HidrateSpark 3 VS Pro | What’s The Difference Between The Two

You must have heard of Apple’s smart water bottles and looking forward to buying one. However, due to several variants of the product, it might be confusing for you to decide which one to buy, HidrateSpark 3 or HidrateSpark Pro? It is necessary that you compare the products before you get yourself one. 

Apple has started developing technology that is related to health. After the Apple Fitbit, it is now time for a smart water bottle. Yes, we are talking about HidrateSpark smart water bottles that Apple has recently launched and are available online as well as in its stores. 

As for HidrateSpark 3 vs Pro, both will cost you the same, yet the features are different and we all know that a Pro is always a PRO. So, it can be expected that HidrateSpark Pro overtakes HidrateSpark 3. But, we cannot come to a conclusion on just this unless we know about all the features and specifications of both the variants of HidrateSpark. 

Let us find out who wins the battle in HidrateSpark 3 vs Pro. we will discuss both the products in detail so that you can decide wisely which one to buy for yourself. 

HidrateSpark 3

The HidrateSpark 3 smart water bottle comes in three colors – white, black, and yellow. The water bottle is made to remind you whenever it’s time to drink water. It tracks your water consumption throughout the day and informs you if you are low on water consumption by the day ends. 

Here are the main features of the HidrateSpark 3 smart water bottle. 

  1. It is made from food-safe Tritan and Polypropylene plastic materials which are BPA-free. 
  2. It has a soft grip, easy to handle. 
  3. The bottle glows to remind you that you have to drink water. 
  4. It has a battery and comes with a charging cable. 
  5. It has a smart LED sensor puck that tracks your daily water intake. 
  6. It syncs with the HidrateSpark app where you can make necessary customizations. 

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HidrateSpark Pro

The HidrateSpark Pro smart water bottle is an improved variant of HidrateSpark 3. In this, you get a little more capacity, better material, and lighter weight. Here are some important features of the HidrateSpark Pro smart water bottle. 

  1. It is lightweight.
  2. Made from shatter-resistant as well as odor-resistant Tritan plastic. 
  3. You can customize its pattern as well as color. 
  4. An insulated water bottle that keeps water hot or cold for about 24 hours.

HidrateSpark 3 vs HidrateSpark Pro

Here is the comparison chart that will give you a clearer idea of which one is better for you, HidrateSpark 3 or HidrateSpark Pro. 

Price – $59.95Price – $59.95
Capacity – 592 mlCapacity – 681 ml
Colors – Black, White, YellowColors – Green, Black
Warranty – 100 DaysWarranty – 100 Days
OS Requirements – iOS 13 or later; WatchOS 4.3 or laterOS Requirements – iOS 12.3 or later; WatchOS 4.3 or later
Material – Tritan and Polypropylene plasticMaterial – Tritan plastic sea glass

The important features that you will find in HidrateSpark Pro but not in HidrateSpark 3 are:

  1. HidrateSpark Pro is made from odor-resistant and shatter-resistant Tritan plastic.
  2. The HidrateSpark Pro bottle comes with a straw lid as well as a carry loop. 
  3. HidrateSpark Pro is lightweight as compared to HidrateSpark 3. 
  4. HidrateSpark Pro has stainless steel and is well insulated which helps keep water cold or hot for up to 24 hours. 

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Wrapping Up

Now you know about both the variants of HidrateSpark smart water bottles and you know better which one is more suitable for you to purchase. Get one for you as well as each of your family members to keep all of you fit and healthy by drinking water regularly.

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