7 Top Fashion Brands In Metaverse To Shop In Virtual Reality!

Luxurious fashion brands are dabbling in the Metaverse and launching their NFT collections which are now selling for millions of dollars. You can now doll up your digital avatars with luxury and improve your virtual standing by buying virtual wearables from high-end brands! With numerous fashion brands in Metaverse, you can now make your avatar attend meetings or play while wearing Gucci or Dolce. Amazing, isn’t it? 

Nike has already shown its seriousness when it comes to Metaverse and other fashion brands aren’t so behind the line! Gucci and LV have stepped into the virtual world to provide you an immersive experience with their innovative collections. 

Today, we’re going to talk about the top fashion brands in the Metaverse that will be filling your virtual closets with luxury. So without further ado, let’s jump to the rolling list of luxe brands in Virtual Reality! 

Top Fashion Brands In Metaverse

Fashion brands in the immersive virtual world? Wow! But not something that hasn’t been explored before. Luxurious fashion brands are known for embracing hot trends and as such, the idea of selling digital clothes in the digital world isn’t something that’s awfully new.

Fashion brands like Armani, Adidas, and Calvin Klein had already jumped the bandwagon and experimented to explore the perks of the virtual world long before. Even the high-end brand Louis Vuitton geared up and rolled in virtual fashion by partnering with Riot Games back in 2019.

However, no matter how old the concept of virtual fashion is, we’re always left awestruck by the innovative ideas that these luxurious fashion brands bring to life. Ahm! Virtual life here! 

With Nike creating Nikeland and with Balenciaga organizing a virtual fashion show, folks are curious to know what’s next. Well, we don’t know about all the upcoming events but one event is worth mentioning here. The Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Show! Decentraland’s Metaverse fashion show is one event that everyone’s eyeing at the moment. The moment when all these fashion brands will be setting the bars high for digital fashion. Agh! Can’t wait!

Let’s explore the world of virtual fashion and take a look at the top fashion brands in Metaverse that will be filling up your digital closets.

1. Ralph Lauren

Fashion Brands In Metaverse
Image Credits: USA Today

Back in August 2020, Ralph Lauren was also producing shoppable digital apparel for Bitmoji avatars on Snapchat like shoes, ties, jackets, t-shirts, etc

The first fashion brand on the list to roll in the Metaverse is Ralph Lauren! Ralph Lauren partnered with Roblox to launch its winter collection called Ralph Lauren: Winter Escape. It was an event held in Roblox Metaverse that started on Dec 8 and ended on January 3.

The event was a huge success where users could buy limited Ralph Lauren collectibles. The participants could enjoy activities like ice skating, roasting marshmallows, decorating trees, etc. 

The Winter Escape was a jolly event, however, you would be surprised to know that this isn’t the first time that Ralph Lauren has stepped into virtual fashion. 

Back in August 2020, Ralph Lauren was also producing shoppable digital apparel for Bitmoji avatars on Snapchat. So Ralph is doing what it always does! Following the trend! 

2. Gucci

Fashion Brands In Metaverse
Image Credits: Gucci

In the Roblox Metaverse, digital avatars could be seen flaunting their limited edition Gucci bags, glasses, or hats. Courtesy, Gucci’s partnership with Roblox! Gucci partnered with Roblox to present its limited digital collection on the platform.

The luxury brand Gucci isn’t so far behind the line when it comes to rolling in the hot space of Metaverse. The Gucci Garden in Roblox was open for a limited time where users could either get Gucci collectibles for free or for Robux. All the items on the platform were priced in Robux (the native currency of Roblox). 

While the prices of some of the items weren’t high, some people resold the items at more than $4,000 which were originally priced at $2 (yes! talking about the Dionysus small GG shoulder bag here.) 

The event was a success and it marked the early entry of a high-end luxe brand into the Metaverse. However, digital wearables aren’t a first for Gucci. Gucci has already created digital wearables for games like Pokemon Go, Genies, and The Sims. 

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3. Balenciaga

Fashion Brands In Metaverse
Image Credits: GQ

Balenciaga’s Virtual fashion show that showcased its fall collection 2021 is old news now. What’s hot is that this high-end fashion brand is gearing up in Metaverse as Balenciaga’s CEO informed about his plans to launch a business catering to the emerging needs of Metaverse.

So yeah! Balenciaga is on the road to exploring the grounds of Metaverse after its success with Fortnite. Recently Balenciaga partnered with Epic Games creating wearables for the famous Fortnite characters, Doggo, Ramirez, Knight, and Banshee. 

Seeing how successful the partnership was, Balenciaga is now gearing up to explore the world of Metaverse now. So now you can wear Balenciagas in the Metaverse and make your digital avatar a fashionista!!

4. Burberry

Fashion Brands In Metaverse
Image Credits: Highsnobiety

When it comes to fashion brands in Metaverse, how can Burberry stay behind! Burberry launched its NFT collection by partnering with Mystical games in August 2021. But hey! It isn’t the first time that Burberry has stepped into the digital space.

Back in November 2020, Burberry partnered with Tencent Games, a Chinese company, to create designs for Honor of Kings. 

Another interesting news is that Burberry didn’t stop at that! Burberry even launched a collection of 1000 NFTs with a limited edition scarf on Single’s day, a popular event in China. Not only Burberry, but Coach also presented its limited-edition NFTs on Single’s day.

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5. Balmain

Fashion Brands In Metaverse
Image Credits: The Garnette Report

You can buy limited edition Barbies dolled up in Balmain in the Metaverse now! The collaboration of Barbie and Balmain to present a collection of limited edition NFTs is a sure sign that anything is possible and brands are making sure that it stays that way.

Now, undoubtedly, the Barbie x Balmain NFT collection will be a blast. The NFT collection is going to be auctioned at MintNFT and the highest bidder will surely win the race. But is it a first for Balmain? No.

Balmain already collaborated with the gaming company, ALTAVA, where 8 dynamic NFTs will be featured in the Metaverse game, Worlds of You.  

6. Nike 

Fashion Brands In Metaverse
Image Credits: Front Office Sports

Nike is being labeled as the King of Metaverse and there’s truly no doubt about that! With the creation of Nikeland on Roblox, the company has already shared its ambitious plans and roadmap for the years ahead. The famous brand, Nike brought a company that is renowned for making virtual sneakers in the Metaverse, RTKFT Studios, and this only shows how serious Nike is when it comes to Metaverse. Nike filed trademarks that indicated its profound plans to sell virtual goods in the Metaverse and users couldn’t be any happier!

So now you can wear Nike in Metaverse!! Cool, isn’t it?

7. D&G

Fashion Brands In Metaverse
Image Credits: The NYT

Dolce & Gabbana is deadset to step into the Metaverse platform and it isn’t surprising why! When numerous luxury brands have already dabbled into the space, D&G wants to try its hands in the virtual space too. And this is quite evident from the launch of The Collezione Genesi, the first NFT collection of D&G in collaboration with UNXD.

Dolce and Gabanna partnered with UNXD, the luxury marketplace to auction its first set of NFTs that it fetched millions of dollars at that. 

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Wrapping Up

Fashion Brands are leveling up in the Metaverse! The high-end luxury brands in the Metaverse will give your digital avatar a fashion upgrade and enhance your digital standing in the virtual world. These fashion brands are targeting Gen Z as their main customer base in the Metaverse as they are the ones who are so obsessed with new enhancements in the technical and virtual world. Seems like everyone needs to buckle up a bit as the time for virtual fashion has finally arrived and this hot buzz won’t be cooling off soon! 

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