How To Create An NFT In Decentraland | Points To Keep In Mind

The world is heading towards a different future, the future beyond our dreams. NFTs, Decentraland, and Metaverse are the words that are going to shape the upcoming era. You must be well aware of investing in NFTs but do you have any idea about how to create them. This article will guide you on how to create an NFT in Decentraland and earn huge profits.

Non-Fungible Tokens popularly known as NFTs were launched in August 2015 while Decentraland was launched in 2017. However, the platform became accessible to the public in Feb 2020. NFTs are digital items of blockchain technology that can be bought and sold.  Decentraland is a virtual reality platform that uses Ethereum blockchain to buy assets as NFTs via MANA cryptocurrency.

Users are earning millions by selling NFTs in Decentraland Metaverse. Now, imagine the profit of developers. Unlike most of the people who fail to understand this, you are out of their realm. To start like a developer you need to understand how to create an NFT in Decentraland. This article will guide you all along.

Types Of NFTs That Can Be Created In Decentraland

There are more NFTs than you think! So, before learning how to create an NFT in Decentraland, I think it’s better to understand the different kinds of NFTs that you can create. Let’s have a brief overview.

1. Artwork

How To Create An NFT In Decentraland

It is also referred to as programmable art. It features a unique brew of innovation and technology. Currently, a limited edition of artwork pieces is in circulation. If you want to create an NFT in this category then, you can use Oracles and smart contracts to create images that will be represented on blockchain networks.

2. Event Tickets

If you are from an event managing background, then NFTs would be your event tickets. Event managers can mint their own unique NFT tickets that can be sold on a selected blockchain platform.  You will be paid as customers purchase the tickets.

3. Music And Media

This is another growing NFT market of Decentraland. You can link NFTs with media and music files. To access the file, the customer has to purchase the true ownership. There are two prominent platforms for this, Rarible and Mintbase. 

4. Gaming

In the gaming domain, NFTs can be the in-game items. In-game items offer the functionality to ownership,  this will increase the in-game economics growth. Introducing a wide range of benefits for players is the primary focus of the NFTs in this sector.

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5. Virtual Items

In this domain, you can create avatars, designing clothes and wearables. All these are created as NFTs. You have to create them in a 3D modeling environment. Learn more about how to make wearables in Decentraland. and how to create 3D models in Decentraland.

6. Real-world Assets

Here, NFTs represent real estate along with luxury goods. Although you cannot create land in Decentraland as it has a fixed number of land parcels you can increase the value of land by using decoratives.

7. Memes

This is the domain with significant advancement. Memes as NFTs are trending all over the internet today. You can create an NFT meme and earn huge amounts. You can read what made bored apes so famous for better understanding.

Different Ways To Create NFTs In Decentraland

Here are the different ways on how to create an NFT in Decentraland:

1. WonderZone

You can create NFTs in Decentraland by playing a play-to-earn game named WonderZone. In this game, asteroids fall from the sky and you have to mine them. 

You can mine it by clicking on U. The mining will be done by pickaxe. 

Once you mine the asteroids you will get a drop. You can collect sapphires, minerals, etc from the drop. 

These things will craft your NFTs. You have to go to craft automatic in spawn, this is the place where you actually create NFTs in Decentraland.

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2. Creating Wearables

The Decentraland avatars can be customized by using wearables like clothing, body features, and accessories. You can also make custom wearables. You can start creating NFT wearables in the “Avatar System” of Decentraland.

You can choose the material to be used either as avatarSkin_MAT or avatarWearbale_MAT.

Then, you have to design the wearable for any part of the avatar you wish to apply.

3. Using NFTs In Your Scenes

Another easy method to create an NFT in Decentraland is by using the NFTs in your scenes.

NFTs can be added to your scene and displayed as picture frames. The formats that are supported by OpenSea like images and gifs are also supported by Decentraland. Currently, NFTs in videos and audios are not supported. 3D representations of virtual items in 2D frames like Decentraland wearables, clothes, and so on.

Import NFTs From Wallet

Importing NFTs from Wallet is the easiest way to import your NFT. 

  1. On the right menu, Under all the asset pack collections, open the Collectibles Tab.
  2. Drag n drop an NFT onto your scene. You can move or scale it.
  3. You cannot configure the properties using this method.

NFTs By Id

NFT smart item is the more robust approach. You can find NFT smart items in the Gallery asset pack.

  • You can also search NFT smart items in the search bar. 
  • You can drag and drop an NFT item in your scene and configure its few fields.
  • The fields can be configured depending on the type of NFT chosen.
1. NFT ID:

This is the unique id of this specific NFT.

2. NFT Contract:

The contract address is the address of the NFT collection that this NFT belongs to. Like SuperRare, Crptokitties, and so on.

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3. Frame Style:

It is not necessary that the default frame style matches your scene.  You have a range of varying styles, even tape on the painting’s corner or from baroque to minimalist

4. Background Color:

The NFTs which have transparent backgrounds are provided with the violet background color. The background color of these NFTs can be changed as well.

5. Include UI:

If a player clicks on the picture frame, a UI is displayed with additional information about the token. A hint is also displayed apart from UI. You can enable or disable the Include UI of your NFT.

6. Extra UI Text:

The UI usually extracts its data from extrinsic sources, but you can add an additional field where a custom description can be added. This text will only be visible if the Include UI is switched on.

Wrapping Up:

We hope this article presents you with all the information required to create an NFT in Decentraland. The NFT ecosystem has a growing potential and these NFTs are changing our notions of asset ownership and usage. NFTs and Decentraland are the future we have to live with, so having an interest in this world can land you a huge profit in the near future.

You can also read about how to create an NFT in Sandbox. If you want to know more about any other topic, leave a comment.

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