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Give your Avatar a fashion upgrade in the H&M Metaverse store.

H&M has opened its first virtual clothing store in the CEEK Metaverse which delivers the best experience that the VR world has to offer. You can now give your avatars a fast-fashion upgrade with digital items from the H&M Metaverse store. All you have to do is walk fashionably with your digital avatar in the Metaverse and BAM! Pick an item and pay to meet the bougie needs of your classy Avatar.

Zara, Nike, and Adidas have already fast-forwarded to give their customers a new space in virtual reality. But Hey! H&M isn’t so far behind the line. By first organizing virtual fashion shows, H&M has now expanded to Metaverse platform CEEK. H&M stepped in to explore other ventures in the virtual world by opening a fashion store in the CEEK Metaverse.

In the CEEK City Metaverse, H&M has opened its first-ever clothing store where users can buy digital items to enhance their digital world standing. Here in this article, we have covered everything that we know about the H&M Metaverse clothing store and why you need to look forward to it.

What And Where Is H&M Metaverse Store?

h&m metaverse store
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Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M), the fast-fashion apparel store, has partnered with the CEEK to open a virtual store in the the CEEK City Metaverse.

H&M has joined the Metaverse trend by opening its first clothing store in the Metaverse. This global brand, comparatively later than other famous brands like Adidas or Nike, has finally opened up to the virtual world and embraced the future that’s going to be shaped digitally.

However, you’d be surprised to know that it isn’t the first time that H&M has opened up to such endeavors. Back in November 2021, H&M launched its first virtual fashion show on the Nintendo game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Since then, people were speculating about its entry into the virtual world, and now it is finally happening!  

If you’re a Metaverse enthusiast whose Avatar needs an upgrade fashionably, then jump to the H&M Metaverse store. The H&M virtual clothing store will be open to users in the CEEK City Metaverse, known for music concerts and partnerships with renowned music artists.

Users will be able to shop in the Metaverse just as they do in the physical clothing store. All you have to do is take a walk in the store, look at the item you want to buy, and bam! Buy it with $CEEK. You’ll be offered a real-time shopping experience in the CEEK City metaverse store of H&M where you can buy digital items for your digital world needs.

If you want to upgrade your Avatar or other digital items, then you can visit the H&M virtual store any time in the CEEK Universe. Moreover, people will also be able to buy these items in the physical H&M stores through CEEK coin. 

So what you’re waiting for! Head to the H&M store in CEEK and buy whatever you want. If you don’t know much about the CEEK Universe, then keep reading to find out what it is and how you can shop in the CEEK City H&M store.

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The CEEK City Metaverse 

ceek vr
Image Credits: Medium

CEEK is a VR content provider which provides various channels of VR experiences through its CEEK City Metaverse. CEEK City is an entertainment Metaverse connecting artists and content creators with other enthusiasts. 

CEEK VR aims to connect die-hard fans with music artists, content creators, and athletes. It’s an Ethereum powered platform that is active on more than ten platforms. T-Mobile, Universal Music, and Apple are the valuable partners of CEEK VR which reflect the great potential of this Metaverse platform.

CEEK provides an immersive experience to its users by providing services like theater, concert arena, sports complex, hangout lounge, etc on its platform. With the help of the CEEK token, one can make purchases, vote, etc in the CEEK ecosystem. 

Recently, CEEK opened its door for the first virtual clothing store on its platform by opening an H&M store in its Metaverse. This venture will obviously boost the ever-growing demand for CEEK coins as these are going to be applicable in physical H&M stores too. With this, CEEK will continue to expand which is good news for the CEEK Community and other investors.

On Dec 8, 2021, CEEK’s Twitter handle shared the first highlight of the H&M Metaverse store on its platform. This is what CEEK has to say about its recent collaboration with H&M – 

“Shopping in the metaverse with $CEEK Concept VR store presented to H&M by CEEK creates mainstream use cases for $CEEK + scaling Virtual reality beyond games”

CEEK is one of the Metaverse cryptos under $1. Here, check this out for more information. Top 10 Metaverse Cryptocurrencies With A Unit Price Of Under $1!

How To Shop In H&M Metaverse Store?

Wondering how to shop in the H&M Metaverse store? Here’s what you need to know! To shop in the virtual store of H&M, you’ll have to roll into the CEEK City Metaverse where the H&M store is located. In the Metaverse, you’ll make use of VR headsets to get the enhanced experience of shopping in the virtual space. 

CEEK VR has its patented VR headsets which are readily available in the stores. To get the real experience of the virtual world and shop virtually, you will need these headsets. After you’ve got your equipment ready, you’ll jump into the Metaverse to shop in your favorite H&M store.

Once you’re on the platform, you will be able to shop all your favorite outfits for your avatars with CEEK tokens. CEEK Token is the native currency of CEEK Metaverse with which you can shop and vote in the CEEK NFT Marketplace. To be a part of CEEK VR, you’ll need to have CEEK tokens with you and the same is the case while shopping at the CEEK H&M Metaverse store.

Now! If you don’t have CEEK, then you obviously won’t be able to shop in the H&M Metaverse. Hence, you need to have CEEK! If you don’t know how and where to get CEEK, then below we have mentioned where you can get them.

Where To Buy $CEEK For H&M Metaverse Store?

$CEEK is a cryptocurrency used in the CEEK platform just like $SAND and MANA. If you want to buy $CEEK to shop in the H&M Metaverse store, then you can buy the same at recognized cryptomarket exchanges for secure transactions.

To buy $CEEK, you can visit Cryptocurrency exchanges like Bitget, Gate.io, ZT, LBank, BKEX, etc. Currently, MEXC Global is the most active exchange to trade in $CEEK. 

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Wrapping Up

H&M has joined the Metaverse platform of CEEK where you can now buy in virtual space and get a real 3D experience. The world of Metaverse is wide, wide enough to accommodate all the fashion needs of our digital avatars. With the opening of the H&M Metaverse store, we can give a fashionable upgrade to our avatars in the CEEK platform. Cool, isn’t it?

However, nothing is possible without CEEK tokens. If you want to shop in the virtual clothing store of H&M then, you’ll have to do that with CEEK tokens. Without CEEK, you won’t be able to buy anything in the Metaverse as CEEK stands to be the native currency of the platform.

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