How Many TVs Can Watch YouTube TV At The Same Time?

Before you sign up for a specific streaming service, it is important that you know the streaming limits. Wouldn’t you feel bad that you can only watch content on just one or two devices at the same time? Yes, you will. This, in turn, can cause issues at your house. You obviously don’t want any issues at your home right. So, the question is how many TVs can watch YouTube TV?

It was in 2017 that we all got a new TV streaming product which Is YouTube TV. This is quite similar to other streaming services like Sling TV, and Hulu + live TV. But, you can say that YouTube TV is any day more appealing than streaming services because it has more new sports channels.

Today, there are many millions of subscribers to this amazing streaming service. But, people are looking forward to knowing how many TVs can watch YouTube TV. Well, the answer to this question is that you can stream up to three TVs at once on YouTube TV.

Well, this is not the end of the story. Well, you definitely don’t want to know just this, if you have come to look for the devices then you might as well want to know which TVs you can connect to, whether you can share content on YouTube TV or not, and many more. Don’t worry, all this information has been added below.

How Many TVs Can Watch YouTube TV At The Same Time?

How Many TVs Can Watch YouTube TV At The Same Time?

If you have subscribed to YouTube TV, and don’t know how many TVs can watch YouTube TV at once, then you need not worry, as we’ve got you covered. Well, you can stream content on a maximum of 3 devices. Yes, you read that right. YouTube allows a maximum of three users that can watch YouTube TV. You can watch both the recorded DVR content and the Live content as well. But, YouTube TV allows a family of 6 members to watch content from just one subscription.

Make sure that the accounts that you have will not have any impact on the total number of simultaneous streams. It does not matter the number of accounts that are linked to YouTube. It could be six accounts or just one single account. But, the moral of the story is, if you ask how many accounts can watch YouTube TV at the same time, then the answer will be 3 devices only, until and unless YouTube TV makes any further changes.

The number of devices on which you can stream together will have an overall impact on the entertainment experience which will ultimately impact the price and the channels.

If every person in your house wants to watch live shows, whenever they want to on the device that they feel like, then it could be that you may or may not like the streaming service helpful. It wholly depends on the sharing needs of the members.

How Many Users Can Watch YouTube TV?

How Many Users Can Watch YouTube TV?

One YouTube subscriber can at the same time stream on 3 devices. So, if you have 3 members in your family, then all three members can watch the YouTube TV live content on different devices at the same time. It doesn’t matter where you watch the content. Also, it is not necessary that the three devices are connected with the same wireless network. You can connect three different devices to any network that you want.

But where do you come from? The limitation takes place when you want to share the same subscription with other family members or with friends. Every time someone connects to your YouTube TV, the available streams decrease. Even just one account can be able to access channels from 3 different devices. If this is the case, then any new account that gets connected to YouTube TV will not be able to access any content.

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What Devices Can You Stream On YouTube TV?

What Devices Can You Stream On YouTube TV?

Anyone can stream YouTube TV. So, it won’t be a surprise for you, if we say that its device list includes web browsers, smart TVs, mobile devices, and game consoles. Here is the list of all the devices that you can currently stream on YouTube TV:

  1. HiSense TVs (models MSD6586, MTK5658, MTK 5659)
  2. PlayStation 4
  3. Amazon Fire TV devices
  4. Android TV
  5. Roku devices, iPhones, and iPad running iOS 11 or later
  6. Android devices
  7. One X consoles, Xbox One, One S
  8. Apple TV (4th generation) and Apple TV 4K
  9. Samsung smart TVs (2016 models or latest)
  10. Web browsers (Firefox, chrome)
  11. Vizio Smart Cast TVs.

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Can You Download YouTube TV Content To Many Devices?

Can You Download YouTube TV Content To Many Devices?

If your YouTube TV base plan is $64.99 per month, you will not be able to download the content to view them offline. You can only watch them if you have an internet connection. If you upgrade your YouTube base plan to 4K plus add base then you can download the YouTube TV content and watch them whenever you feel like it. The offline playback feature allows you to download DVR recordings with YouTube TV.

This comes in handy if you are traveling somewhere and do not have a stable internet connection. You can just download your favorite shows on your mobile and watch them anytime.

Is Account Sharing Allowed On YouTube TV?

How Many TVs Can Watch YouTube TV At The Same Time?

Now that we have answered your question about how many TVs can watch YouTube TV, Let’s take a look at other things. Yes, you can share your account with up to six family members without any extra cost. All you have to do is create a family group. Each member of the group will get a DVR, and they are allowed to set their viewing preferences. Other members will not be able to access the library or history.

If you create a family group, you become the family manager. You can choose whom you want to invite. But you need to make sure that the members should be 13 years or older than that and should live in the same country. The manager also has the ability to remove the members, and delete the group as well. You can even designate other members as parents which allows you to approve the Google play purchases, change the parental control, and many more.

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Wrapping up:

So, now you have got the answer to your question on how many TVs can watch YouTube TV, isn’t it? If you are wondering whether three streams are actually enough for your family or not, then you can sign up for the 7-day free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Watch YouTube TV On Mobile Devices?

If you want to watch YouTube TV on your mobile, then you can directly watch it on the web. You just need to add this YouTube TV URL. If you want a better YouTube viewing experience then you can download the latest version on Firefox or chrome.

Q. How Many Accounts Can You Have On YouTube TV?

Well, you can have many YouTube TV accounts that you want. You will need to have a different email address for each of the accounts.

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