12 Amazing Gender Swap Apps | Swap Him To Her!!

Look! Who’s that cute little princess with ribbons and bows? Oh, that’s you, my little brother!! LOL!! Aren’t these gender swap apps so much fun? Yeah, they sure are!! It can even make the most beautiful girl look like a bald old man and it’s reverse too!! You can also have fun swapping the genders with your friends using these amazing gender swap apps!!

Camera apps are not just meant for cool stickers, crazy filters, music, and editing!! Sometimes, these apps can take the fun a step higher by morphing and enhancing your facial features!! So whether you wish to look like a baby or a grown-up man, everything is possible with these cool gender swap apps!!

All these are top-notch gender swap apps that can be used by both android and iPhone users!! These filters are super fun to try!! One of the most popular gender-swapping apps on the list is Snapchat!! We all are pretty much aware of the amazing features offered by Snapchat, like the Attractiveness Scale Filter!!

Turn your partner into your cute girlfriend, turn your son into a ponytail daughter, your sister into a zombie, and much more!! Sounds fun, no? What are you waiting for? Go try these filters now!!

Best Gender Swap Apps For Android And iPhone Users!!

While you eagerly wait to try these gender swap apps to have fun with your friends and family, let’s not make you wait for long! Here are the top picks of gender-changing apps for both android and iOS users! Have fun!!

1. Magic Face

Magic Face
Image Credits: Google Play

Magic Face is among the most amazing gender swap applications. In addition to changing genders Magic Face can reveal more astonishing information concerning your facial features. Just take a photo and let the application perform the task.

Magic Face is truly an amazing online editor for gender swaps. It can predict users’ faces as they grow older. Additionally, you can determine what the future baby’s face will appear in a flash.

With the Expression Change feature on Magic Face, it is possible to make a smile or grimace to your photo. While at the same time, Young Camera will bring users back to their youthful years within a matter of minutes.

Additionally, the app has a Past Life feature. You might have been an Italian opera singer or princess. Find out the answer using the answer. Apart from that, there are many fun functions such as Celeb Gene, and Ghost Makeup.

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2. Reface Gender Swap App

Image Credits: appadvice.com

Are you looking for a gender swap app for famous people? Try giving Reface the chance. It functions as an online GIF as well as a meme creator. With the help of this application, you are able to swap your appearance to any celeb.

In the year 2020, Reface became the best app for having enjoyment. In addition, it offers a variety of photos video clips, GIFs along with daily updates.

You can choose a photo of your favorite singer, actor, or even a persona of your choice to swap faces with. The app lets users experience authentic face swap GIFs and videos while on the move because of its high-tech.

A lot of people enjoy Reface as a great meme maker. Anyone can create animated images in only a few steps, before sharing them with their friends.

3. FaceApp

Image Credits: informatiquemania.com

Faceapp is among the best apps that allow you to exchange faces. This app for editing photos is worth a try. It has a variety of amazing effects.

Through the application, users can find out how would they look when they are older. You can also change your gender.

FaceApp is extremely user-friendly. First, snap a photo. Next, press one of the buttons on your screen’s bottom.

Contrary to other gender swap applications result in instant apparent. They appear realistic too.

The creators of the app said that they employ artificial intelligence to alter photos. Before imposing the effects on the image it will be analyzed by the system. the picture.

In essence, FaceApp is a photo editor that allows users to alter their photos. Once you’ve seen the hilarious results, you can share them on your social networks.

4. Snapchat

Image Credits: pocketlint.com

Snapchat offers a unique and wildly popular filter that lets users appear exactly like those that are from the opposite gender.

It instantly transforms a woman’s appearance more masculine when stubble is added and the reverse is true.

Utilizing the gender-swapping Snapchat filter is certainly an easy task. Simply look for the “Make an image” option first. Find the icons at the bottom of it.

Then, choose the mask. There are two masks. One with eyelashes, and one with bristles.

After selecting the masks, aim your camera towards Snapchat’s frames to create the face. Then, take a picture and share the picture with your friends on the internet.

The problem is that this feature in Snapchat can only be used only in Live mode. This means that you can’t upload photos to your Instagram gallery.

But, users can snap a photo of any user using the camera on their back and upload it to the application.

5. Face Story – Gender Swap, Age, And Sketch Voila

Face Story
Image Credits: iphoneapp.com

With this male-to-female photo changer program, it is possible to create stunning virtual manipulations quickly.

It also offers a variety of impressive features like Face Aging, Gender Swap, Cartoon, Horoscope, Baby Face, Celeb Lookalike as well as Artistic & Sketch Effect.

Simply upload a photo to Face Story and choose Gender Swap. Within a matter of minutes, you could transform a man or woman into the other gender. You needn’t worry, you’ll not appear humanoid when you download the application.

Its Gender Swap filter is quite quick, which means it is not necessary to wait around for long. But, users need to purchase a subscription to enjoy all the features available on Face Story.

