7 Most Common GoToMeeting Problems And How To Solve Them?

GoToMeeting is a flexible video-conferencing application that can be used across all platforms. It has a simple and uncluttered interface. Also, It gives you all the features you require to organize or participate in online meetings. However, GoToMeeting may sometimes stop functioning or display various error codes across the screen. Let’s look into ways to solve these most common GoToMeeting problems!!

A vast majority of companies rely on GoToMeeting for professional, reliable online meetings and mobile collaborations. 
Why not? After all, GoToMeeting offers a quick, simple, and reliable online meeting software. It allows customers to connect face-to-face, communicate to colleagues via in-meeting chat or conference calls, and screen shares their presentations all by pressing an icon. Although a reliable internet connection is always the main obstacle in its use.

Find out about the rest of the most common GoToMeeting problems and how to solve them below! Be it some error code or problems with connecting to the GoToMeeting app, everything has been discussed here with a suitable solution!!

1. GoToMeeting Problem #1: Not Able To Connect To GoToMeeting?

Common GoToMeeting Problems
Image Credits: LogMeIn Community

One of the most common GoToMeeting problems is that you are unable to connect to the meeting. According to GoToMeeting, the three reasons for which you’re experiencing difficulties connecting to your meeting can be: There’s no internet connection, or a firewall is hindering you from connecting or GoToMeeting is experiencing an issue.


If the issue is that your internet connection isn’t working, reset your connection before you try connecting to your meeting once more.

If you suspect that it’s your computer’s or antivirus software’s firewall hindering your connections, GoToMeeting actually has pretty specific instructions on how to solve the issue. You have to set your firewall’s settings so that GoToMeeting can connect users to their meetings.

If GoToMeeting is experiencing an outage, you’ll be waiting for GoToMeeting to address the issue. You can determine whether GoToMeeting is down by looking up its status on websites such as Is It Down Right Now.

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2. GoToMeeting Problem #2: Annoying Sound Effects While Entering And Leaving Meeting

There are two types of participants that participate in the meetings: organizers and participants. 

The organizers are typically the hosts of the meeting who arranges the meeting at the beginning. Participants are merely attendees who are invited to a gathering and then show up. 

As an organizer, you’re likely familiar with the different sound effects that happen when you wait for your guests to arrive (on-hold alarms) or the sound effects when a participant joins or leaves the meeting (entry/exit sounds). 

For an event organizer, when it’s getting tiring of being woken up by those chimes and beeps it’s possible to switch them off. It is indeed one of the most irritating common GoToMeeting problems.


Here’s how to use the desktop application:

  • If you’re in a conference meeting, click the Settings gear icon located on the right of your screen.
  • Then, at the lower part of the Settings menu, you can click on More.
  • A smaller menu will appear that has two toggles on/off buttons beside the options listed below on-hold beeps as well as Entry/Exit Chimes.
  • If you wish to switch off both options you can tap the respective switches until they show Off instead of.

3. GoToMeeting Problem #3: Other Attendees Aren’t Able To Listen To You

Another one of the most common GoToMeeting Problems is that other participants are unable to hear you!!

Here’s a list of possible causes that might be causing the issue: your microphone may be turned off, or you’ve set it in the incorrect audio setting or using the web application version of GoToMeeting in another browser than Chrome. 


If your microphone is disabled it is possible to turn it off on the desktop app:

  • Move your mouse to the bottom of your screen.
  • A set of icons (including an icon for a microphone) will appear.
  • If you’re muted, the mic icon will turn red.
  • Tap the red microphone icon to turn off your microphone — the microphone icon will turn green.

Having the incorrect audio mode selected can impact your ability to hear your colleagues during the meeting Also, it can affect the ability of them to hear you. Here’s how you can adjust your audio mode within the desktop application:

  • On the screen for meeting In the meeting screen, click to open the Settings gear icon.
  • To switch to Computer Mode, click on the Computer tab and then click “Turn On” Computer Audio click.
  • To enable Phone Mode, make sure the computer’s audio is turned off under the Computer tab, then select the Phone tab.
  • Enter the number on the Phone tab of your phone. Follow the voice prompts which will require you to enter the audio PIN and access code. Both are available under the Phone tab.

The final scenario is that you’re using GoToMeeting’s Web application, but using the incorrect browser. If you’re trying to access Computer Mode on the web application, you must use Google Chrome. 

If not it won’t function, and your colleagues won’t be in a position to hear your voice. The only exception is those using Linux. Linux users can use Computer Mode through the web app using Firefox. It’s simple to do. Simply open the web application using Google Chrome and connect to your meeting using this method.

