Decaying Winter Discord | Where And How To Join

Looking for one amazing gaming discord? Decaying Winter discord is one of the trendings and demanding discord servers for the gamers in Roblox. Hardcore roguelite wave-based survival game Decaying Winter is a ROBLOX creation by Archeximus. You can find Archeximus on Instagram, YouTube, and even on Twitch streaming video games. 

In the survival wave-based shooter game Decaying Winter, players must endure nightly storms brought on by ruthless AIs. Players can search a map with a Crossroads theme for goodies. Additionally, players can change their characters’ bonuses and features.

Sounds interesting? If you have a survivor inside you, it’s time to join the Decaying Winter discord. As reviewed by most of the players this popular video game is not for novice gamers. Your survival skills will be tested here. Although players chat in the Decaying Winter discord server, most of them just love staying inside the game. Here is how to join the Decaying Winter discord. 

What Is Decaying Winter?

Hardcore wave-survival game Decaying Winter was released by Archeximus in September 2021. Agents are requested to protect the Safe Zone from AI adversaries who are becoming increasingly equipped and dangerous while also enduring the storm.

Decaying Winter Discord Server 

There are so many Decaying Winter Servers available on Internet, but make sure to join the Official and Verified Discord Server of Decaying Winter. 

Click here to join the official Decaying Winter Discord Server 

Decaying Winter Discord – How to Join?

To join the Decaying Winter Discord follow the steps below:

To join Decaying Winter Discord > Login Discord > Link > accept invite > I Am Human > Joined 

Step 1: Login into your Discord Account

Step 2: Click on the Link 

Step 3: Tap on Accept Invite 

Step 4: Check out the I Am Human Box 

Step 5: You have joined the Decaying Winter Discord Server

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Decaying Winter discord – Rules

Archeximus is very particular about the rules that have to be followed if you want to be a part of Decaying Winter discord. 

Breaking the following rules will lead to immediate punishment for your account

  1. There are no offensive slurs in any of the server’s channels. If the moderators discover this, an immediate strike will be initiated.
  2. Keep private information private. This law applies to information such as addresses, cities’ IP addresses, etc. but is not restricted to them. Don’t say anything if they don’t feel okay with it being revealed.
  3. Maintain a low degree of toxicity within the server’s channels. Please keep any continuing issues in DMs if they are in a channel. Depending on the seriousness of the current circumstance, infractions may be issued.
  4. Depending on the degree, harassment that occurs at any time on the server will result in a violation. If it goes too far, a ban will be implemented right away.
  5. Utilize the channels in accordance with the themes they cover. A good illustration would be to keep bot commands in the bot channel and general chats in the general channel.
  6. Do not discriminate against people who engage in practices from other cultures or contentious hobbies. Whatever they’re doing is acceptable as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else.
  7. Content that is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and highly provocative is not permitted on this server. You will be promptly banned if a moderator discovers it or it is reported to the team.
  8. Discord’s Terms of Service are respected, and everything said there is applicable here at all times. 
  9. Depending on whatever regulation was broken, trying to circumvent it may result in a general penalty.
  10. Ban/Mute evasion using different accounts is not permitted. Any fake accounts discovered will have their access to the server suspended.

Breaking The Following Rules You Will Get a Warning From The Moderation Team 

  1. Without the approval of moderators or other staff members who are currently online, do not advertise.
  2. Avoid sending out spam on the server channels. There isn’t much to say because the idea is simple to understand. Big text walls might not be well received.
  3. Do not DM staff for a cause you can quickly determine on your own. Some questions can be readily resolved in the #deleted-channel. Another choice is to consult other users on the server.

Decaying Winter Discord – More Info

Decaying Winter discord is all about survival and of course respecting team members. But, what if you want to complain about a rule-breaker? As long as you have proof, you can typically ping or DM a @Server Moderator to report it. Wish to appeal for discord mute? Click the link

If you are a valuable contributor and are looking for a role, send your best artwork to an admin or moderator in a direct message to be given the position. You will be given consideration for the trusted role if you remain around long enough to be seen, assist other community members, and generally act well and are appreciated. After all, it has to live up to its name.

Bad news for the gamers – DW AND SOF have been ended. They won’t get any more updates or bug fixes. Everything has been resolved. Despite the fact that it is continually being updated, AA will eventually be finished and discontinued.

Looking for more info? Game updates and teasers are typically found in announcements or specific update log channels like #last-strandeds or #aa-patch-logs.

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Final Notes

If you are a video game lover, no doubt Decaying Winter discord is your place to hang out. However, following rules are important when you are part of the server and of course, don’t forget to survive the game


Q1. How many nights does decaying winter have?

There are typically 10 rounds or nights in a game. Three options are available to users in the menu for altering their character’s stats: Players can select a perk from 20 different character classes.

Q2. How many waves are in decaying winter?

There are endless waves in this game mode. However, there will be a special boss wave that alternates between other waves every ten waves.

Q3. How do you Parry in decaying in the winter?

Parrying. If you have the Honorable trait, pressing R on a melee weapon or your fists will perform a brief and quick block that will stun adversaries if they strike you with a melee or grappling attack while you are parrying and restore 15 stamina.

Q4. Is decaying winter still being updated?

DW is complete and won’t ever be updated. Consider reading Decaying Winter: The Last Strandeds. It’s one of the several original user-generated 3D experiences made on Roblox, which numbers millions.

Q5. What do blueprints do in Decaying winter?

Workbenches are essentially necessary because of blueprints; if you have enough Scrap, you may use a blueprint on a Workbench to create a particular weapon. When a blueprint is used on a Workbench, though, it remains there indefinitely until you craft it or wait until the following night.

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