Decentraland vs Sandbox | Which Is The Best Metaverse Project?

Ask any Metaverse expert to name the best Metaverse coins in the market right now. I bet the answer would be Decentraland and the Sandbox. And why not?? Both the platforms have seen a sudden rise in their growth chart after the Facebook name change ceremony. Well, are both the Metaverse coins the same? The answer is NO. So, here is the post on “Decentraland vs Sandbox”, which will tell you the difference between both the Metaverse platforms and their tokens.

Although both the platforms were once purchased by the Hong Kong-based company, Animoca Brands. Still, there is a lot of difference between Sandbox and Decentraland. Yeah, we know the basic idea behind trading on the platforms is the same but it is directly affected by the Market price of the coin tokens. In this post, you will come across various facts that will prove to you that although these platforms look similar from the outside. But still, there is a lot of difference between them.

Decentraland platform uses the coin tokens called MANA for trading on the platform whereas Sandbox uses the tokens called “SAND” for trading the land and equipment on the platform.

People are earning money using both these Metaverse coins. If you are planning to do so then this post on “Decentraland vs Sandbox” will help you in deciding which platform or token to invest on.

What Is Decentraland?

Decentraland vs Sandbox
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Before starting the battle “Decentralized vs Sandbox”, let us first move to what exactly is Decentraland. 

Decentraland is a 3D blockchain running on Ethereum. It is the application that allows the users to purchase the virtual land on its platform and own properties. In short, the application allows the users to develop their own virtual world and interact with the other characters in it.

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Well, this virtual world has got some rules if you want to live in it. The company has introduced the crypto tokens called “MANA”, which are used to purchase goods and land within the game.

This was a brief introduction about what is Decentraland. Now, let us move to the next part of the post and have a quick overview of what Sandbox is.

What Is Sandbox?

Decentraland vs Sandbox
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Sandbox is another Metaverse play-to-earn game that allows users to buy products and plots on its virtual platform. It is similar to Decentraland and also works on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The sandbox game offers the users more than just purchasing the land building in the city. You can also play games and come across various quests and challenges. Completing these successfully may lead you to win exceptional rewards.

Well, as we said that you are responsible to build the city and make it grow economically strong. To help you in this the company has introduced the token coins called “SAND”. These token coins are used to purchase the land and other equipment on the Sandbox platform.

Decentraland vs Sandbox – The Battle Begins…

Now that we have an idea about what Sandbox and Decentraland are, let us start with the post that will tell you the difference between the Sandbox and Decntraland.

Decentraland vs Sandbox – Let’s Start With A Brief History

Sandbox was introduced to the world in the year 2012 as a 2D game for mobile phones. The company upgraded itself from 2D gaming to 3D technology in the year 2017 and started working on the Ethereum Blockchain. 

In the year 2018, the company was acquired by a Hong Kong-based company  Animoca Brands, and since then the Sandbox has evolved itself as one of the best Metaverse games.

Decentraland has also got a similar history to the Sandbox. It was introduced to the world as a 2D game in the year 2015. The game became accessible to the public in 2020. The company was later purchased by Animoca Brands and today it has got multiple investors. This has made it one of the biggest Metaverse ecosystems in the whole world.

Decentraland vs Sandbox – The Difference In Working

The next major difference to focus on is the difference between the working of both the Metaverse coins, Decentraland and Sandbox. As we already mentioned that both these coins work on the Ethereum blockchain.

Both of these platforms allow you to do the activities that you do in the real physical world. Such as purchasing the land, doing trade, going to the marketplace, and purchasing goods from the market. But there are a few differences between the working of both coins. Let us have a look at them once.

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In Sandbox, as we said, you can purchase plots and do your bit. But, it is not so that you are provided with an unlimited number of plots. The company has fixed the number of plots to 166,000. You can purchase these plots using the token called “SAND”. You can do anything on the land as you can rent to other people or you can also feature the games on it to earn money.


As we told you that you can buy “Plots” on Sandbox. Well, in Decentraland these plots are called the Parcels. The users can purchase the parcels on Decentraland using the in-app tokens called “MANA” from the marketplace. There are a total of 90,601 parcels available on the Decentraland platform.

Decentraland vs Sandbox – Who Can Purchase Land

Well, anybody with the token coins can purchase the plot or parcel on the platform. Given below are a few specifications that you need to keep in mind while trading on these platforms


Token: SAND

Estate: Owned By One Person

District: Owned By More Than Two People


Token: MANA

Estates: These are the multiple Parcels

Districts: These are the Parcels with the similar themes

Plazas: These are owned by the community and you cannot trade them.

Decentraland vs Sandbox – Eco-Friendliness

As we know that both platforms run on the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain requires a lot of energy to get processed which means a larger carbon footprint. Both companies have taken major steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Sandbox has started planting more trees and integrated with the polygon to reduce the gas fees.

Decentraland has also integrated with the polygon to reduce the carbon footprint.

Decentraland vs Sandbox – Price

Decentraland Price: $4.32

Decentraland (MANA) Market Cap Value : $9,477,631,974

Sandbox Price: $6.50

Sandbox (SAND) Market Cap Value: $19,510,731,938

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Wrapping Up

Coming to the end of the article we have reached the conclusion that sandbox follows a more centralized method whereas Decrtraland’s approach is dismembered and dispersed. You cannot specify which one is correct because both have got their own pros and cons.

The post above is written for informational purposes and we do not recommend any specific Metaverse coin to invest in. You should do your own research before investing your hard-earned money.

The market cap value and the coin value mentioned above are updated on the date of publication of the article and are subjected to change with the fluctuation in the market.

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  1. Devendra Singh says:

    The web-based media publicity around Metaverse is driving individuals towards this virtual world that is additionally driving costs. Nonetheless, you should take a gander at the ventures intently and observe your premium before you contribute. To stay with the first and consistent, you can remain put resources into Decentraland in light of the fact that it was the primary 3D metaverse ever to be made. To investigate developing metaverses, The Sandbox is your smartest option. It likewise has entered the main 10 NFT commercial centers by 24-hour deals volume. Check out the undertaking dreams of both and decide for yourself. Try not to allow patterns to drive your choices.

    • Shubham Attri says:

      Hey, Devendra thank you for your concern. Well, let us tell you that we consider all the factors before jumping on to the conclusion. And to add we have mentioned that both the Metaverse games have their pros and cons. So, you cannot decide the winner based on a single factor.

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