How To Create Scenes In Decentraland? A Guide For Beginners

If you think that you are a creative person and like doing 3D work then, there is something super thrilling for you! Any guesses? Yes, it is creating scenes in Decentraland! Don’t be disheartened if you don’t know how 3D Art works in Decentraland as this article will share how to create scenes in Decentraland for beginners as well as advanced professionals. 

What!! you don’t own a parcel in Decentraland? how to create scenes in Decentraland without them? Well, we are kidding you can do it without owning parcels as well! However, if you own land in Decentraland then it is better as you can attain a great scene easily. So what if you don’t know how to code, both non-coders and coders can easily create scenes in Decentraland. For those who are thinking about what is a scene then, a scene is an experience built in or on various parcels in Decentraland.

Not just for creating scenes but Decentraland is also known for owning land as an investment, or games that help you in earning. Everything in Decentraland is just full of fun and frolic! But creating scenes is something cool and interesting at the same time. 

Are you eager to know about it, or are you thinking is it easy to build in Decentraland? If yes then, let you know it is easy as pie to build scenes! So, let’s start with how to create scenes in Decentraland. 

Tools To Create Scenes In Decentraland 

Tools To Create Scenes In Decentraland 

There are various approaches or tools to create scenes in Decentraland. Some of them are listed here. You can choose any of these according to your level of knowledge and comfort.

1. Decentraland Builder

You can use this tool as it is easy to use. Visit the Decentraland Website and then create the scenes of your choice. You will have access to a library that includes pre-made items.

2. Decentraland SDK

With the help of SDK (Software Development Kit), you can make use of custom content. It gives more flexibility in creating scenes. If you are an advanced user then go for it. 

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3. JanusVR

It is a well-known tool for 3D or VR scenes. You can download it here for free. You can build scenes in JanusVR and then convert them to SDK. There are various file types that JanusVR supports but, Decentraland SDK only supports glb or gltf formats.   

4. A-frame

You can use A-frame for building scenes and then port them to SDK. if you know how to make scenes in A-frame then, you can choose this. Only glb or gltf versions or formats should be used. 

You can choose other approaches as well like Unity, SketchUp, Blender, or any other tool. But, to make it easy as pie and for your better understanding, we will explain how to create scenes in Decentraland with the Decentraland Builder.

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Steps On How To Create Scenes In Decentraland

You don’t need to install anything for this, just follow these steps to create scenes in Decentraland.

1. Visit the website

For creating scenes in the Decentraland, the first step that needs to be done is to visit the builder’s website. After this head towards the next step.

2. Set Size

The next thing that is required to be done is set a size for your scene. Here you can add the measurements in the rows and columns. Make sure that you choose the measurements according to the shape of the scene that you want to make and then click on ‘create’.

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3. Set Ground

Now it is time to set a ground by choosing out of the different textures available. In the item menu, choose your preferred ground and with this, the floor tiles would be replaced in the scene. 

4. Add Items

In this step you need to go to the menu and then on the right various categories are there. You can see the items that can be used for your scene. Just drag and drop these items to different locations for trying them in your Land. 

5. Position Items 

This is an important step while creating scenes in Decentraland. You just need to take care of the following keys or tools:

  • Move tool for position items above ground level and move items with more accuracy
  • Rotate tool for rotating items on one axis at a time
  • Scale item for changing the same or making the item bigger or smaller
  • Delete tool for deleting an item from your scene
  • Duplicate tool for duplicating an item, a new item would overlap the original one

With the help of the “Ctrl key”, you can select various items at the same time, you just need to hold and press the key and then select the items.

6. Be Careful With Borders

Take care of the borders because if they overlap other people’s land then that is not allowed. If an item overlaps then, it would be marked red. The Builder is not going to allow you to publish your scene unless you fix this issue. 

7. View Your Scene

Now it’s time to click on the ‘eye icon’ on the right at the top where you can view the scene and move around it. Here you can test your scene. For exiting this view just press the ‘Esc’ button and click on the ‘X icon’.

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8. Name And Publish Your Scene

Just give a name to your scene by clicking on the icon next to the scene name. Give a name and description of your scene and then press ‘publish’. 

– If you don’t own land then you can publish it for the other landowners on the Decentraland Scene Pool.


Creating scenes in Decentraland is something very fascinating and engaging. Wasn’t it easy to create scenes here? Of course, it was! Now, you must have got your queries cleared with this article. We hope that it has helped you in creating your scenes in Decentraland as well, if yes, then why aren’t you sharing it with others!   

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is A Scene In Decentraland?

– A scene is the experience built on various parcels of land that is ‘estate’ or just on one parcel of Land. It can include animations and sounds. 

2. Is It Easy To Build In Decentraland?

– Yes, you can easily build in Decentraland if you own Land. Both non-coders, as well as coders, can build scenes in Decentraland.

3. Can I Sell Scenes In Decentraland?

– Yes, publish your scenes and sell them if you don’t have any parcels of Land in Decentraland. You can sell them to landowners on the Decentraland Scene Pool.

4. Can You Make Money In Decentraland?

– Of Course, you can play games in Decentraland that can help you to play and earn from Decentraland at the same time, you can create scenes and sell them to earn from it.

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