20 Most Common Cisco Webex Problems And How To Solve Them | Best Webex Alternatives!

Yes, you can elevate your workspace with powerful tools like Cisco Webex!! However, to make the smart move for your business, it’s always recommended to know both the good and the bad sides of the apps and tools you are using! Hence, to lay it all crystal clear, here are the top features along with common Cisco Webex problems and how to solve them in easy steps!

From cloud calling, meetings, polling to organizing events, everything is made easy with this wonderful tool, Webex. Also, if you are planning to cut your business setup costs, then Cisco Webex comes with the most cost-effective solutions that are secured with end-to-end encryption! Since the application is an invention of technology, facing timely glitches and errors, is acceptable.

In order to enjoy an uninterrupted virtual experience with clients, make sure you know the right fixes for all the common Cisco Webex problems! These problems can be anything, from a minor “unable to connect to the meeting”, to something purely technical like “error codes”. But don’t worry!

While you attend the video conference with your clients or colleagues, we are all set with uncertain glitches and their quick solutions! Just go through the guide thoroughly, and help yourself and your staff members fix the errors right away!

Why Choose Cisco Webex?

Cisco WebEx offers some of the greatest video conferencing features in spite of all the limitations it holds. Here are the reasons why you should be choosing Webex!

1. Scalability: Not just 100, or 200 but a whole lot of 3000 attendees are allowed to join meeting at one time on a global scale. This feature turns out great for wide-level business meets.

2. Mobile-Friendly App: Webex meetings can be run on both Android and iOS devices. With the new updates in the app, Cisco has added Siri support for Apple users!

3. Training Features: As they say, learning should never stop! Webex has some personalized training courses for businesses that can be of so much benefit to the clients and the team. You can even record meetings and presentations!

Well, these were the features that will surely attract you to this tool, but knowing the limitations and issues that come along is always a wise choice. Have a look at the most basic yet consistent problems with the Webex application!

Since it’s a technological app, you might experience timely issues and glitches with the app. Here are the most commonly faced problems with Cisco Webex!

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Common Cisco Webex Problems #1 – Account Activation Fails On Webex

Account Activation Fails On Webex
Image Credits: community.maiair.com

Administrators or users receive an email stating that the account has been activated, but it isn’t possible to log in to the account.

Possible Reason: The activation period for the account is over. Once an account is activated, administrators get two days while end-users have three days to log in before their account is deactivated.

How To Fix Account Activation Problem?

Log into your sign-in page and click on the forgotten password option to reset the password on your password. Once you have received your reset password email follow the directions on how to change your password and log into your account.

2. Automatic Login Problems 

A user is prompted to check for the “Remember me” option after logging in to Cisco WebEx Meetings Server on Microsoft Internet Explorer. If the user starts installing Mozilla Firefox and imports all cookies that were previously stored in Internet Explorer, it causes the user to sign in every time he launches Firefox regardless of having to sign out manually. 

If an administrator modifies an authentication code on the Administration website or updates to the latest version, it triggers users to sign out from the site each time he launches Firefox regardless of whether the user has checked “Remember me” the last time he logged in to Cisco WebEx Meetings Server.

Possible cause: Firefox adds a “.” before the domain name of the cookie when it imports cookies imported from Internet Explorer.

How To Solve Login Issues?

Have your user delete his Firefox cookies in a manual manner.

3. Problems With Browser Compatibility

You’re making use of the Internet Explorer browser that is indicated in the compatibility section of this particular product but you are receiving an error message stating that the browser you are using is not compatible with this product.

Possible Reasons: A setting for group policies on your system can cause your browser to announce that it’s Internet Explorer 6 instead of Internet Explorer 8.

How To Fix Problems With Compatibility?

If you’re employing Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP with Service Pack 3, the incompatibility warning is false and you are able to ignore it. 

You can stop your system from transmitting this message by altering the settings for compatibility. Within Internet Explorer 8, select Tools > Compatibility View Settings

Take out the domain name of Your Cisco WebEx Meetings Server from the list of websites that you’ve added to the Compatibility View if it’s in the view.

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4. Unable To Connect With WebEx Site

You are unable to join Your WebEx website, or Administration site by using an internet browser that requires SSL 3.0.

Possible Reasons: FIPS is turned on which prevents SSL 3.0.

How To Fix Connectivity Issue?

The best way o solve this issue is to disable FIPS.

5. Unable To Join Or Start Meetings On Webex

Image credits: Cisco Community

Users aren’t able to start meetings, join meetings or access recordings from any web browser.

Possible reason: The reason could be that users are using non-supported Java versions.

How To Fix This Issue?

If you’re running Microsoft Internet Explorer, enable ActiveX or install Java above 1.6.034 or higher 1.7.06. 

If you’re running Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, then install Java higher than 1.6.034 at or over 1.7.06, or download and install the Cisco WebEx Meetings and Network Recording Player client manually. 

After that, try to start or join a meeting, or watch a recorded session again.

6. Forwarded Meeting Invitations Don’t Work After Upgrading

Problem An individual schedules the date for a meeting, and sends an invitation to others. Participants can make use of the email forwarded to attend meetings at first, but when the system has been upgraded and they try to join an event, they get the error message “The meeting is not in existence or is already over.”

Possible Reasons: Why the upgrade procedure can invalidate the meeting.

How To Fix Issues With Upgrading?

