How To Buy The First Property In Upland? Tips To Buy!!

Upland is going up with the increasing popularity of Metaverse. I am sure you must have heard about Upland. If you have then, you must be familiar with purchasing property in Upland. Want to buy a property? We are here to guide you on how to buy the first property in Upland. 

Buying property is not the only thing that you can do here but something more exciting is also there for you. Upland also allows its users to play and earn through playing. Gone are the days when you just invested money and time but got nothing in return. Here you will get some earning along with fun and adventure. 

Not just this, you can even be a part of property auctions and events and in Upland, you can convert your digital assets for real money! Yeah, it is true. 

Metaverse is just hyped with its popularity and world filled with adventure, which is making people love it. If you don’t want to be left behind and are thinking of buying property here, but are confused then, don’t be as we have a post that will brief you on how to buy the first property in Upland. Not just this, but we will also be telling you about how you can make money in Upland!

Steps To Buy The First Property In Upland

How to Buy The First Property In Upland

Do you know that the parcels of property in Upland are color-coded? Why? So, that they can be differentiated. 


Don’t be and read to know more.

  • Bright green are the unminted properties and can be minted. You can purchase it and become its first owner. 
  • Dark green are minted properties and can be purchased through UPX or USD. The prices are set manually by owners.
  • Blue are the properties owned by other players and are minted. They are not listed in the secondary market but still offers can be made for these properties and the owner can decide whether to choose the offer or to reject it.
  • Gray are the unminted properties that are locked and not owned by anyone. 
  • FSA is the Fair Start Act for the new players. These FSA-marked properties are not much expensive and new players can purchase them as they are accessible to them only.
  • Dark-blue are the properties owned by you.

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Choosing The Property

Now that you have knowledge about the various colors related to properties, you can choose the properties you want to buy. You should start searching for cities that have cheaper properties and FSA properties. FSA properties as already told are for new players and the number of players would be less and so would be the price. 

Once you have made your mind and chosen the property you want to buy, then it’s time to head up to the next step.

Buy The Property

Remember that you require UPX, the official currency of Upland to buy property here. If you want to purchase minted properties, already owned by someone then it would be easier. You just need to follow these steps:

How To Buy The Minted Property In Upland?

If you are interested in getting hands over your selected minted property here, then follows these below mentioned steps on how to buy minted property in Upland: 

  • Click on the minted property.
  • A menu would pop providing essential data related to it.
  • Click on ‘buy’ if satisfied with the seller’s price. 
  • Click on ‘Make an offer’ in case you are unsatisfied with the seller’s offer and have some other offer to make.  

How To Buy The Unminted Property In Upland?

What if the property that you are interested in is unminted? Then, how to buy the first property in Upland of your choice? 

Wait! That’s easy too. Follow these steps and the unminted property will be yours: 

  • These properties would be marked gray. 
  • Your explorer needs to be near the property. 
  • If the explorer is in radius, the property would turn bright green. 
  • Click on the property
  • Then, click on ‘buy’.

This was a guide for ‘how to buy the first property in Upland’. Do you know that there are several ways through which you can earn UPX in Upland? If not, then check them out.

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Ways To Earn UPX In Upland

Here are a few ways for making money, UPX in Upland. Give them a read and try making money through them.

1. Yield On Property

The best part in Upland is that if you own property then, every 3 hours you can earn a yield on your property which is 17% a year. It is always there for you and there is no requirement to collect it. Also, you can sell your property on Upland for cash.

2. Treasure Hunts

The next way of getting UPX is through treasure hunts. Yes, you can do treasure hunting by getting hints in the properties owned by you or on properties where your explorer is.

3. Visits To Properties

If you are sending the explorer to visit properties or someone sends its explorer to the property, a small fee is paid to the owner and he gets some part of the fees.

4. Daily Bonus

If you are logging in and playing here, you will get small bonuses daily. This will keep on increasing with your visits to Upland.

5. Referrals

If you refer Upland to others then, you can get a 50% bonus when they buy tokens used in Upland that is UPX.

This is how you can earn UPX and enjoy Upland. This was the whole guide for how to buy the first property in Upland along with earning in Upland. There are other ways too for making money in Upland!

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You can buy a property in Upland by following what the post has suggested but buying a property in Upland is completely your decision. We recommend that if you are thinking of doing so then you should try to find out facts and make a wise choice for yourself. 

Hope that you liked this post. You can tell us in the comment box if there are any queries. Share it with your friends if you enjoyed reading this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Point Of Upland?

A. Its aim is to make players earn while playing games in Upland. It enables them to have their own property in this virtual world.

Q. Is Upland A Metaverse?

A. Yes, it is a Metaverse where you can purchase properties, play, and earn from games. It is aimed at bridging the gap between the real and the virtual world. 

Q. What Does Mint Mean In Upland?

A. It means that the property is owned by a user or it can be purchased by other users. 

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