the risks involved with these activities also. If you are thinking of making money in Decentraland then, go to these websites. They will surely help you in getting rewards which could include free MANA as well. You must be aware that crypto markets are highly volatile and there are risks involved with these activities. So, it is highly recommended that you should be aware of the pros and cons related to these markets before investing. If you liked reading this post then, do pass it over to your friends and make them familiar with how to get free MANA in Decentraland and enjoy earning!

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