How To Delete Recently Played On Spotify | Hide The List

Assuming that you are familiar with the fact that one can only delete their Recently Played list on Spotify’s desktop version only when your Spotify is not newly updated then you will be able to delete every recent search one by one from your recently played list. But how? That we will tell you in this post on how to delete recently played on Spotify.

If you are in a situation where you want to keep your recently played songs a secret from with friends or family members or don’t feel like letting anyone else know on what trending song you are hovering over nowadays then you can learn how to delete recently played on Spotify from this post. And if not this then you must be having that one trending song in your list which you were listening to on loop from the last couple of days but are over now and wish to remove it, then also you can make use of this article. 

Here’s how to delete recently played on Spotify, Spotify > Scroll Down > Recently Played > See All > Find Song > Menu > Remove. And there you are with a blank space ready for new searches.

If you don’t wish to keep the play history of your recent searches or recently played songs then you can remove or clear it with just a couple of taps. Learn how to delete recently played on Spotify here!

How To Delete Recently Played On Spotify?

How To Delete Recently Played On Spotify

Like every other application, softwares or website, Spotify also keeps records of your recent activities on the application and merges them into a form of list known as Recently Played on Spotify. This usually includes songs that you have recently searched and played through Spotify in a different compartment.

This list sometimes becomes public which you may not like. Like, any of your friends may access and copy your Spotify list or may simply find your Spotify account out. To save yourself from such situations, you must keep your recently played list clean and clear.

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However only those who have an access to their Spotify account on their desktop and are using an outdated version of Spotify can delete their Recently Played. So if you find it crucial to learn how to delete recently played on Spotify, here is how you can achieve the same:

Spotify > Scroll down > Recently Played List > See All > Select Song > Menu > Remove From Recently Played

Step 01: Open Spotify on your Desktop or Mac computer.

Step 02: Scroll a bit downwards and find your Recently Played list.

Step 03: Once found, click on the See All button just next to that section.

How To Delete Recently Played On Spotify

Step 04: Find the song/playlist/album or podcast which you want to delete from your Recently Played list.

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Step 05: Bring your cursor on the cover of that media and click on the Menu (Three Vertical Dots).

How To Delete Recently Played On Spotify

Step 06: Select Remove From Recently Played button.

How To Delete Recently Played On Spotify

And that particular item will be removed afterwards. The only catch while learning how to delete recently played on Spotify is that you have to delete each and every media file individually. There is no Select All feature available over here.

How To Hide The Recently Played List On Spotify?

How To Delete Recently Played On Spotify

Being transparent is good but not this much, thanks to Spotify for making all of our Recently Played music public without our will! Now everyone who has access to our Android and iPhone can see what is in our Recently Played list and can copy it or judge us on the basis of it. But nah, Spotify is not this cruel. They have offered us to limit our playlist to ourselves if we wish to do so! And we absolutely do!

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One can now hide their Recently Played list from others all by tapping just a couple of options. Other than hiding the list one is only left with the option to clear their recent list to keep their songs a secret and lose them forever until your dumb brain recalls it again! But don’t worry, you can now make it private and enjoy the list too! 

Here’s how you can hide your recently played list on Spotify:

Spotify > Home Screen > Settings > Social > Private Session > Turn On > Listening Activity > Turn Off

Step 01: Launch Spotify on your device and Log In into your Spotify account if you haven’t already.

Step 02: From the Home Screen of the application find Settings at the top right side of the page.

How To Delete Recently Played On Spotify | Hide The List

Step 03: Scroll downwards and find the Social section.

How To Delete Recently Played On Spotify | Hide The List

Step 04: Under that, you will find a couple of options there saying Private Session and Listening Activity.

How To Delete Recently Played On Spotify | Hide The List

Step 05: Turn on Private Listening and Turn off Listening Activity.

How To Delete Recently Played On Spotify | Hide The List

NOTE: Private Listening will allow you to listen to songs on Spotify in private and on Ghost mode whereas Listening Activity will let you share your playlist with your followers.

And there you have successfully learnt how to delete recently played on Spotify with the help of Private listening and not allowing others to access your playlist with the Listening Activity feature turned off.

Wrapping Up

Spotify is an amazing sort of social media application mainly focused on songs. There is a huge number of people who appreciate the creativity of Spotify. However, the recently played list is one of the features of Spotify which allows you to access your previously searched and listened songs which makes it a private thing. In other words, a recently played list cannot be shared with anyone or everyone until you are not scared of being judged. 

But don’t worry anymore, because we have brought you some solutions in this detailed guide on how to delete recently played on Spotify with the help of which you can easily decide what to show and which one to hide from the list. We hope that this article comes out to be of some use to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Long Does The Recently Played List Stay On Spotify?

The latest update rolled out by Spotify introduces Recently Played List to their listeners on the mobile application at the home page. In this list you will find all your recent searches and played music from the last three months. You can find this feature at the top right side of the screen with a clock icon on it.

Q. How To Clear My Spotify History 2022?

It’s possible for the mobile users with an updated version of the Spotify, whereas users who use Spotify on their desktops can clear their search history or recently played list only when they have not updated the Spotify app. Or you can make new searches to let the older one disappear.

Q. How Do I Clear Spotify Cache?

For Android users, one can delete their Spotify Cache by heading to the Settings section. Under the Storage option you will find the button of Delete Cache, click on it and confirm the action.

Q. Can Anyone See My Recently Played List On Spotify?

Spotify keeps your recently played list public to every follower of them along with their entire activity on the app. Anyone on Spotify would be able to view your public playlists and recently played including your followers.

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