How To Buy Land In Somnium Space? Guide For Beginners

Somnium Space is well-known in Metaverse. And why not? After all, it is one of the biggest Metaverse. Wait! Do you know that you can buy land here? Wondering How? Don’t worry, here is a guide on ‘How to buy land in Somnium Space.’

Along with building or importing NFTs, you can explore, trade, and even buy land in this world of virtual reality. You can even build homes or buildings on your digital land. Somnium Space is a world that is not just limited by reality. It is a world with opportunities in every corner for its players. After the announcement of Facebook as Meta, the price of Somnium Space has gone up. 

You must be aware of the fact that everything in the Metaverse world is traded in the form of certain coins or clearly in cryptocurrencies, stored in the digital wallets. Likewise, here, the coin that is used is the Cube. This means that you need to have Cubes to buy a piece of land in Somnium Space.

Before knowing how to buy land in Somnium Space, you should be aware that a limited number of parcels are available for each phase. Not only this, you will be surprised to know that the land here is offered through auctions to the players. That’s a lot of information, now let’s get into the post on how to buy land in Somnium Space without any further delay.

Specifications About Land In Somnium Space

Land In Somnium Space

Yes obviously, you will be curious to know as to how to buy land in Somnium Space. But, before that, you need to know more about its specifications. What are the assets that make this land one of the best for the investors? What are its key features? And, why should you buy a piece of land there? 

The following are the specifications of the land in Somnium space. Have a look at them.

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1. Total Parcels

Somnium space consists of a total of 5,026 parcels of land. There are 781 small parcels, 2487 medium-sized, and 1758 extra-large (XL).

2. Size Of Small Land

The small-sized land has 200m2 with 10m height and depth build limit.

3. Size Of Medium Land

The medium-sized land has 600m2 with a 25m height and depth build limit.

4. Size Of XL Land

The extra large-sized land has 500m2 with 50m height and depth build limit. That’s pretty large! 

How To Buy Land In Somnium Space?

How To Buy Land In Somnium Space?

The first thing you need to do is visit the official site of Somnium Space. You can either click on Somnium Map that will open a page or directly buy from the Secondary Marketplace, OpenSea. You can go to the Somnium Space collection on OpenSea, where all the available options are visible. 

Also, another important thing that you should know is that you require a MetaMask wallet for buying land.

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Steps On How To Buy Land In Somnium Space

Here is a guide on how to buy land in Somnium Space. Follow these steps for purchasing land to help you with the purchase in an easy manner.

Way 1

Steps On How To Buy Land In Somnium Space

There are two ways through which you can buy land in Somnium Space. So, let us look at the first way on ‘how to buy land in Somnium Space.’

1. View Parcels On Sale

First, you need to visit the Somnium Space Official Website to view options on the right side. So, you can just click on parcels on sale and then view all the parcels on sale here.

You should consider the land that is also accessible. If you have accessibility to something near that land then, you can resell that land at a higher price in the future and earn money from it.

2. Select Size

On the right side, you can view the different land sizes that you can buy, like small, medium, or XL. You can also select whether you want to buy something on the roadside or waterfront. So, now you can see the various parcels available based on what you have selected. 

3. Compare Price And Finalize

After selecting the features you want, you can now choose the land out of the available ones and compare the prices. You can see the land prices on the map and then finalize which land you want to buy.

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4.  Buy Land

Once you have finalized the land that you want to buy, you can simply click on that land. Here you can see an option OpenSea, click on it, and it will take you to the OpenSea Marketplace. Here you can click on Buy Now to buy it immediately.

Way 2

Steps On How To Buy Land In Somnium Space

Now, as we have discussed the first way of buying land in Somnium Space, here is another way how to buy land in Somnium Space.

1. Visit NFT Marketplace

You first need to go to OpenSea Marketplace; it is an NFT marketplace where many NFTs are listed for buying or selling.

2. Search Somnium Space

On the Search Box, you can search for Somnium Space, and the official page will open up, and then you can proceed towards the next step

3. Select The Size

Once you reach the Somnium Space page, you can view various options on the left side. Here you can select land and the parcel size, whether S for small, M for medium, or XL.

4. Bid For The Land 

Now you can see various available options. You can select any of these and view the description of that parcel. Now you can bid on it by clicking on Place a bid for whatever price you want to buy the land.

5. Immediate Purchase

If you don’t want to bid and want an immediate purchase of the land, you can view an option of Buy Now on the right side and click on it and view all the parcels available for purchasing right away. 

6. Select Parcel

So, here you choose the parcels out of the available ones and select the one you wish to buy. You can then see the description of that parcel and then select Buy now on the right side and complete the transaction. 

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But we suggest that if you want cheaper land, you can click ‘On Auction’ as here the seller is desperate to sell, so you may usually get it at a lower price. Try to place your bid in the last few minutes of the auction higher than the last bid to increase your chances of getting the land.  


Keep forwarding it to those you think need to know how to buy land in Somnium Space. Don’t forget to write down your queries in the comment section to answer them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Much Land Is In Somnium Space?

There are 5,026 purchasable land parcels on the Somnium Space map available in three different sizes.

Q. What Is Somnium Space?

Somnium Space is a world of virtual reality on the Ethereum blockchain. Here you can trade, buy land, explore, and do many enjoyable things.

Q. Is Somnium Space Centralized Or Decentralized?

Somnium Space is centralized as quick decisions must be made in a project of such size. However, they might add decentralized tools and features.

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