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4. GoToMeeting Problem #4: It’s Hard To Hear The Other Guests Speaking

It's Hard To Hear The Other Guests Speaking
Image Credits: officialgotosupport.com

The Help page on GoToMeeting offers a number of situations that may explain why you’re not hearing the other participants speaking at the conference. A couple of them stood out most useful to us, either the improper audio output device has been selected or the improper audio type is selected. 

It is possible to select multiple audio output choices (like external speakers or built-in speakers) and an incorrect audio source could be selected by your computer.

It is possible to determine whether the incorrect audio output has been selected by logging into the audio settings on your computer and determining if the correct speaker is selected. If not, choose the right output, then remember your setting.

This “wrong audio mode” scenario is a problem with the GoToMeeting application. In this case, you’re not able to hear anything since the GoToMeeting Audio settings in the event are configured to use the incorrect audio mode. 

If you’d like to use the setup of your computer (microphone or speakers) then your audio mode must change at Computer Mode. When you’re connected to a telephone and want to use it, you must select the Phone Mode. 


Incorrectly selecting the mode could cause you to miss the conference. Check and adjust your setting on the desktop application:

  • On the screen for meeting In the meeting screen, click at the Settings gear icon.
  • If you’d like to switch into Computer Mode then click to the Computer tab, and then click the turn on Computer Audio button.
  • If you wish to switch into Phone Mode, make sure that the audio on your computer is off on the Computer tab, then select the Phone tab.

Call the number listed in the Phone tab of your device, and then follow the prompts to ask for the Access code as well as the audio PIN that you can also find on the Phone tab.

Note: You can also examine the audio settings on your computer by testing your microphone and speakers using the desktop application GoToMeeting’s audio tests. They are found within the app’s Preferences menu. 

In the upper-left corner of your screen, you can tap to open the GoToMeeting drop-down menu and then choose the Audio preference from your preferences. Follow the on-screen instructions to test your speaker and microphone.

5. GoToMeeting Problem #5: Error Code 12029, “Could Not Connect”

One of the common GoToMeeting problems is the various error codes flashing on the screen, like this one. Error code 12029 as well as”Could not connect “Could not connect” indicate that GoToMeeting was unable to be connected to the Internet.


Clear Your Browser Cache and Reset Your Connection

To delete your browser cache:

  • Go to the menu of your browser.
  • Select History.
  • After that, click the Clear Browsing button.
  • Choose the time period and then check the checkboxes for cookies and cache.
  • Click the Clear button to clear the data.

To reset your settings:

  • Enter Internet options into the Windows search bar. Press Enter.
  • Go to the Advanced tab.
  • Press the Reset button beneath the heading Reset Internet Settings.

6. GoToMeeting Problem #6: Error 12002

Planning a meeting in the morning but can’t set up the meeting!! Probably our screen is showing “Error 12002”! The error is usually displayed in the display when people attempt to set up a meeting. 


To avoid it, disable your browser’s extensions, and then clear your browsing cache. Privacy extensions and ads blockers can cause this error. 

If you have disabled the extensions you have installed and then clearing your cache didn’t work try switching to an alternative browser and test whether you can start the meeting.

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7. GoToMeeting Problem #7: An Error Occurred During Transcoding

An Error Occurred During Transcoding
Image Credits: logmeincommunity.com

Last but not the least, one of the most common GoToMeeting problems faced by users is this! GoToMeeting displays this error message if it fails to convert your meeting’s video to a different format for video. 


To resolve this issue, stop the conversion. Then, restart the process. However, this time, select another format. 

You can stop the second conversion and then switch back to the format that is problematic. Make sure you convert your audio file to the present. If it is not working then close the converter and then relaunch it.

Wrapping Up:

So, these were some of the common GoToMeeting problems and how to solve them guide!! 

GoToMeeting might throw a few errors when trying to join the meeting. Clearing your browser’s cache, installing the program, and resetting your network settings can assist you in fixing some of these issues!!

Did you experience any particular GoToMeeting-related issues we didn’t discuss in this article? Let us know more about your encounter in the comments section below!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why GoToMeeting Is So Slow?

In addition to the possibility of service disruptions, the primary reason why you experience GoToMeeting problems is in fact the Internet that you’re using. If you’re experiencing an unreliable or slow Internet connection, GoToMeeting doesn’t function correctly.

Q. What Can I Do To Fix My GoToMeeting Mic?

If you’ve accidentally refused access If you have denied it permission, you must activate it so that the audio is heard. Click the Camera icon on the address bar. 
Select the “Always allow https://app.GoToMeeting.com to access your microphone” option. Select the microphone you want to use from the drop-down menu. Click Done.

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