How To Connect Apple TV To A Stereo? 3 Best Ways To Try!!

Just got yourself the latest Apple TV! Congrats!! It’s pretty impressive there’s no doubt about it!! And OMG!! The in-depth color video is simply unbeatable!! The only drawback is the volume of its sound as the sound produced by its internal speakers isn’t quite loud!! You have to connect an external speaker with Apple TV if you wish to enjoy high pitch music!! So, learn how to connect Apple TV to a stereo and enjoy a musical bash at home!!

For Apple users, there are a lot of TV shows and movies on iTunes which include Dolby Digital 5.1 surround audio tracks. You’re missing a lot of these high-quality soundtracks unless and until your Apple TV is connected to an external stereo audio system!! 

Learn how to connect Apple TV to a stereo to create a truly immersive surround audio experience!! Host parties at home with the amazing bass effect offered by the external speaker connected to your Apple device!! You can also use a variety of Siri commands to run Apple TV!!

Already feeling the party vibes? Well, let’s not make you wait further and reveal the most practiced methods on how to connect Apple TV to a stereo!!

How To Connect Apple TV To A Stereo?

How To Connect Apple TV To A Stereo
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Bluetooth connectivity is among the easiest and most practical methods to connect audio devices to the Apple TV. It doesn’t require any technical expertise or wires, simply straight and easy!

Here’s how to connect Apple TV to a Stereo!!

  • On the Bluetooth headphones first.
  • Switch on your Apple TV.
  • Click on the settings menu> Remotes and devices > Bluetooth.
  • Connect the two Bluetooth speakers.
  • If asked, enter the Pin code.

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Step 1. Turn On Your Speakers First.

Press the power button that is located in the vicinity of your speakers for a couple of seconds until it sounds a beep and then it switches on. Also, be sure to have a Bluetooth set of headphones.

Do not be too far from the Bluetooth speakers. Make sure they are closer to the TV to be able to catch Bluetooth signals as fast as possible.

Step 2. Go To Apple TV Settings

Make use of your Apple remote to hover over the icon for settings. Press the enter button on your remote enter the settings page.

Step 3. Remotes And Devices

Choose from the variety of options available in the settings menu. Select the devices and remotes. This is the area where connections from outside need to be allowed or not.

Step 4. Switch On Bluetooth And Pair It Up With The Speakers

Then, move your bar into one of the Bluetooth options. Click it and then scan for new devices. Before you do this, check first that your TV isn’t connected to another Bluetooth device. Since we can pair a device at a time.

Once pairing is completed. It will allow you to listen to music from speakers outside instead of the Apple TV’s internal speakers.

How To Connect Apple TV To An Analogue Amplifier? 

How To Connect Apple TV To An Analogue Amplifier
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There are both domestic and commercial examples of the reasons the Apple TV may need to be connected to an external amplifier such as:

At home, someone might wish to hook up the audio signal from an Apple TV signal into a home cinema or surround sound system.

In an application for commercial audio like a boardroom where the audio of Apple TV is required, the Apple TV may need to be connected to an installed PA or audio system.

In the case of Apple TV, it is apparent that there aren’t many ports on the device, which is a common feature of many Apple products. The device has connections that include power, HDMI output, USB connection, optical audio output, and an Ethernet connection.

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Option 1: Use An Optical Audio Input

The most common method of connecting the audio output from the Apple TV to an external amplifier is using the audio optical input that makes use of a fiber-optic cable straight from your TV to the amplifier. 

There are a variety of entertainment systems for homes available on the market with at least one optical audio output. This is the simplest option as everything is done for you. However, the issue is that not all audio and amplifier systems have a digital optical audio input.

Option 2: Using A DAC Device

There are numerous audio sets and amplifiers in the marketplace that provide analog audio input but do not have digital audio output via optical. In this case, the best option is usually to use a DAC gadget (Digital conversion from Analogue to Digital Converter). 

A low-cost, simple DAC device can take an audio digital signal that comes from the Apple TV’s optical output, and then convert the signal to analog audio. This is usually done through a Dual Phono connector that can be connected to an analog audio system.

Option 3: Using An HDMI Audio De-Embedder

Another option could be beneficial if the distances between the Apple TV device and the display screen are greater than the 10 meters limit for the HDMI cable. This is because the Apple TV which carries both audio and video output signals, which can be connected to an HDMI Repeater that has audio de-embedding capabilities. 

This allows for a greater HDMI signal transmission range as well as dissociating the audio signal of the HDMI. The image generated by Apple TV’s HDMI Apple TVs HDMI is then sent out via the de-embedder HDMI output, which directly connects to the TV projector or display screen.

Both DACs, as well as HDMI audio de-embedders, operate in similar ways to other sources of digital audio (such as DVD players, Blu-ray discs as well as games consoles) to give you the highest audio performance through your analog audio system.

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Wrapping Up:

Hopefully, the process on how to connect Apple TV to a Stereo is clear to you now!!! You can use these simple techniques to turn your simple TV Speakers into high bass speakers!!!

If you liked the post, don’t forget to share it with your buddies!! Stay tuned for more amazing hacks to make your lives much easier!!

Until then Play The Music!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How Do I Change The Audio Output On Apple TV?

To change the audio output on Apple TV follow these steps:
1. Open the Settings app.
2. Click on Audio and Video.
3. Now Select Audio Output.
4. Click on your preferred speaker output.

Q. How Do I Connect My Apple TV To My StereoWithout Optical?

There are many ways to connect your Apple TV to a stereo without using an optical like:
1. Get an AirPort Express.
2. Use an HDMI audio extractor.
3. Use an HDTV with audio output or an HDMI-switching receiver.
4. Use Airfoil Speakers on a computer or on an iOS device.

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