How To Get Free Coins On Monkey App | The Super Cheat Tricks

You might not be familiar with the Monkey app, but today’s teenagers will surely be! It’s a popular social media that allows you to interact and make new friends online! But for being consistent on the app, you need monkey coins. But where’s the catch when we are here! We have a solution for this too! Come, let’s learn how to get free coins on Monkey app.

The Monkey is a video-chatting application available for iPhone and iPad. This app mainly connects people from all over the world and help them build connections with each other. The primary feature of the Monkey app is to let you video-chat with your match if you both agree for 15 seconds. You can later on increase the timings, add friends and a lot more. 

To know how to get free coins on Monkey app, you need to to go to >> enter e-mail ID >> select device type >> complete human verification >> download the application >> open the installed app >> toggle to unlimited >> enter the amount of coins you want >> click on Go Hack >> head back to the Monkey app and boom! Your desired unlimited coins are here. But we are not done here, there’s a lot more to learn below! Hurry now!

In this article we will be majorly focusing on getting free coins on the Monkey app along with how to use it! Moreover, you will get to learn about the features of the Monkey app. So, isn’t that interesting? Hell yea! Let’s start then! 

How To Use The Monkey App?

How To Use The Monkey App?

Wanna meet and enjoy the company of someone with whom your vibe matches? Wanna interact and facetime with other millennials? Monkey app is the ideal pick for you! Monkey is a video chat application made for the millennials and youth! Here, one can make friends in minutes from all over the world.

Video Chatting

Get the opportunity to know other Monkey users and make new friends or more! 

  1. Open the Monkey app on your device.
  1. Allow the application to Pair you randomly with another user.
  1. Head to the Home tab, click on the screen to start a video call.
  1. Add a Filter and use Tags for your video call.
  2. Adjust the Match Control.
  • Tap on “Talk” to choose a gender.
  • Switch to the “Nearby” option, so that the app may pair you the the geographically close users.
  • Switch on the ” Text Mode” to shift between video and text chat modes.
  • If you are having over 5 in-app friends, then you can do a conference call with the help of “2P” feature.
  1. After getting paired with someone, tap on “Accept” to start a video call.
  • You can see the user’s username,age and location after you get paired with them. The app also shows whether the other user has chosen text chat or video chat.
  1. After getting paired with someone and accepting the request, you will get 15 seconds to chat. 
  • The other user should also tap on “Accept” to have a video chat.
  • If you want some other match, you can tap on “Next”.
  • You can click on the Policeman icon to report any user or unfriend someone who does any offensive act on the video chat.
  • If you are enjoying the company of another user over the video chat, then you can tap on “Time” to add 5 more seconds.
  • You can make the other user your in-app “Friend” if both of you add each other.
  1. Wanna end the video-chat? Press the Bye icon.

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Text Chatting

Want some more time to know the person before facetiming? Don’t worry, we have a solution for this too! You can take as much time as you want to know whomever you want in the Monkey app through its text chat feature. Ensure once again that you have turned on the Text mode, wait till the app finds a match for you and then communicate!

  1. Click on the Accept button to start chatting.
  2. Type and Send your message.
  • Click on the Sound button if you want to hear each other’s voice.
  • Add your match as your in-app friend by clicking on Friend.
  1. Done with text chatting? Click on the Next button to end the chat.

Share A Moment

Share short video and get known by the community with the magic Moments shared by you! Allow Monkey know what’s going on and interact with other users who share the same interests! 

  1. Head to the Moments tab and click on the Add icon. 
  1. Long press to Record a video.
  • In order to use Filters, switch to the front camera.
  • To upload a pre-existing video from the library, tap on the Gallery button.
  1. Edit your Moment!
  • You can add a Text or a Question.
  1. Set a Cover for your Moment.
  1. Upload your Moment, tap on Send To.
  • You can also Save your Moment to your gallery with the help of the Save button
  1. Select a Tree, which will act as the Tag for your Moment.
  1. Tap on the Post button
  • You have successfully shared a Moment

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How To Get Free Coins On Monkey App

How To Get Free Coins On Monkey App

Monkey app is a video calling app where two persons from different areas interact with each other, know each other and if they mutually agree, make friends each other! In the Monkey app one gets Monkey Coins for doing certain activities on the app. These coins can be used to buy merchandises and many other certain things.

Usually these coins grow very slowly, to get a big amount of coins in less time learn how to get free coins on Monkey app so that you may get its benefits continuously and on time! 

Here is the detailed guide, follow the given steps to know how to get free coins on Monkey app:

  1. Head to your Browser and search for
  1. Enter your Email address and select your Device type.
  1. Next, tap on the Download button and wait for it to get Installed.
  1. Complete the Human Verification process.
  1. Head to the Homepage of your device.
  1. Find and Open the installed cheat app.
  1. Enable the Unlimited button given on the screen.
  1. Enter the number of Monkey Coins you want.
  1. Tap on the Go Hack button and wait till the process is complete.
  1. Once it’s done, Minimize the cheat app and open the Monkey app .
  1. Open the Monkey app and head to your  and see the magic happen!

As soon as you will complete the 10th step the coins in your Monkey app will automatically start rising upto the desired amount you entered in the 8th step.

After learning how to get free coins on Monkey app you will be having unlimited amount of coins in your account and perks seperately. Take advantage of this hack along with this article.

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Wrapping Up

The Monkey app is one of the most installed applications among the under-25 set. The Monkey app has been installed around 3M times from November 2016 to till now. There are around 300,000 monthly active users on the Monkey app according to the mobile app analytics company. This video-chat application allow users from different parts of the world connect over a video call for 15 seconds and make each other in-app friends with mutual consent.

In this article we have tried our best to explain how to get free coins on Monkey app. If you have any doubt or question regarding the same, you can get in touch with us in our comment section.


Q1. Is Monkey A Dating App?

Ans. Monkey functions as a dating and video-chat application, as well as social media platform for the millennials, just like TikTok and Omegle.

Q2. Is The Monkey App Safe For Kids?


  • APP Store rating: 17+ on Google Play
  • Yee: 12+ for Monkey Monkoy

The rating given by Yee is way too young it should be 17+ or adult only! 

Q3. How Old Do You Have To Be To Use Monkey?

Ans. 13 and older

The app allows only 13+ users, but there’s no age verification system in the application. So, anyone can use it!

Q4. Is Monkey Run Free?

Ans. There’s a Premium version of the Monkey app available which starts from $4,99. 

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