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You must be using the Telegram application to download movies for free. But, do you know that you can use the telegram application to get free NFTs. Shocked?? So was I when I first came across these Best Free NFT Telegram Channels bots that will provide you the free NFTs via Airdrop.

Well, we don’t want to keep the secret of getting the valuable and rare NFTs for free to ourselves. So, we decided to do more research on the topic and finally came up with the list of the Best Telegram Channels for Free NFTs. These channel bots drop the free NFTs via the Airdrop method in the wallet of their users.

We know you might be thinking that we are joking. But, we aren’t my friends. We have found the 40 Best NFT Telegram channels that will provide you with the NFTs and that too free of cost. So, what are you waiting for? Christmas? Join these Telegram Channels ASAP. 

Free NFT Telegram Channels With Subscribers Over 200K

Do you know what “Airdrop” is in NFT? Well, if not then let us tell you that it is a way via which the companies say thank you to their users by dropping free NFTs and Cryptos in their digital wallets.

Well, we are telling you this because the NFT Telegram channels to get free NFTs mentioned below use the Airdrop method to provide free NFTs to its members. So, let’s not waste more time talking and start with the first free NFT Telegram channel.

1. Airdrop Ninja

Username: @airdropo

The first channel on the list of the free NFT Telegram channels bot is Airdrop Ninja. The channel has got a total of 1,099,053 subscribed members. We think the number of channel members is enough to tell the popularity and the authenticity of the NFT telegram channel. Well, we have got some other stats for you as well. It has an average post reach of 1318864 and has got an 83 percent growth rate. If you are looking for the rating Index then it is -1.0.

2. Airdrop Detective

Username: @airdropdetective

Coming to the next NFT telegram channel, we have Airdrop Detective. Let us start the explanation of the channel with the line that the developers of the channels used to describe themselves. 

“We, “Airdrop Detective Team,” are experts in crypto, especially in airdrop & bounty.”

The user’s reviews have said that the Airdrops by the Telegram channels are valuable, New, and Verified. The channel has got a total of 1,037,910 members in all with a growth rate of 60 percent.

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3. Airdrop LTD

Username: @CryptoAirdropLTD

Airdrop LTD is another channel in the list of the Free NFT channels on Telegram. The channel bot is said to Airdrop the free NFTs daily. Yes, you heard it correctly. The channel has got a total of 233,640 members in all and the average post reach of the channel is 280368.

4. ICO Listing News

Username: @icolistingnews

ICO Listing News is a popular and relatively new NFT Telegram channel to get free NFTs. it has got a total of 214.894 subscribed members on the channel with a growth rate of -6 percent. The channel has got an average post reach of 257,873 people.

5. Trusted Airdrops

Username: @TrustedAirdropsss

The next telegram channel on the list of the Free NFT Telegram channel is Trusted Airdrops. The investors are using this channel to promote new projects, bounty giveaways, and Airdrops. The channel majorly focuses on the latest news in the NFT world. 

It has got a total of 209,194 members on the channel with a channel growth rate of 96 percent. That is quite impressive.

