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Are you a fan of play-to-earn games and looking for a game that can earn you a huge profit? If yes, then Upland is a perfect game for you. There are many ways to earn in Upland and Treasure Hunt is one among them. This article will tell you how to find treasure in Upland. 

This play-to-earn Metaverse game is one of the most famous virtual games. Launched in 2020, Upland became quickly famous because of its USD feature. It is regarded as a multiverse that is evolving around personal connections, entertainment, and commerce. Upland is designed in such a manner that the geography and even the street address around you in the real world will be exactly the same in the game. This gives this metaverse game a more realistic touch.

This post is on how to find treasure in Upland and its strategies. Treasure Hunt in Upland Metaverse is the most enjoyable way to earn from Upland. Without wasting much time, let’s go directly to the topic.

What are Treasure Hunts In Upland?

Treasure Hunt is an enjoyable way to earn some UPX in Upland. Apart from playing the game, you are also earning from the game simultaneously. There are three different types of treasure that are found in the game.

  • Standard:

These treasures are available for everyone and that too for free once in 24 hours. If you want more within 24 hours, then you have to pay 100 UPX. in a fixed amount of time you have to find the treasure. The treasure you can get from this is from 120 to 3,400 UPX. Currently, the time given is 4 minutes.

  • Limited:

The limited treasure is available for both visitor accounts and Uplander or above. In another word, available to all.

  • Exclusive:

 These treasures are available only to Uplander + accounts. This type of treasure is worth having. In this hunt, you have to compete with other players.

How To Treasure Hunt In Upland?

Standard treasure hunts can spawn on your own request, whenever you like it. The limited and exclusive treasure hunts are spawned rapidly. Once a treasure is spawned, the treasure menu displays a countdown to show the time left. Here are some important points to keep in mind while Treasure hunting.

  1. Minted properties are the only properties where treasures will be spawned.
  2. Populated areas of a city have a higher probability of treasure spawn.
  3. All treasures are won by the first winner, nothing will be given to the second and third winners.
  4. Depending upon the type of treasure, the UPX amount is varied.
  5. There is a cooldown of three hours for winners. During this time no hints will be given.
  6. The announcement for competitive treasures is done just 5 min before each start.
  7. Competitive treasure ends with a Pinata mini-game.
  8. Riot mode will be activated, if enough players are hunting. During this bonus-UPX will be provided.
  9. To have access to all the treasure hunts, Uplander status or higher is required.

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How To Find Treasure In Upland?

How To Find Treasures In Upland

Hints are the best way to find spawned treasures. Hints can show you directions and distance with respect to your position. To activate hints, click on any property within the discovery radius and press the button Treasure in the property window. You will now be able to see the direction of the treasures and the distance you need to travel to find the treasure in Upland.

There are different hints you need to know what they mean.

  • <50m
  • 50-200m
  • 200-500m
  • 500m- 1km
  • 1km – 3km
  • 3km – 10km
  • >10km

What Is Cooldown In Treasure Hunt?

To keep the game fair, cooldown was introduced in the Upland Metaverse. Cooldown helps to avoid the same player to win all treasures. As the treasure is of the winner alone, the cooldown makes the game difficult for the winner of the previous game. During this cooldown which lasts for about three hours, all the hints are removed making it difficult for him to win the game.

What is Riot Mode?

If a certain number of players are hunting for treasure, the riot mode gets activated. During this mode, the amount of UPX will be boosted. During riot mode, try not to miss the treasure hunt.

What is a Pinata Minigame?

This game is only for the winner to give the winner more bonus by playing Pinata Minigame. In this game, pinata turns from side to side or spins around, and you are required to click on it. Once you click on it you can gain the bonus UPX. there is also a practice button, you can try it before getting started.

Here are some steps that one should do before getting started.

  1. Practice with the standard tier.
  2. Practice the pinata mini-game.
  3. Own properties across the map.

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Strategy To Find Treasure In Upland.

The basic strategy of finding treasure in Upland is to be fast. Mostly, competitive treasures are found just within one or two minutes after they appear. So be fast and below are some tips to be fast. 

  1. Start from the center of the city.
  2. Always use your own properties to jump close to approximate areas.
  3. Cancel all zoom animations to save time.
  4. Close all two-factor authentication codes, use manual authentication instead to save time.
  5. To improve your reaction and speed, you need to keep practicing.

Wrapping Up

Playing in Upland Metaverse is easy but winning treasures is quite tricky. You need speed and reaction to find treasures quickly before any other player finds them. This article presented different strategies and ways to find treasure in Upland. 

The UPX once earned or the property you own in Upland can be sold on the secondary marketplace as well and that too in USD if required. To learn more about any other topic, leave us a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where Is The Best Place To Find A Treasure Hunt?

The treasure hunt can be found very quickly just within 1 or 2 minutes after they appear. Mostly, the treasures are in the heart of the city.

Q2. How Do You Get UPX In Upland?

You can get UPX in Upland by hunting treasures and selling NFTs.

Q3.How To Make Money In Upland?

You can easily make money in Upland by selling your property as NFTs or by treasure hunts. You can find a detailed article here.

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