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Half-life has been there for a long time. There are a lot of mods available for the half-life to enjoy different scenes and ways of playing the game. In this post, we will cover the best 10 half-life Alyx mods.

The community developers of Half-life create half-life Alyx mods. They bring more life to the game. You can search for them on the Stream and download the one you like. Enjoy new weapons, power, and stages of the game.

We have created a list of the best 11 mods of half-life Alyx mods. We have provided a brief description to understand each mod before downloading it. So, without wasting time, let’s start.

Half-Life Alyx Mods

Here are the best 11 half-life mods that you can try out.

Glorious Gloves

This is a handly half-life Alyx mod. It turns the Russells into gravity gloves. This brings the Zero-point energy field to your Alyx grasp.

Once added, you can smash objects at your victim, aiming at him. With this mod, large objects float in front of you.

Recurve Bow – Campaign Addon

This mod is a bow that you need to learn how to aim. Once your timing is perfect, it results in a brutal hit. It kills in one hit or makes panicked retakes. You can stow it in your wrist slots once it is grasped in either hand.


This is an excited Half-Life Alyx Mod. This mod turns you into a cell of a prison whose cells malfunctioned, letting you escape from the jail. This is exciting to play this mod. You have to leave this occupied area successfully.

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Brewery Break-In

This mod allows players to play with secrets. It is quite interesting to play. It’s a great mod that allows players to comb through a meticulously crafted player and uncover its secrets.

Brewery Break-In puts players in the shoes of a young Alyx as she’s forced into an area without her weapons. Armed only with a flashlight for the initial stretch of this level, Alyx must be wary and brave the dangers of this hostile area.


It is a mod with a map. This map contains Combine-infested city 17. It can take you about 45 minutes to complete the whole map. The journey is quite full of surprises. You can enjoy emeny encounters and puzzles down the road.

Auto Pickup

This is a great mod for players. Instead of worrying about the ammo on your shoulder, this mod automatically does the work for you.

Belomorskaya Station

This is one of the best and dark half-life Alyx mods. You are in a dim room where you will hardly see any light. Fighting zombies in the dark is the best part of this game. It will take nearly 20 minutes to complete the mod. 

Gordon’s Crowbar

half life alyx mods

You know you want this. It adds a heavy, two-handed crowbar to the campaign. It can be used for melee attacks, prop-breaking, and starting insurrections against a powerful alien hierarchy that slowly consumes all life. It is very hard to play the game with it, but it looks so good in your hands.

Energetic Hands

These are like power hands. This mod gives you power for energetic blasts and fire from the beginning. You can pull grenades with just a tilt. You can see through an energy blast by throwing your energy out.

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Sustenance Mod

We can say a mod for foody players. Substance mod allows you to get back to health. You can eat all over the city. You will be offered dinner as a guest. You need to eat good food to regain your health. If you eat rotten food, you will be badly affected.

BLOPS17: Emergent

This is another zombie mod. In this mod, you have to keep the zombies blocked all over the night to see the new sunrise. The space is smaller, doing the work difficult.

Wrapping Up

Here we conclude our post on half-life Alyx mods. There are more mods available that you can also try out. Once you are addicted to using mods, then it continues. You will start going from one mod to another. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Enable Half-Life Alyx Mods?

To enable mods, click on the ‘Add-Ons’ option in the Alyx main menu. Here, you can turn on and off mods that add new elements, alter the main campaign, or simply turn on any custom maps.

Q2. Do People Still Make Half-Life Mods?

Fans continue to wait for Valve to make any sort of announcement, and Half-Life’s future remains bright. Although a third official game remains unlikely, long-time fans and modders still devote their time, money, and energy to see their fruits of labor come to fruition.

Q3. How Do I Make My Half-Life Alyx Run Better?

Here is how to make the half-life Alyx run smooth on the system.

  1. Disable Steam VR’s “motion smoothing.”
  2. Set the headset’s refresh rate to 80Hz or 90Hz instead of 120Hz. …
  3. Set Steam VR’s render resolution to 100%.

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