How To Find Someone’s Birthday On WhatsApp And Surprise Them!!

Looking for ways to surprise your new friend on their birthday? But did you just forget their birthday and you don’t want to miss surprising them on their birthday? Well, there might be many reasons why you may want to know someone’s birthday but the question that comes is how to find it. Do you know you can find a person’s birthday on WhatsApp? Do you know How to Find Someone’s Birthday on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a very popular social media app that is being used by millions of people all over the world. This app helps to stay connected with your loved ones even if they stay far away from you. But what if you have made a new friend and you want to surprise them with a birthday party? But at the last moment, you forgot their birthday. Ahh! That’s so sadd!!

Don’t worry, you can easily find someone’s birthday on WhatsApp. This post on How to Find Someone’s Birthday on WhatsApp will help you out. You can track their status updates, go to about and phone number, you can even ask them if you can’t find their birthday.

Well, you need to follow a few steps that will help you to find their birthday on WhatsApp. The steps which you need to follow have been mentioned below. So, without wasting any more time let’s get started.

Can You Find Someone’s Birthday On WhatsApp?

How To Find Someone’s Birthday On WhatsApp

Well, the answer is yes. You can find someone’s birthday through WhatsApp. Well, WhatsApp needs you to put the phone number of another user, so that you can add them as contacts the privacy of each user is protected under this form of identification.

It is also possible that someone added another person to their WhatsApp by accident and hence they need not get the information since they don’t know the person they have added. But if you know the person you have added there might be a need to know their birthday as this information is important for every person.

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How To Find Someone’s Birthday On WhatsApp?

How To Find Someone’s Birthday On WhatsApp

There are many ways by which you will know How to Find Someone’s Birthday on WhatsApp. There are many people who decide to change their status before their birthday as a way that will clearly show people on WhatsApp when their birthday will be. There is a possibility that they post about their birthday before the date on their story.

The direct way is to ask them directly when their birthday is or you can even ask their mutual friends that you both have on WhatsApp. There are different ways by which you can find out when their birthday is through WhatsApp.

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Track Their Status Updates

How To Find Someone’s Birthday On WhatsApp

If you want to know about their birthday then you can make sure that you are continuously tracking that person. Many people will post about their upcoming birthday to let others know and get ready for that event.

So, if you want to know someone’s birthday then make sure that you watch all of the stories that they post on WhatsApp. Even if their birthday is not close, they may post something about past birthdays and they may even show something about the month and maybe the exact date of their birthday.

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Go To About And Phone Number

Go To About And Phone Number

WhatsApp also has a feature to show others a status that will be shown if they add their profile information. The status which will be shown is what you may choose and if the birthday is coming up then there is a high chance that the status will be mentioned in this upcoming event so that others know about it.

To do this, just go to the person’s profile by simply clicking on their picture on any active chats that you may have with them. When you open their profile, you will get to see their status information in the upper left-hand side corner of the screen. You will see a birthday message that will be present for everyone on WhatsApp so that they can see it.

It can also be that they have their birthday under their status throughout the year to show anyone their birthday. This may appear as the date that is followed by a birthday cake to let others know why the cake is there and why it is important that is posted on their status.

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Ask Them

How To Find Someone’s Birthday On WhatsApp

Asking them directly when their birthday is perhaps one of the most direct approaches. It may be difficult to ask them about their birthday especially if the person whom you are asking has known you for quite some time now.

However, though this may be awkward this is actually one of the direct ways to ask someone about their birthday. Asking them directly may seem to be a bad idea coz they may think that you don’t pay attention to them. But this is genuinely the best way to show that you care about them and their lives and you will risk any idea that may arise from the question that you ask.

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Wrapping Up:

So, this is all about How to Find Someone’s Birthday on WhatsApp. These were some of the easiest ways by which you can find out their birthdays on WhatsApp. You can even ask their mutual friends on WhatsApp. So, if you don’t want to ask the person directly then you can ask their mutual friend. Moreover, you can even check their social media profiles to know when their birthday is. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Se A Greeting Message On WhatsApp?

To set a greeting message on WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  1. Open the WhatsApp business app and then click on more options.
  2. Now tap on business tools followed by a greeting message.
  3. Now, just turn on the send greeting message.
  4. Click on the greeting message so that you can edit your greeting message and hit ok.
  5. Now, click on the receipts from everyone, everyone not in the address book, only send to, everyone except and then click on the save button.

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