7 Best Online Dress-up Games For Girls For Free

Disney Princesses have always been a fascination since childhood. Whether it’s Cinderalla’s glossy shoes, Rapunzel’s long hair, Ariel’s beautiful fishtail, Jasmine’s traditional outfits, or Merida’s red curly hair, no doubt we all were so obsessed with all of them. Thanks to online dress-up games for girls that allow every teen to replicate their favorite Disney characters with their stylish creativity.

You never feel bored while playing these online dress-up games for girls. Red, yellow, blue, pink and a whole lot of black, you can create your model’s outfit in any way you like with never-ending options. Show for new styles, restyle the old ones, mix and match different outfits, play with colors, and many more. Although there are so many dress-up games available online, I covered the top 7 best dress-up games for girls and kids.

Wish to dress up like a model or a businesswoman, or create some funky school outfits with the best dress up games for girls like:

  1. Shopaholic Models
  2. Business Chic Dress Up Game
  3. Fashion Punk Girl
  4. Festive New Year’s Party
  5. Makeover Designer
  6. High School Divas
  7. Mermaid’s Makeup Salon

These are the seven most loved free online dress-up games for girls. Be ready to be creative and style your best.

7 Best Online Dress-up Games For Girls For Free

Here is the briefing of the 7 best dress-up games for girls online, that contain different themes and dress-up styles. Dress up game is one of the best mobile games for kids. Let’s not waste time and get started.

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Shopaholic Models

Dress-up Games For Girls; Shopaholic Models
Source: Jai Maharashtra Cargo Movers

Girls who love to shop for new trends and fashion, Shopaholic Models is the perfect dress-up game for you. In this game, you are given a supermodel character whom you have to dress up like a top model. You have to watch the budget under which you shop for your model, like handbags, accessories, shoes, dresses, etc.

By completing the side challenges given in the game, you can get your supermodel on the runway. 

Business Chic Dress Up Game

Dress-up Games For Girls; Business Chic Dress Up Game
Source: Style Craze

For girls who desire to be a business girl from a young age and find fascination in tied-up suits and pants, this game is a perfect choice. Spice up your professional wardrobe with fashionable dresses with Business Chic Online dress-up game. Playing with business outfits is so much fun. 

It’s quite easy to play. The added business touch makes this game even more impressive and different from regular dress-up games.

Fashion Punk Girl

Dress-up Games For Girls; Fashion Punk Girl
Source: APKPure.com

We all love theme parties!! Fashion Punk Girl will give you the perfect theme party feels sitting at home, as this game is all about creating trendy fashion looks. It has a cute punk girl character whom you have to dress up in a unique and playful style. 

Unlike other dress-up games where you get normal stuff, this game provides some amazing fashion items to enjoy creating new funky looks.

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Festive New Year’s Party

Dress-up Games For Girls; Festive New Year’s Party
Source: Games Loon

New Year’s Eve is all about dressing up nicely as it is the beginning of a new year. Festive New Year’s Party is an online dress-up game that gives you the opportunity to dress your best in the form of an online character given to you.

Choose the best makeup, outfit, haircut, accessories, and big party themes. Get the character party-ready with fabulous creativity.

Makeover Designer

Makeover Designer
Source: The Diamondback

Okay, this one sounds different. Makeover designer allows you to get the makeover of your choice, like a new face, new character, new dresses, and much more. This virtual makeover game is so much fun to play. 

You’ll get a personal drawer to choose clothes from. Choose cool hairstyles, makeup, and designer clothes. You can also print and save your creation to show it to others.

High School Divas

High School Divas
Source: Atmegame.com

Being a girl, haven’t we always wanted to look like a Diva during our high school days? Girls, be ready to turn your high school days into a fashion show. Each day style your character with new fashionable dresses, school bags, and shoes.
Style like you always wished to look like during your school days. There are so many options available to choose from dresses, accessories, and school kits. Make your character look the best Diva.

Mermaid’s Makeup Salon

Mermaid’s Makeup Salon
Source: APKPure.com

You will get two characters in Mermaid’s Makeup Salon whom you have to give a fresh and glamorous makeover. This game is an undersea salon-themed game. Help these two beautiful mermaids to get ready with the perfect makeup and hairdo.

Plus you get to take an underwater dive through this game. Meet the pretty mermaids and make them look their best. This online dress-up game is absolutely free.

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Hope you enjoy playing these free online dress-up games. These games are completely safe for kids, so you don’t have to worry. Plus, these are for free so enjoy!!

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