How To Feed Chickens In Stardew Valley Switch | 2 Simple Ways To Feed

Stardew Valley is no doubt one of the best farming simulator Editor’s choice games. If you want to take a break from your 9 to 5 busy schedule and live the rest of your day on the countryside farm then this game makes the perfect choice for you. Well, one of the most tedious and important tasks in the game is to feed chickens in Stardew Valley. Yes, it is really a hard job! So, check out this guide that will give you the perfect methods to complete the task.

It is a farmer simulator game that changes your mobile screen into the farmer’s field. As a farmer, you have to rear animals and grow crops on the field. Chickens are the most common pets in the game. They are easily obtained at lower rates than other animals. You have to keep the chickens happy in Stardew valley to get bigger eggs and then sell them to earn profit. But how to make chickens happy in Stardew valley?

You can make chickens happy in the Stardew Valley by feeding them on time. There are two methods to feed the chickens in the Stardew Valley Switch. The first one is by feeding them green grass and the second is by feeding them hay.

Do we know you must be having a lot of questions in your head like can chickens die in Stardew valley? How to pet chickens in the game? And many more. You will find answers to all your questions in the article below.

How To House And Feed Chicken In Stardew Valley Switch

If you want to rear the chickens in your fields then the first thing you need to do is to build a coop for your chickens. You have built a place for them to stay first. Don’t get confused about how to build a coop for chickens in Stardew valley switch, you can buy it from Robin Carpenter’s shop. The carpenter will charge you 4000g. To build the coop you also require 100 stones and 300 wood. This can easily be acquired with the ax and the Pickaxe.

How much time does the Coop for chickens in Stardew Valley take to complete?

The chicken coop takes exactly three in-game days to get built. Well, to make the coop more secure for the chickens in the Stardew valley, you can build a fence around the house. The fence will not let the chickens go out of your sight.

Get The Chickens In Stardew Valley Switch

How To Feed Chickens In Stardew Valley Switch

Now that you have built the home for the chickens in Stardew valley it’s time to get the chickens home. As we told you earlier, chickens are the cheapest domestic animals in the whole Stardew valley game. So, you will find every third player owning the chickens.

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You cannot get fully grown chicken from the Marnie shop. You have to buy the chick for 800g. This chick will grow into a full chicken. But, only if you take care of it properly and feed it regularly. You can buy one or more chickens from Marnie as per your requirements and the amount of money you have got to spend.

You don’t have to feel pressured by keeping in mind the feeding process. The game has an in-built feature that keeps reminding the player by displaying messages like “Your Chicken Looks Thin”.

What Do Chickens In Stardew Valley Switch Eat?

It’s obvious that you will get the chick from Marnie and feeding the chickens will be your primary task. 

No matter what weather it is, even if it is raining you have to feed your chickens. Remember the more happy and healthy your chickens are the bigger the eggs they will lay. The bigger the eggs means the more money in the market. 

Well, if we talk about the food that your chickens will eat are the hay and the green grasses. You will feed chickens green grasses on bright sunny days and hay is for the winters and the rainy days. 

How To Feed Chickens In Stardew Valley Switch With Hay

How To Feed Chickens In Stardew Valley Switch

Hay is for the days when chickens cannot move out for the fresh green grasses. To feed the chickens with hay you have to pull the haystack from the inventory and put it on the feeding bench. The chickens will come and have their meal. Remember to interact with your chickens daily for better results in the game.

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How To Obtain Hay to feed Chickens In Stardew Valley?

You must be thinking of how to get the hay in the coop for the chickens. If it is so then let us tell you the various ways to get the hay.

  1. You can purchase the hay for the chickens from the Desert Trader or the Marnie’s Ranch.
  2. You can use the scythe to harvest the wheat seeds to get the hay.
  3. Ask Robin to build a Silo for you in the coop and then use Scythe to harvest the grass to make hay.
  4. Use the Melee weapon that is enchanted with a haymaker to the weeds and turn them into hay.

How To Feed Chickens In Stardew Valley Switch With Green Grass

How To Feed Chickens In Stardew Valley Switch

Well, hay is not the only option for feeding the chickens in Stardew valley. You can also feed your chickens green grass on your field. All you have to do is just open the doors of the Coop and let your chickens come out in the field. They will automatically start feeding on the green grass available on your field.

But, you have to make sure that you close the door of the coop after all the chickens have come inside the coop. If your chicken is left outside, he will become grumpy and prone to the wild animal’s attack.

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Wrapping Up:

So, now you know that there are two major ways to feed the chickens in the Stardew Valley. The first one is feeding on green Grasses and the second is feeding on the hay. Well, if you are using the first method to feed your chickens then you have to keep in mind that the green grass will disappear from your field in winters. So, it is advisable to keep the hay in stock.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do you feed a chicken in Stardew Valley switch?

You can feed a chicken in two ways in the Stardew valley switch. The first one is feeding on green Grasses and the second is feeding on the hay.  

Q. Does the silo automatically feed chickens?

The function of the silo is to automatically fetch the right amount of hay for chickens and place it on the feeding bench for the chickens to eat.

Q. How to get the hay in Stardew Valley Switch?

You can get the hay from the following source:

  1. Purchase from the desert trader or the Marnie Ranch
  2. Harvest the wheat seeds
  3. Harvest the weeds
  4. Harvest the grass.

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