How To Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription And Get A Refund?

LinkedIn is like a Jinnie for all the job seekers, be it youngsters, an aged experience, or new budding entrepreneurs at global levels!! Every time the notification flashes “You have new job alerts”, we feel more than happy to hunt for new opportunities! But, isn’t the high LinkedIn premium cost sucking our pockets? Want to know How to cancel LinkedIn Premium? Here you go!

LinkedIn Premium comes with so many premium advantages for its users!! Like reach out to any new profile, check who viewed your profile, message anyone personally even if that person is not in your connections, join professional development courses, and much more!! While this sounds so fulfilling for regular users and job hunters, it may look like a total wastage of money for freshers who are still learning the process of social networking!

Well, in that case, learn How to cancel your LinkedIn Premium subscription and save your money!! You can still learn so many new things using LinkedIn without a premium profile. You can connect to the world’s top leaders and follow their guidance! Look out for top job opportunities across the globe and much more using free and the premium version!

For any reason you do not want to use the paid LinkedIn subscription anymore, there’s always a rescue to cancel your subscription! The process is pretty simple! Just a few clicks and you are back to using the basic version with zero payment! 

How To Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription?

Have you used the premium LinkedIn version and found a suitable job?? Wuhu, congrats on that! 

Now, you probably wish to end your expensive premium LinkedIn subscription for your job. 

Or, for whatever reason you have decided to cancel your LinkedIn premium membership, there are a number of ways to do so! 

You can do it using your PC/desktop, Android devices, and iPhone easily! Also, if you are on a free trial, learn how to deactivate premium LinkedIn free trial so that your profile doesn’t automatically switch to a paid subscription! 

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How To Cancel LinkedIn Premium On Your Desktop/PC?

How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription
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Finally, you have reached the point where you are all set to deactivate LinkedIn premium on a computer. Well, here are the basic steps to proceed further:

1. Open the LinkedIn office website on your desktop. 

2. Make sure your profile is logged in. From the top right corner go to the “Me” option and click on it. 

3. From the drop-down menu, click on the “Access My Premium” option. 

4. Now press “Manage Subscription“.

5. Under the managed subscription options click on “Cancel subscription“.

6. You’ll be redirected to a new page. From the bottom tap on “Cancel and Lose Credits“.

How To Cancel LinkedIn Premium On Android?

How To Cancel LinkedIn Premium On Android
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While the process remains almost the same as the desktop version with slight changes, android users can easily cancel their LinkedIn subscription. Since you can’t do it through the app, you need to open a web browser to proceed further. 

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Open any web browser on your android smartphone and open your LinkedIn profile in that browser.

2. You’ll find a “Me” Option at the top of your screen. Click on that, a drop-down menu will appear. 

3. Now click on “Access My Premium“.

4. Your premium details will appear on the screen. Go to the manage premium account section and look for the “Cancel Subscription” option. Click on it. 

5. Confirm your cancellation by clicking “Continue to Cancel“.

How To Cancel LinkedIn Premium On An iPhone? 

How To Cancel LinkedIn Premium On An iPhone

Be it an Android user or an iPhone user, a LinkedIn premium subscription can’t be canceled via a mobile app. 

You need to run the application on a separate browser on your phone or laptop to proceed with the cancellation. 

If you have purchased your premium LinkedIn subscription via iTunes, then it becomes even easier to cancel the same using iTunes. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Go to “Settings Menu“.

2. Type your name at the top search box of the screen. 

3. Your apple ID will open up. Now, click on the “ iTunes and App Store ” option. 

4. From your Apple ID visible on the screen, click on “View Apple ID” from the pop-up window that appears on the screen. 

5. To access, you need to enter your Face ID, passcode, or your touch ID. 

6. As your Apple ID opens up, click on “Subscriptions“.

7. All the subscriptions that you have via your iTunes will show up on the screen. Click on ” LinkedIn “.

8. Press “ Cancel Subscription” and then confirm your cancellation. 

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How To Cancel LinkedIn Premium And Get Refund? 

How To Cancel LinkedIn Premium And Get Refund.
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Wait, can we get a refund after canceling our Premium LinkedIn Subscription? The app says it’s not refundable, then how? 

A lot of you might be thinking the same at the moment. But here’s the trick, yes you can get your money back after the cancellation of your LinkedIn premium account! 

The premium services do not claim any such refund policy only until you don’t go hardcore and find out ways to do so! So what’s the trick? How to get your refund? 

Here have a look:

1. You need to request a refund if you plan to cancel your subscription midway. For that, you need to open the LinkedIn Premium Services section using any web browser with your LinkedIn profile running on it. 

2. Click on “Cancel Premium Subscription“.

3. Now go to the help page at the bottom of your profile. Search for “LinkedIn Consumer Refund Policy” by typing it in the search box. 

4. Tap on the “Request Account Review” option.

5. A notification will pop up on your screens saying that LinkedIn has no such refund policy. Ignore that and click on “Request Account Review” again. 

6. Confirm the review request and submit your case. 

Note: LinkedIn provides instant action to your refund request. Check your mail for refund details! 

How To Cancel LinkedIn Premium After Free Trial

How To Cancel LinkedIn Premium After Free Trial
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To have a go-through to the premium LinkedIn subscription experience, you get a free trial to enjoy the premium services before paying for them. Although, you need to enter your card details and other required details the same as you’ll do for purchasing a premium version before getting started with the free trial! 

No, you won’t be charged even a single penny as long as you are using the free trial. Don’t forget to cancel the free LinkedIn premium trial if you do not wish your money to be deducted! 

How to cancel LinkedIn premium after a free trial? 

Simply go to your profile’s premium services section and click on cancel the free trial. 

Remember if you opt for a free trial and cancel it afterward, you won’t be able to access the LinkedIn premium free trial for one year after that. 

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Final Verdict:

One month period is enough to find out what a LinkedIn Premium version can provide you with. And moreover, you can decide whether you want to continue the high expenses of using this premium version or not!

For those seriously using this platform to grow, build connections, to reach out to new better opportunities, a premium version can be a great hit. Although, you do not have to purchase the paid version if you are new to the platform.

Take some time to learn how the platform works. When you are ready to step forward and enjoy the advanced gigs provided by the platform to grow your profile and your career reach, you can switch to a paid version anytime!

Also, now that you learned how to cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription, you can deactivate the membership whenever you feel like it!!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding LinkedIn Premium Subscription:

Q. How Do I Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription On Mobile?

You can easily cancel your premium subscription to LinkedIn on mobile. This can’t be done directly through the app, but you can do this using a web browser.
Log in to your LinkedIn profile on the browser> Click Manage Subscription> Cancel subscription!

Q. How Do I Undo A LinkedIn Payment?

1. Log into your LinkedIn account.
2. To get access to the account review page, you need to cancel your LinkedIn subscription first.
3. Go to the help page after canceling the LinkedIn subscription.
4. Type in LinkedIn Consumer Refund Policy in the search engine.
5. Click on the “Request Account Review” option.
6. Your payment will be refunded to your account shortly!

Q. Do You Get Charged For LinkedIn Free Trials?

Many of you must be wondering that LinkedIn free trials will cost you charges as you need to enter your card details to get access to the free trial. But no charges are deducted as long as your free trial expires!

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