How To Factory Reset the PS5 Console? 2 Ways To Try!!

Who likes being stuck in the middle of gameplay that too intense role-play games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? Urg!! Don’t you feel like crashing your console right now? But that won’t solve the issue, right? Let’s talk about some practical ways to resolve this problem and for that, read How To factory reset the PS5 console anytime you want to.

Is it hard to factory reset PS5? How long will it take to complete the clearing? Factory reset is usually considered as the last option after trying every other major to fix the bug. But it’s okay to reset if you want to have a new-like gaming experience or are planning to sell your console.

In this post, you’ll come across How to Factory Reset the PS5 with and without using safe mode, How to back up PS5 data, and much more. If you’re still confused about whether to reset your console or not? I suggest reading the post till the end and then reaching the final decision. 

Let’s start by understanding what a factory reset actually means and why it is important for your device. 

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What Is The PS5 Factory Reset?

In Layman language, factory reset is the internal cleaning of your device software. By doing so, we can turn any device into its original and new state (like it was when you first bought it). Factory resetting your PS5 or any other device will wipe away all the stored information in it, like your data and games. 

How To Factory Reset the PS5?

Whatever the problem you are facing with your PS5, a hard factory reset can resolve all your problems. But let me tell you that all your stored data, games, and other stuff will be wiped off from your system. If you’re ready to take the risk then let’s jump to the steps:

  1. Go to the home page. Open “Settings”.
  2. Click on “System”.
  3. Click on the “System Software” option.
  4. Now, click on the “Reset” option available on the screen.
  5. From here, choose the “Reset Your Console” option.
  6. Now click on “Reset”.
  7. This will restart your PS5 and you have to go through the setup process.
  8. You can even turn off your console if you’re not interested in setting up your system.

How To Factory Reset Your PS5 In Safe Mode?

Chances are that after factory reset when you turn on your console it might not boot up the system software. In that case, you can opt to reset your PS5 in safe mode. Follow these steps:

  1.  Turn on your console by clicking on the power button.
  2. It might take a bit longer to turn on your console. So, long-press the power button for up to 10-12 seconds until you hear a beeping sound.
  3. You need to connect your console with a PS5 controller. Now press the “PS” button.
  4. From the Safe Mode Menu, select the “Reset PS5” option.
  5. Congrats, we’re done. If the problem still persists and your console is still not booting up, you might try reinstalling the PS5 system software all over again in safe mode.

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Backing Up Your PS5 Game Data

How To Factory Reset the PS5; Backing Up Your PS5 Game Data
Source: ResetEra

If you want to transfer your console data to some other device or hard drive, you should backup all your data before performing a factory reset on your PlayStation 5. How to do that?

For backing up your data, you’ll need a Playstation Plus account from where you can easily download your stored data, games, and other contents to the cloud. You can even download your data and games into your new console with a Playstation Plus account.

What’s The Need To Hard Reset Your PS5?

Are you not able to download the content on your system? Is your PS5 lagging every now and then? 

For problems like these and many others, a hard reset for your PS5 is recommended. Also, in case you have planned to sell your console and don’t want the new buyer to hover onto your stored games and data, then you must do a factory reset before selling. 

By doing so you can set yourself free from your content being watched by some third person and also the new buyer can set the console according to his /her needs and requirements.

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Wrapping Up

Fixed the bug? Is your console working well now? The steps mentioned above are sure to work. Although it’s not that quick a process to fix the error on PS5 and might take a few minutes to be fixed. But once it’s done properly, the console will work smoothly like never before. 

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding PS5 Factory Reset:

Does Factory Reset Delete All The Data In PS5?

Yes, it surely does. Factory reset deletes all the stored data and restores the PS5 console to its original state. This should only be done if you want to start afresh with your gaming console or if you are planning to sell it to some other person.

Why Do My PS4 Keeps Restarting Itself?

Overheating can be the cause of this. Try to check your console by touching the top of the console. If it’s excessively hot, then overheating is the reason behind restarting your PS4.

How Do You Fix Something Wrong On PS5?

If you downloaded a new game and some sort of error occurred, try deleting that game and reinstalling it. If the problems still persist then you need to rest your PS5 console but do make sure to backup your data.

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