How Do NFTs Work? A Guide For Beginners

The word metaverse is everywhere today. From ads on the Internet to YouTube, everything is flooded with metaverse. You might have observed whenever and wherever you see the word Metaverse, NFT is always associated with it. What are these NFTs, and How are NFTs building the internet of the future? How do NFTs work? Today will discuss everything about NFTs.

Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are regarded as the building blocks of the future internet. Web 2.0 suffers from some problems that NFTs overcome. NFTs are an important part of Web 3.0. Terra Nullius was the first-ever NFT minted on the Ethereum blockchain in August 2015. However, till 2021, NFTs were not popular among people. With the launch of CryptoPunks and Bored Apes, NFT marketplaces surged, and people became involved.

In this post, we will be looking deeply at how NFTs work. Different NFT marketplaces are available, and some top-selling NFTs. So, without wasting time, let’s start

What Are NFTs?

NFTs are the ownership certificates of unique items minted on the blockchain. NFTs can be anything like art, real estate, collectibles, etc. Each NFT has a single owner that is secured by the Ethereum blockchain. No one has access to modify or copy the record of ownership of an NFT.

The lives of digital artists changed from the launch of NFTs. They have new opportunities to sell their art or just to show their art to the world without any fear of losing it.

How Do NFTs Work?

NFTs are not ERC-20 tokens. NFTs can be assigned to someone, and the owner can also claim the ownership of an NFT. NFTs can be tracked using the Ethereum blockchain as a public ledger. An NFT can be minted from digital objects like


  1. Music
  2. Videos
  3. Collectibles
  4. GIFs

Real-World Assets

  1. Tokenized invoices
  2. Legal documents
  3. Deeds to a car
  4. Tickets to real-world events
  5. Signatures

How To Mint NFTs?

An NFT can have a single owner at a time. The ownership of an NFT can be managed through its unique ID and metadata. When someone creates and mint an NFT, they need to execute code stored in smart contracts that will conform to different standards like ERC-721. This information is stored in the blockchain where the NFT is being stored.

The minting process undergoes the following steps.

1. Creating A New Block

We know every NFT should be unique. You need to create new unique art that can be minted.

2. Validation Of Information

In this step, you need to verify your account on the blockchain and start the process of minting.

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3. Recording Information Into The Blockchain 

Once the process of minting is complete, then record the information into the blockchain.

Now your new NFT is ready for sale and show.

Special Properties Of NFTs:

  1. Each NFT is accompanied by a unique identifier linked directly to the Ethereum address of that NFT.
  2. NFTs live on Ethereum. They can be purchased or sold in any Ethereum based NFT marketplace.
  3. Each NFT has an owner whose identity can be easily verified.
  4. NFTs are not interchangeable with other tokens 1:1.

Benefits For NFT Creators

  1. Once you have minted your artwork as an NFT, you can easily prove you are the creator of this NFT.
  2. Being a creator, you can determine its scarcity.
  3. An NFT becomes your asset even after you sell it. You can earn royalties every time your NFT is sold.
  4. You can sell your NFT on any marketplace.
  5. You can decide whether to sell your NFT for a fixed price or bid for it.

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Benefits For NFT Owners

  1. You can prove your ownership easily.
  2. The proof of your ownership is the private key.
  3. No one can manipulate your NFT in any way.
  4. You can sell it on any marketplace.
  5. You can also keep it for yourself forever.

Where Are NFTs Used?

Here are the main uses of NFTs

  1. NFTs are useful in digital content creation to secure them on the internet.
  2. NFTs are used in gaming as In-game assets. 
  3. NFTs are used in Domain names
  4. NFTs are useful in investment and collateral
  5. NFTs can represent physical items in the virtual world.

Why Are NFTs The Future?

At this point, it should not be a tough question to answer. But we will answer this question using comparison. We will compare the internet without NFTs and the internet with NFTs.

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Internet Without NFTs:

  1. If you upload a file on the internet, it is the same as the original file.
  2. Ownership records of digital assets are uploaded on institution servers, and you have to take their word for not using it.
  3. If a company sells digital items, it must build its infrastructure.
  4. Creators have to sign and accept the terms and conditions of a company that mostly uses digital assets for their profit.
  5. No open market and secure market for creators.
  6. The company retains the majority of profit from the sales.

Internet With NFTs

  1. NFTs are digitally unique, and no one else can claim them.
  2. Every NFT has a single owner at a time, which can be easily verified.
  3. NFTs are compatible with anything built on the Ethereum blockchain.
  4. With NFTs, creators have a global marketplace where they can sell their artworks.
  5. They also get royalties on every resale of their NFT.
  6. You can earn huge profits from NFTs.

Top Selling NFTs

Here is a list of top-selling NFTs on the famous marketplace OpenSea.

RankName Floor Price
1Azuki11.44 ETH
4Karafuru3.29 ETH
5Bored Ape Yacht Club98 ETH
7Zipcy’s SuperNormal1.78 ETH
8Lives of Asuna0.6 ETH
9Mutant Ape Yacht Club20.55 ETH
10RaidParty Heros0.94 ETH

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Wrap Up

Our journey ends here. We hope this post helped you to understand NFTs and how NFTs work. We have discussed in detail NFT, how they work, the benefits, and the future of NFTs. NFTs have made the internet a secure place to put your work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are NFTs Cryptos?

Crypto is a digital currency that uses cryptography to secure transactions. This is a decentralized system to record transactions and issue new units.NFTs are unique tokens that can’t be replaced with something else. NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens that are available on the blockchain. NFTs represent real-world items like artwork and real estate.

Q2. How Are NFTs Stored On The Blockchain?

NFTs are stored in digital wallets. You have to mint an NFT before selling it. And if you want to purchase it or bid for it, you need a wallet to make the payment. In both cases, you have to pay the gas fees.

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