12+ Hidden Spotify Features That You Should Know About!!

“Music For Every Mood”, that’s what the tagline for Spotify says. What are you listening to right now on your Spotify? I love creating collaborative playlists with my friends on Spotify. Wait, you didn’t know about this feature that you can have collaborative playlists? Alright, it’s completely fine. I also came to know about this feature a few months back. Apart from this, there are so many other hidden Spotify features that we all didn’t know existed.

Like a recent feature enabled by Spotify that features lyrics for your played songs just like Apple Music. Isn’t it great? It’s been 14 years now since this fabulous app was launched and has been providing the best content to its users till now. The timely updates and additions in the app make it more user-friendly and reliable. Yes, I know that you are eagerly waiting to know what else are the hidden Spotify features that you should have known earlier. So let’s end your wait here and take you straight to the list of hidden features on Spotify.

I am sure you all are going to get amazed by knowing these best-hidden Spotify features that were so simple but we never noticed them carefully.  Whether it’s listening to your favorite audiobook or recovering your favorite playlist that you deleted by mistake, everything is possible now with these amazing hidden Spotify features that are revealed right here in this post.

I was really happy when I discovered these hidden Spotify features. I cross-checked using these features and loved the experience. Then I thought of sharing these features with you all to have a good time using Spotify.

12+ Hidden Spotify Features

I’ll be sharing 12+ amazing hidden Spotify features down here. Be ready to explore the unexplored facts. Let’s get you a better experience with one of the best music streaming networks, Spotify.

Podcasts(And Audiobooks)

Hidden Spotify Features ; Podcasts(And Audiobooks)
Source: Sidify

Were you aware that Spotify supports podcasts? If not, then welcome to the club. Even I was unaware of this feature and was so happy to find out this one.

You simply have to search for any favorite or random podcast, choose the episode you want to listen to, and there you go. Isn’t it so amazing? Not only this, you can now save your podcasts for listening to them later in the offline list.

If you don’t want to spend money on any of the audiobook apps, then Spotify is giving you a free solution for this too. You can now access some of the best audiobooks inside Spotify and can listen to them anytime, anywhere.

Music and books!! What else you need as your traveling partners. Enjoy this hidden Spotify feature and happy traveling.

Enable Privacy Mode

Hidden Spotify Features ; Enable Privacy Mode
Source: wikiHow

Many people love to keep their playlists private. If you are one among them, then this hidden Spotify feature is perfect for you. Use the Spotify Incognito Mode. Yes, you heard it right. Now Spotify too can be used with its pre-installed Incognito mode.

Follow these steps to activate this mode:

  1. On the right top corner, you have to click the icon on Spotify.
  2. There you will find an option for a private session.
  3. If you see any padlock in that privacy section, then your Privacy mode is active.
  4. If you want to end the privacy mode, you just simply have to unselect that mode.

Improve Music Quality

Hidden Spotify Features ; Improve Music Quality
Source: wikiHow

I was completely new to this feature. I thought that the sound quality was already set and can’t be changed. But then I found out that Spotify actually gives you an option to improve the quality of sounds you get to hear on Spotify.

Follow these simple steps to get the highest sound quality while streaming to your favorite playlists:

  1. Go to preferences on Spotify.
  2. You will find the music quality section there.
  3. Select the highest-quality streaming to activate the setting.

Wasn’t it so simple? But we were unaware of this fact. Now that we know about this feature, enjoy the uninterrupted sound quality. Use good quality earphones for a much smoother experience.

Check Out For a New Band The Easiest Way

Hidden Spotify Features; Check Out For a New Band The Easiest Way
Source: TechCrunch

Searching for a new band? But can’t figure out where to start from? Relax!! Here is another one of the best hidden Spotify features that will help you find any new band the easiest way possible. From loads of albums, it becomes harder to find your favorite artist’s album sometimes.

Now you can easily search for any band with Spotify’s amazing feature known as “This is (insert band name)”. This allows you to find the best of any artist or band.

It’s so easy to find any artist’s most listened-to tracks just one click away. “This is(insert band/artist)”, is a really cool feature that you should try.

Recover the Deleted Playlists

Hidden Spotify Features; Recover the deleted playlist
Source: Technipages

Surprised? Well, this feature surprised me too. Once when I deleted one of my favorite playlists by mistake and was so upset that I couldn’t recover it again, then one of my friends told me about this feature. I was literally jumping after recovering that playlist.

If you also deleted any of your playlists on Spotify, accidentally, then don’t worry. Follow these simple steps to get it back:

  1. Go to the account page setting option.
  2. There you will find this hidden feature, recover the playlists. Click on it.
  3. A restore option will show on the screen. Choose the playlist you wish to restore and tap ok.
  4. Go back and check your playlists. You’ll find it back in place.

Track Your Listening Metrics With Last. FM

Hidden Spotify Features; Track Your Listening Metrics With Last. FM
Source: G-Nitro

Now you can get data metrics about your listening habits. Now you don’t have to keep waiting for annual year reviews about tracked data for your streaming. You can simply create a last. FM account and get it linked with your Spotify.

This will provide you all the statistics and data usage activity for your Spotify streaming habits.

Trusted Algorithm

Hidden Spotify Features; Trusted Algorithm
Source: What Hi-Fi?

This feature is somehow the same as the fourth one mentioned above. If you want to find any new artists or bands on Spotify, then you get two main options: Release Radar and Discover Weekly. The Spotify algorithm is so neat and smart that it arranges new music recommendations based on your listening habits from time to time in both categories.