NFT Channels On Telegram To Get Free NFT Airdrops

6. Airdrop Masters

Username: @AirdropMastersss 

Channel Members: 110,780

Average Post Reach: 132,936

Channel Growth Rate: 5 Percent

7. Latest Airdrop

Username: @officiallatestairdrop

Channel Members: 95,283

Average Post Reach: 114,340

Channel Growth Rate: -27 Percent

8. Airdrops.IO

Username: @airdrops_io

Channel Members: 61,964

Average Post Reach: 74,357

Channel Growth Rate: -5 Percent

9. Airdrop Center

Username: @CentralChanel

Channel Members: 61,060

Average Post Reach: 73,272

Channel Growth Rate: -27 Percent

10. Airdrop Hour

Username: @AirdropHour

Channel Members: 60,172

Average Post Reach: 72,206

Channel Growth Rate: -11 Percent

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11. Bigtricks.In |Shopping

Username: @bigtricksin

Channel Members: 39,797

Average Post Reach: 47,756

Channel Growth Rate: 0 Percent

12. Airdrop Update | DETEC


Channel Members: 33,161

Average Post Reach: 39,793

Channel Growth Rate: 2010 Percent

13. AirdropAlert_Com

Username: @OFFICIALairdropalert

Channel Members: 30,170

Average Post Reach: 36,207

Channel Growth Rate: -1 Percent

14. Airdrex

Username: @airdrex

Channel Members: 25,413

Average Post Reach: 30,496

Channel Growth Rate: 0 Percent

15. Best ICO Kerolos

Username: @bestico

Channel Members: 18,307

Average Post Reach: 21,968

Channel Growth Rate: -7 Percent

16. Airdrop Bull

Username: @airdropbulll

Channel Members: 13,763

Average Post Reach: 16,516

Channel Growth Rate: -13 Percent

17. Airdrop Bee

Username: @AirdropBie

Channel Members: 12,420

Average Post Reach: 14,904

Channel Growth Rate: 0 Percent

18. Airdrops

Username: @Airdrops

Channel Members: 10,606

Average Post Reach: 12,727

Channel Growth Rate: 18 Percent

19. Airdrop~Booster

Username: @moneybooster12

Channel Members: 9384

Average Post Reach: 11261

Channel Growth Rate: -29 Percent

20. Legit Airdrops

Username: @legitairdropsh  

Channel Members: 8,728

Average Post Reach: 10,474

Channel Growth Rate: -57 Percent

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21. Airdrop Sultan

Username: @airdroplinkb

Channel Members: 8,585

Average Post Reach: 10302

Channel Growth Rate: -52 Percent

22. Airdrops Info

Username: @crypdrops

Channel Members: 8,165

Average Post Reach: 9,798

Channel Growth Rate: -15 Percent

23. Trusted Airdrops

Username: @trusty_airdrops

Channel Members: 7,656

Average Post Reach: 9,187

Channel Growth Rate: -9 Percent

24. Airdrop Official 

Username: @airdropofficial7

Channel Members: 6,427

Average Post Reach: 7,712

Channel Growth Rate: 17 Percent

25. Official Airdrops

Username: @dreamsicobot

Channel Members: 5,905

Average Post Reach: 7,086

Channel Growth Rate: 0 Percent

26. Airdrop World

Username: @airdropofficial7

Channel Members: 6,427

Average Post Reach: 7,712

Channel Growth Rate: 17 Percent

27. StableUSD Alerts

Username: @USDSAlerts

Channel Members: 2,694

Average Post Reach: 3,233

Channel Growth Rate: 0 Percent

28. Gift.One

Username: @GiftONEOfficialChannel

Channel Members: 2,534

Average Post Reach: 3,401

Channel Growth Rate: -14 Percent

29. Dappcents Token

Username: @dappcentreofficial

Channel Members: 2,489

Average Post Reach: 2,987

Channel Growth Rate: 0 Percent

30. Airdrop Buzz

Username: @airdropbuzzchannel

Channel Members: 2,440

Average Post Reach: 2,928

Channel Growth Rate: -36 Percent

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31. Airdrop FM

Username: @airdropfm

Channel Members: 2,331

Average Post Reach: 2,797

Channel Growth Rate: 58 Percent

32. Coincheck TV | News

Username: @CoinCheckNews

Channel Members: 2,320

Average Post Reach: 2,787

Channel Growth Rate: 3 Percent

33. Airdrop Hunters

Username: @drophunt

Channel Members: 2,197

Average Post Reach: 2,617

Channel Growth Rate: -13 Percent

34. AiredropKing

Username: @airedropking

Channel Members: 2,132

Average Post Reach: 2,558

Channel Growth Rate: 0 Percent

35. Airdrop

Username: @Airdrop

Channel Members: 1,987

Average Post Reach: 2,387

Channel Growth Rate: 0 Percent

36. Unofficial Earning

Username: @airdropinspector123

Channel Members: 1,515

Average Post Reach: 1,818

Channel Growth Rate: -31 Percent

37. Airdrop Guru (English)

Username: @airdropguruenglish

Channel Members: 1,387

Average Post Reach: 1,664

Channel Growth Rate: -21 Percent

38. Bayricker Discusion

Username: @CryptoAkbarTrickerDiscusion

Channel Members: 1,383

Average Post Reach: 1,660

Channel Growth Rate: 0 Percent

39. Crypto Airdrop98

Username: @cryptoairdrop98

Channel Members: 1,374

Average Post Reach: 1,649

Channel Growth Rate: -84 Percent

40. Airdrops And Bounty RA

Username: @airdropsrain

Channel Members: 1,308

Average Post Reach: 1,570

Channel Growth Rate: 0 Percent

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Wrapping Up

Well, these are the best NFT telegram channels to get free NFT Airdrops. You can easily follow these channels on Telegram by searching their user name in the search option present on the top right corner of the screen. However, we have also mentioned the direct link to their channels in the post above. You can also click on the post and get redirected to the channel.

If you know any Free NFT Telegram Channel bot that you think we might have missed out on in the list above. Feel free to tell us in the comments section below. Our editorial team will review the channel and update the post as soon as possible.

If you find this post interesting and informative then do share it with your friends online.

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