EnChroma Glasses Cost | Do These Colorblind Glasses Really Work?

While driving, being a colorblind person, green stoplights appear like white, and they are difficult to differentiate from streetlights. In such a case, you can only guess, or make the wise move and seek assistance. Here’s some good news for you! The company EnChroma is now making lenses that claim to “enhance the vibrancy and saturation of colors and help the color-blind to discriminate between colors that can be hard to see.” Check out the EnChroma Glasses cost, as well as the science behind the working of these high-tech Glasses here!

Just like the Bionic Lenses, EnChroma lenses are developed with a groundbreaking lens technology invented at the beginning of the 2000s by a glass scientist and mathematician educated from UC Berkeley. What is the process behind developing this unique technology that allows those with a visual impairment to see colors that they never thought of? Let’s understand the working of these color blind glasses below.

Are Enchroma Glasses cost-effective? Is this tool worth a try? Well, here is everything you need to know about these powerful EnChroma Colorblind Glasses. Although these Glasses are not as effective as the Bionic Eyes to restore vision, these Glasses do provide you with the power to detect different colors being low on eyesight.

Let’s understand what EnChroma Glasses are, how these Glasses work, Enchroma Glasses cost, and the visual results of wearing these colorblind Glasses! 

What Are EnChroma Glasses?

What Are EnChroma Glasses

A lack of color vision or color vision impairment means that you don’t perceive the depth or intensity of certain shades. It’s often known as color blindness.

In the majority of cases, people who suffer from poor colored vision are unable to distinguish between green and red.

Color blindness is very common, especially among males. According to the American Optometric Association, Up to 8.5% of black males as well as 0.5 percent of females, suffer from it. It’s an inheritance issue. However, it can also be acquired. It may occur when the eyes are damaged as a result of injuries or another condition that affects vision. Certain medications or aging processes can also trigger color blindness.

EnChroma Glasses are claimed to help in detecting the distinctions between the colors. They also claim to provide more vibrancy to the shades that those with color blindness might not feel.

EnChroma Glasses have been available for about 8 years. Many viral online videos depict those who are colorblind, when put on the EnChroma Glasses, were able to see all the colors of this world. 

The effects of these videos are striking. However, the question is how likely are these Glasses going to be effective for you?

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Do EnChroma Colorblind Glasses Really Work?

Do EnChroma Glasses Work

To comprehend the scientific basis that is behind EnChroma Glasses, it’s helpful to understand the causes of color blindness initially.

The human eye is home to three photopigments, which are sensitive to color. The photopigments are situated within the retina receptors known as cones. The cones inform your eyes about the amount of blue, red, or green color present in the objects. They then provide your brain with the details about the color of the object you are looking at.

If you’re not able to get enough photopigments for a particular color you’ll be unable to see the hue. The majority of cases of color vision problems result from a color deficiency in red and green. This means that you may have difficulty discerning between green and red hues, according to their intensity.

EnChroma Glasses were designed to aid doctors to perform laser surgeries. They were initially made as sunGlasses that had lenses coated with a special material that increased its wavelengths. In addition to all these features, it had the effect of creating colors that appeared rich and vibrant.

The person who invented the EnChroma Glasses found that the lens coating used on these lenses may also permit people with poor vision to detect variations in the color which they weren’t able to detect previously.

The preliminary research suggests that Glasses work. However, not everyone will be benefited, and to different degrees.

In a 2017 study of 10 adults suffering from color blindness ranging from green to red, the results showed that EnChroma Glasses did not result in substantial improvement in color recognition for two individuals.

The EnChroma company explains that for those who have complete color blindness, the Glasses will not help. It’s because you have to be able to distinguish a specific color to be able to use EnChroma Glasses to improve the vision you have.

Not only this, It is important to determine how well these EnChroma Glasses are effective treatment options for people with low color vision. It appears that these color blind glasses are best suited for those who have moderate or mild color blindness.

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EnChroma Glasses Cost

EnChroma Glasses Cost

As per the EnChroma website, the website states that a pair of adult EnChroma Glasses ranges from $200-$400. For youngsters, the Glasses start at $269.

They aren’t accepted by insurance plans. If you’ve taken vision insurance, you may be eligible to inquire about EnChroma Glasses that are prescription-only. You could be eligible for vouchers or discounts as well. 

Treatment Options For Color Blindness

EnChroma Glasses are a thrilling alternative for those who are colorblind to red and green. Perhaps, other options aren’t as extensive. A range of Contact lenses to treat color blindness are readily available under the brand names ColorMax as well as X-Chrom.

Stopping medications that cause poor vision, like blood pressure medications or psychiatric medications, can aid. Make sure you consult your doctor before taking any medication prescribed by your doctor.

The possibility of a gene therapy treatment for those who are born with color blindness is currently under investigation. However, still no product for the consumer is on the market.

How Does The World Look Like With EnChroma Glasses?

How Does The World Look Like With EnChroma Glasses

Color blindness could be mild or moderate, but it can also be severe. If you have poor color vision, you may not be aware of it.

What appears to others as bright yellow might appear boring grey for you. If someone didn’t point out the difference, you would not know there was a difference.

Color vision issues can impact your interaction with the outside world. For example, If you’re driving, you might have difficulty discerning the point at which a red sign’s end and the sunset in front of it starts. It’s difficult to determine whether the clothes you choose seem to “match” or look pleasing together.

When you first put on the EnChroma Glasses, it typically takes between 5 and 15 minutes for you to begin to notice different colors.

It’s been observed that certain people notice a significant change in how the world looks. In some instances, people who wear EnChroma Glasses can perceive the finer details and the depth of their child’s eyes, or even their spouse’s hair color at first.

Although these case studies can be an inspiration to read about, they’re not the norm. Most of the time it takes a few minutes wearing spectacles as well as “practicing” seeing new colors to be able to recognize a change. It is possible that you require a person who is able to identify the most distinctive colors, so you can learn to recognize the colors.

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Wrapping Up:

EnChroma Glasses don’t provide a solution to colorblindness. When you take the Glasses off they will show the world like they did prior to. Certain people who test the Glasses get an instant spectacular result, however certain people aren’t so impressed.

If you’re thinking of getting EnChroma Glasses, consult your doctor of optometry. They’ll be able to examine your eyes to determine whether you’re actually in need of this type of treatment. They can also discuss the requirements for your particular kind of blindness.

We learned the working of EnChroma Glasses, along with the EnChroma Glasses cost-effectiveness here. It is quite obvious that every problem doesn’t have a cure, but we can surely use these small efforts to make our lives a little better and more visible! 

May you get to see this beautiful world through your eyes! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are EnChroma Glasses Suitable For All?

These Glasses may not be suitable for all. Patients who have a significant deficit in green or red cones might not notice the increased contrast that Glasses give.

Q. Do EnChroma Glasses Work With Mild Deutan?

Deutans typically respond positively with EnChroma Glasses.

Q. How Many Kinds of Colorblind Are There?

There are seven classifications for color blindness. Four different kinds of color blindness are classified in the category of red-green, while two are found in the blue-yellow spectrum, and one version is a description of a kind of vision that is totally deficient in color.

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