You can check weekly or every few days and discover new music recommendations. From a hosh-posh of albums and so many artists lined up online, Spotify makes it easy for you to research. This feature and the “This is (insert band/artist)” feature, both are really helpful features by Spotify.

Make Folders for Your Playlists

Hidden Spotify Features; Make Folders for Your Playlists
Source: Beebom

If you love everything organized and sorted then you will love this feature on Spotify. You can create folders for your playlists. You can create as many playlist folders for a variety of playlists. I know, you might not feel so amazed knowing this feature but some users love to sort their playlists. And for them, it’s a quite helpful feature.

Learn How to create a folder for your playlist, following these simple steps:

  1. Choose the file.
  2. On the left, a text bar will appear.
  3. Enter the folder name there and press ok.
  4. Now you can drop any song into this folder and can have a separate folder for your playlists. 

Reduce Your Data Usage

Hidden Spotify Features; Reduce Your Data Usage
Source: Tech advisor

Running out of data really sucks! Here we have a wonderful feature that will limit your data usage while using Spotify. This can be done by reducing your streaming quality on Spotify. 

For this follow these steps and save the data usage:

  1. Open your settings on Spotify. 
  2. Select the streaming quality from there. 
  3. Turn the streaming quality setting to automatic. 
  4. Turn the download quality from extreme to normal. 
  5. Also, turn off the download using a cellular data setting. 

Make Collaborative Playlists With Your Friends and Family

Hidden Spotify Features; Make Collaborative Playlists With Your Friends and Family
Source: RouteNote

It’s super easy to make collaborative playlists with your friends and family sharing your personal favorites, All you need to do is:

  1. Go to the playlist option. 
  2. Create a fresh playlist. 
  3. Click on the hamburger icon appearing at the top right corner. 
  4. Now select make collaborative. 
  5. Choose the people you want to add to the playlist and let them share their songs with you through this playlist. 

I love this feature, as I along with my friends collectively made a banging playlist for our farewell party. You can also use this feature to create wedding playlists, and much more. 

Import Your Own MP3 Files Into Spotify

Hidden Spotify Features; Import Your Own MP3 Files Into Spotify
Source: Sidify

Did you know that you can import MP3 Files into Spotify? Yes, you can easily import an MP3 file until and unless it’s not DRM protected. Follow these simple steps to import the files:

  1. Go to Spotify
  2. Open the preferences.
  3. Get down to the local files option.
  4. Now click on add a source option.
  5. You can now add any file of your choice. Click Ok.
  6. The chosen file will get added to your Spotify under local files.

Use Search Modifiers To Wipe Out The Bad Decades

Hidden Spotify Features; Use Search Modifiers To Wipe Out The Bad Decades
Source: Yahoo Finance

Although Apple users can easily access Apple music, the individual music streaming service for iPhone users. Now, what does this feature do? This feature helps you skip out the years you don’t want to find the songs for.

Confusing? Ok, let me make it simple for you. Suppose you are searching for some artist. But you don’t want the playlist covering his mid 90’s as they were not that great. But when you search, a mixed list appears. What you can do using this feature is simply type, such as “Justin Bieber not year (2010)”. 

Now a list of Justin Bieber songs will appear except for his songs from the year 2010. Simple, right? 

Just Like Apple Music, Spotify Now Features Lyrics for Songs

Hidden Spotify Features; Just Like Apple Music, Spotify Now Features Lyrics for Songs
Source: TNW

You can now search for the lyrics inside the Spotify app using your android and iOS devices. This new feature was launched on October 6, 2020, by Spotify. 

I know, Apple users were enjoying this same feature for years. And it’s so nice to see this feature on Spotify too. To search for the lyrics you just have to:

  1. Go to the Spotify App.
  2. Type the lyrics of any song you want to search.
  3. Spotify will pick up those lyrics and will show you the full lyrics of that song.

Integration With Siri

Hidden Spotify Features; Integration With Siri
Source: iOS Gadget Hacks

One of the few music streaming apps and services that supports Siri, is Spotify. Now you can have your own voice assistant to play your favorite tracks on Spotify. You simply have to say, Hey, Siri play the “XYZ” song by “XYZ”, an artist on Spotify, and enjoys the song.

This feature can be used by all iPhone users. Although you can’t enable this feature for your Apple watches or Mac, if you have an iPhone, you are all set to use this feature.

Frequently Asked Question Regarding Spotify’s Features:

What is the hidden content on Spotify?

Spotify users can now hide their tracks on playlists and keep them private to themselves only.

Can you tell if someone searches you on Spotify?

No, not really. Spotify is not a social networking site to keep a track of your people who searched for you. This feature is not supported by Spotify.

Does Spotify private session affect recommendations?

Private sessions allow Spotify users to enjoy a variety of songs discreetly. No, the private session won’t affect the music recommendations. You will keep getting new song suggestions even if you have activated the private mode on Spotify. 

Does Spotify notify when you like a playlist? 

No, it does not. When any user likes a song that you have created a playlist of, you will not be notified about that. 


There are so many features every Spotify user wishes to add on Spotify like custom visualizations that go well with our songs and tunes. Also, there are so many features that already exist and we were unaware of. Hope so now you are aware of at least 12+ hidden Spotify features that you didn’t know about before. Apart from this, Spotify is the most liked music streaming app that excels with every passing day. 

The market is full of choices when it comes to music streaming apps. Like Apple Music, YouTube Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, Saavan, Spotify Gaana, and many others. Spotify is trying to come up with the best services to keep its users entertained from time to time. Providing a vast library of music Spotify turns out to be one of the best music streaming services. And don’t forget to thank us in the comment section below for bringing up these Spotify secret features to you(just saying)!! 

Featured Image Credits: Songstats

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