Everything About Shibaverse | A Guide To Earn Create And Play

We all know that web 3.0 is approaching and soon we are going to step into the Metaverse era. There are regular new updates in the Virtual World and the most recent one is Shibaverse. Yes, you heard that right. The Shiba community has developed its own Metaverse and it is soon going to launch.

The development of the Shiba Metaverse was started in the third quarter of 2021. It is a blockchain-based Metaverse that will let people buy land, create NFTs, and sell them in the Shibaverse Marketplace. Well, here is a post that will tell you how to use the Shiba Metaverse and what are its features.

Before we jump on to the various features of the Metaverse that will help you in earning money. Let’s first have a look at what Shibaverse is and its objectives.

What Is Shibaverse?

Shibaverse is an educational, entertainment, and social Metaverse project that is developed to be a decentralized VR (Virtual Reality) platform on the Blockchain. The Metaverse is developed keeping in mind all the aspects and the users can use the platform to attend the events, play games, and explore the work opportunity in the Metaverse.

Shibaverse as we said is another world in itself with Shibacity as its capital. The Shibacity has the Genesis district, it is the most advanced and developed district in the whole city and is situated at the coast of the Sea.

After Genesis, you will find others districts too. These are Shibarium, Shibaswap, and more.

Goals Of Shibaverse

1. Entertain And Bring Financial opportunities For Shiba Community

The first and foremost goal of the Shibaverse is to develop an ecosystem that will help the Shiba community members to earn and develop the Shibaverse. As we said the Metaverse will bring a lot of opportunities. You will also be able to enjoy the events, visit clubs and more to get entertained. 

The Metaverse will allow the users to purchase the virtual land in Shibaverse and the users can use it in whatever way they want. 

2. Educate Younger Generation

This is the goal that makes the Shibaverse different from the others. The developers have dedicated a different space within the Metaverse that will educate the younger generation about the blockchains and how to earn from them. The names of these places in the Shibaverse will be Shiba Academy and Shiba Studio. 

Shiba Academy and Shiba Studio are the places in the Shibaverse where teenagers will find mentorship, advice, and guidance to invest in the blockchains. The company said that we love the younger generation and want to make them aware of the quickly changing world so that they can make the most use of it.

Shibaverse NFT

Shibaverse NFT

Shiba NFT 2.0 is the NFT that you will use in the Shibaverse. This Shiba NFT will give you access to many things in the Shiba Metaverse. Well, given below are the key features of the Shiba NFT.

Give you Access To The Shibaverse

Owning a Shiba NFT will give you access to participate in the various events that are going to take place in the Shiba Metaverse. You can also play the game challenges and the NFTs will also give you an opportunity to take part in the development of the Metaverse. If you are a parent you can also participate in the classes by Shiba Academy educational Track with your kid.

Every Shiba Is Unique 

Well, as we said every Shiba is an NFT so, they ought to be unique. Each Shiba NFT will have its own set of skills, strengths, and weaknesses as well. You can train the Shiba and make them ready for the games. 

As you spend more time with your Shibas they will learn more skills and you can use them to earn rewards. 

Shiba Puppies

This is one of the best features that the developers have included in the game. You can have as many puppies as you want in the game. However, if you own a male puppy and a female Shiba Dog, you can breed them and have puppies. These Shiba puppies will be the NFTs. 

The Shiba Puppies will acquire the characteristics randomly of their parents and further you can use these puppies to have more puppies.

As we said every Shiba will have its own characteristics and skills. So do the puppies and these different skills will define their prices in the Shibaverse NFT Marketplace.

How To Earn Money In Shibaverse?

Shibaverse is a relatively new Metaverse when we compare it with the Metaverses like Sandbox or Decentraland. However, it also provides its users with different ways to make money in Shibaverse.

Well, given below are the methods to earn money in Shibaverse.

Buy, Sell Or Rent The Land In Shibaverse

Let us tell you that each Plot of land will be a blockchain NFT. So, when you buy land on the platform it will be registered to you. Now, you can sell this land when the prices are high. 

The best way to earn from the land is by lending it to others. This is the best way to generate slow passive income from the platform. The rent and the price of the land will be decided by the location and the district in which the land is available.

As we said, the Shiba Metaverse is new. So, the prices of land will go high as the popularity of the platform increases.

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Earn With Puppies

If you own the property in the Metaverse, you will enable our Shiba’s to have puppies. The more land you have in the Metaverse the more Shiba dog couples you can accommodate and they will provide you with the puppies.

As we said these puppies will be the NFTs, so you can sell them in the market. The price of the Shiba puppies will depend upon the characteristics and the skillset of the puppies that they have acquired from their parents. 

Create Accessories And Sell Them

The platform will also provide you with a way to create accessories for the Shiba’s. You can use these accessories to make your dogs look good. Also, you can sell these accessories in the NFT marketplace in the Metaverse to earn money in Shibaverse.

Play To Earn Games

The platform also offers various Play to Earn Metaverse games. You can participate in these games and challenges with your Shiba and earn rewards.

Token Used In Shibaverse

Shibaverse is going to be a virtual world in itself. So, there needs to be a cryptocurrency that will be used to purchase and trade within the Shiba Metaverse ecosystem.

Shibaverse will be using the “Verse” token for the in-game trading. You can use the Verse token to

  • Buy the Real Estate on the Platform
  • Purchase the NFTs from the Marketplace
  • In-game trading

How To Get The Verse Token

You will get the game tokens from the exchanges. Well, in the case of the Shibaverse token you will get the Verse tokens easily from the two platforms. These are 

  1. ShibaSwap 
  2. UniSwap

You can visit these platforms to swap your other tokens for Verse tokens.

What Will Be There In Shibaverse?

You will be able to do several things in the Shibaverse. We have listed down the list of features below. Have a look at them.

  • NFT 2.0 Marketplace
  • Play To Earn Gaming
  • VR Experience and Virtual walk
  • Verse Token market buyback and burn
  • Virtual Shops
  • Freelance Job Opportunities
  • Defi tools utilizing the Shiba ecosystem
  • Interactive educational tracks

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Wrapping Up

Well, the Shibaverse Metaverse is still under development and only the genesis district will be launched in the first quarter of 2022, and that too without the blockchain functions. However, you can expect the platform to get fully developed by the end of 2022. The Metaverse seems quite promising and different from the ones that we already have like the Decentraand and Upland.

If you still have any queries in your head then feel free to ask us in the comments section below. If you find this article interesting and informative then do share it with your friends.

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