How To Buy Land In Decentraland? 4 Steps To Own Virtual Land!

When it is about buying land in the virtual world, one of the popular names that stricks our mind is Decentraland, for sure. Though it is a leading Metaverse, you might be thinking that buying land in Decentraland is quite difficult! Or, you are considering Decentraland is just for buying land? I am sure, there will be many questions in your mind. If yes, then keep reading the article till the end to know everything about how to buy land in Decentraland. 

If you are unaware, then let me tell you that Decentraland is not just for buying lands but a lot more. You can explore, play games or interact with others as well. Isn’t it exciting to buy land at such a place where you can enjoy and have fun? For many of us surely it is!

In the year 2017, the first land auction took place which is called the Terraform Event wherein the parcels of land were distributed to the community. Now the question is whether buying land in Decentraland is an investment or not?

You must be having a lot of questions popping in your head related to how to buy land in Decentraland. So, let’s start without wasting much of your time. 

How To Buy Land In Decentraland?

In official Decentraland Metaverse, one can purchase a piece of land only with MANA, but through OpenSea marketplace, you can purchase with Ethereum or MANA. For buying land one needs a coin and that coin is the MANA coin. One can buy the coin through major exchanges like Binance, Huobi. Ethereum blockchain has all the transactions as ownership proof so, it assures that no fraud or cheating takes place. If you want to buy or sell land in Decentraland, Metamask is required as a wallet.

To your surprise, there is no need of owning land in Decentraland if you just want to enjoy and visit Decentraland. But yes, if you want to invest, then you should buy land at Decentraland without a doubt. You can lend it to others and ultimately earn returns on this. In such a case, this would be an investment for you.

There are three steps for buying land in Decentraland and the fourth one is just a confirmation that the steps which you have followed are correct or not.

Now, it is time to begin with the purpose of the article which is, to let you know how to buy land in Decentraland. Here are the steps on how to buy land in Decentraland:

Step 1. Signing Up

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to sign up if you are a new user on the Decentraland Marketplace. After that, you can browse “Parcels and Estates” and click on “view all”.

Step 2. Selecting The Land

Now, you can just browse and select the best piece of land for yourself out of the options available. 

Once you have selected your preferred piece of land, it’s time to move forward and read the details of the land. It will show the price of the land in MANA that you have selected. Also, whether the land is available or not and the name of the owner will be visible here. Then you can click on buy to proceed further.

Step 3. Connecting The Wallet

After all the process of choosing your land, now it’s time to move further with the purchase of the land. For this, you need to make sure that your wallet is connected with the account and, of course, your wallet should have enough MANA or Ethereum to make the purchase. 

This is important because the land which you will be purchasing would go to the wallet as NFT (Non-Fungible Token).  

In case you don’t have a wallet, then just download it. You can download something like Metamask or Trust wallet.  

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Step 4. Confirming Land

Here you are on the last step of buying a land or a “Virtual Land” in Decentraland. You should confirm the land you have purchased on your wallet. If you are using Metamask wallet, then you can find it under the ‘NFTs’ tab and in the case of Trust wallet, you will find it as ‘collectibles’

With this, you will purchase land in the Decentraland! Isn’t it easy?

Now once you have purchased land and you are aware of how to buy land at Decentraland, you can further buy or sell your land to others and that will work as an investment for you.

Wrapping Up:

Buying land in Decentraland is completely your decision by taking in view the benefits and the risks involved with the same. Though it is risky to buy land, at the same time it has several benefits which cannot be ignored. 

So, we are suggesting that you should think and wisely make a decision of buying land in Decentraland or not. If you have made up your mind to buy then we hope that now you have got an answer on how to buy land in Decentraland and enjoyed reading the article.

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