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6. Face Changer Photo Booth

Face Changer Photo Booth
Image Credits: chipapk.com

This app allows gender swaps and offers a simple user interface. It is also simple to use. There are a lot of possibilities to make your pictures funnier.

Through this app, you can change your appearance with animals, your favorite celebrities, or even your friends. This will surely produce funny pictures. Gatherings have never been more entertaining.

You can choose to upload pictures via the device or snap photos of yourself and another with who you can swap pictures.

In addition to the face changer feature, The app also lets users test other amazing filters. Save hilarious photos to the gallery, or post them on any social network.

7. Face Swap Booth – Face Changer

Face Swap Booth
Image Credits: appsliced.com

This is among the most amazing gender-swapping apps. It is available for iPhone as well as Android users can download Face Swap Booth on their phones.

With its sophisticated editing tools, the program can blend images perfectly. Face Swap Booth does not have a specific application to switch genders in pictures. It blends faces of different genders.

Furthermore, the users are able to save edited images and later use them. Users are able to swap faces across many images. Another alternative is to superimpose your face on any image.

The app also allows users to alter only their mouths or eyes. The possibilities are endless.

8. Instagram

Image Credits: iphonetricks.org

Many people are aware that Instagram is a hugely well-known social network. However, many are unaware that Instagram is packed with interesting filters for gender-swapping and masks.

It’s all you need to do is find the section for the story. Then, tap on the masks on the lower portion of the screen. Then, you can search using the name of the mask or the developer’s name.

If you’re searching for a costume to change your gender simply type in the word. Instagram is sure to provide some cool options. Users can create reels or snap selfies using the masks.

Experimenting with certain Instagram effects yourself is simple. Record your video by pressing the white button that is large on the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

9. TikTok

Image Credits: gamerevolution.com

The app for gender swaps gains immense popularity. It’s not a surprise since TikTok offers a range of unique effects, masks, and filters. Users can change their gender.

The first step is to head to the section for filming. Then, choose “masks” then TikTok will display them as well as all the filters.

TikTok gender swap filters are certainly a blast to utilize. After you have put any mask on your face it is possible to create an online video, and then add music or sound to it.

The editing tools integrated into the system assist users in their jobs significantly simpler. Users can then share the video with family and friends through the application. If you share the video on Tiktok the application will surely promote it.

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10. Face Lab: Gender Changer

Face Lab
Image Credits: 5droid.com

This application for editing your face can help to transform your appearance into a man or woman with its beautiful beautifying tools.

The users can also create wrinkles, making them look taller or more beautiful and also reducing their age.

This application can make your photos look more appealing by giving them visual enhancements. Additionally, it allows gender-bending. it lets users have hairless heads.

11. Face Changer Gender Transformation App

Face Changer Gender Transformation Apps
Image Credits: apps.com

Through this app lets, you experience the look of an older man or woman with the help of the face aging booth. Upload photos from your camera or the gallery. Wait for outcomes.

Apart from changing the appearance from old to young, The application can also change your gender. There are a variety of amazing filters and stickers available in addition.

The face changer gender transformation apps enable you to apply makeup to your photo in a matter of minutes. Users can also apply makeup, eyelashes, masks glasses, hats, and a hat.

Additionally, the software can make your face appear thin or fat. Additionally, you can apply different emotions like sadness, tiredness, happiness, or even angry.

12. Face Changer Photo Gender Editor

Face Changer Photo Gender Editor
Image Credits: a2zapk.com

Another great application that lets you swap genders. The face gender changer photo editor could make you appear older or ugly, creepy or even younger.

The users are also transformed into those who belong to the opposite gender!!

The app can make any photo or selfie instantly due to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Apart from letting users discover their new futures, the application will bring smiles to their faces.

It is no doubt that this app does an amazing job of transforming genders. In addition, it lets you grow your beard or change your hairstyle practical

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Wrapping Up:

So these were the top-notch gender swap apps that should try!! Many feel people have this fascination to see how would they look if they were of the opposite gender.

Well, with the help of these amazing gender-changing apps you can easily find out this. Also, you can tease your friends and siblings by clicking their funny pictures using the swapping filter.

Stay tuned for more fun posts. Until then Happy Swapping!!

Frequently Asked Questions Related to the Gender Swap Apps:

Q. Do Instagram And Facebook Have Gender Swap Options?

At the moment Facebook don’t offer gender swap filters to their users,But instagram do. For Facebook, if you want to post a gender swap photo on that social media you have to take a photo with another app.

Q. Is There Any Better Alternative To Snapchat’s Gender Swap Filters?

FaceApp is a strong alternative to the newly added gender swap effects on Snapchat because it offers more gender swap filters and it makes sharing the images on Facebook or Instagram much easier.

Featured Image Credits: apkpure.com

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