Following the upgrade of your system, inform your users that they need to change the date of all meetings. Send meeting emails as needed.

Graphics Quality is Degraded when Desktop Sharing or an Application is used

7. Graphics Quality Diminishes When Sharing On Desktop

You just have come across this error, that when you try to desktop share your documents or files, the graphics quality drops.

Possible Causes: When your system is using the desktop sharing or application sharing capabilities, Cisco WebEx Meetings Server will automatically turn off certain settings for graphics that include Aero mode and Clear-True type.

How To Fix Problems With Graphics Quality?

This feature works exactly as it was intended. Once you’ve stopped using the desktop or application sharing options, Cisco WebEx Meetings Server allows any graphic settings that were disabled while using these features.

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8. Joined The Meeting But Not Showing On Meetings Page

A meeting with an option to “Join prior to host” option isn’t appearing on your meetings page.

Possible Reasons: This happens when a person who was not the host joined the meeting but quit before the host had joined. On the Dashboard and the Meeting Trends page, the meeting will appear without any participants.

How To Fix This Error?

This is a well-known problem. If a participant in the meeting who is not the host is present at the meeting, and then leaves prior to the time that the host is able to join the meeting, it is not documented on the meeting page.

9. “Join Before Host Meeting Status” Is Incorrect

Many times, when we try to join the meeting, it shows the host needs to start the meeting. 

Possible reasons: You have disabled JMBH (join the meeting before host) to your meeting. Participants have joined a meeting via the phone, but the Start button remains visible at the top of the Meetings page.

How To Fix This Issue?

This is a well-known problem. This system waits for the host’s permission to begin the meeting using his website client or still using the phone in order to participate audio-only.

10. Cisco WebEx Meetings Fails To Launch Due To Java Problems

Cisco WebEx Meetings Fails To Launch Due To Java Problems
Image Credits: marlanuniversity.com

Many times you’ll be reported that your users are experiencing intermittently failing to launch the Cisco WebEx Meetings application on Windows when they connect to their intranet at work using Cisco Any-Connect VPN Client. 

This issue occurs when the user tries to download and run the Cisco WebEx Meetings app the first time to join a conference. After the application has been installed on the PC of the user, this issue ceases to occur. The issue does not occur when the user tries to join the conference without VPN being turned up (this presumes the WebEx website is enabled for access to the public).

Possible reason: It could be because your Java users may be using an old Java version. 

How To Fix Meeting Failed Issue?

Update your end-user Windows desktops to the most recent Java version. If this doesn’t work We recommend informing your users to install manually this Cisco WebEx Meetings application from the Downloads page. 

Alternately, users can install this Cisco WebEx Meetings application when they try joining the conference first time. 

11. Maximum Capacity Of Meeting Exceeded

The error message below appears when you try to join a WebEx meeting:

Error: The meeting isn’t being held right now due to the fact that the number of concurrent users has exceeded the limit of the system.”
Contact your administrator for additional assistance.

Possible Cause: This error message appears when a user attempts to join a conference and is over the number of simultaneous users that can be supported on your device.

How To Fix This Problem?

The audio component of the WebEx meeting isn’t subject to any limit to simultaneous participants. When the maximum number of simultaneous participants are enrolled in the WebEx meeting then the remaining participants are able to dial into it and hear. But, going over the number of permitted users may cause performance issues.

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12. Participants In The Meeting Are Unable To Dial Out Their Phones

Participants in a meeting who are having problems connecting to their phones, mostly receive a “failed connecting” error notification on the screen.

Possible Reasons: The possible cause is that your CUCM settings might be wrongly configured.

How To Fix This  Problem?

Check the CUCM Settings on the Audio page. Log into your Administration website and then select the Audio tab, then Settings. Then CUCM. Check to see if you’ve configured the proper IP addresses, transport, and ports settings.

13. Inability To Start A Meeting

Are you facing problems starting a meeting on Cisco Webex? 

Possible Causes: Your network ports may not be properly configured.

How To Fix This Issue?

Ensure your firewall, or load balancing system redirects your requests to the right ports so that end users are able to host and participate in the meetings with ease.

14. URL Input In Mixed Case

Is your Site or Administration URL included in mixed case?

Possible Cause: Browsers typically transmit URLs in lowercase to the backend that can cause an error due to the case sensitivity.

How To Fix This?

Site and Administration URL must be filled in lowercase.

15. Common Cisco Webex Problems: User Can’t Access Product

The issue is that TLS can’t be created. If you examine sniffing packets, it appears that CUCM transmits “Un-Support certification” for Cisco WebEx Meetings Server during CUCM and Cisco WebEx Meetings Server TLS handshaking.

Possible Reasons: Security Settings, or Local Security Policy Security Options enabled wrongly.

How To Fix This Issue? 

If the TLSv1.0 feature in IE advanced settings is not enabled, then the user needs to activate the local security policy. After activating the local policy, IE 8 will work in the future with TLSv1.0 disabled.

16. Users Are Unable To Host Or Participate In Meetings

If you or your teammate is unable to host or participate in the meeting, try restarting the meeting. If the problem becomes consistent, then this needs to be fixed.

Possible Reasons: The user may have restricted computer permissions.

How To Fix Hosting Issue?

Set up your system to manually push Cisco WebEx Meetings and Productivity Tools to the desktop of the user. Choose Settings > Downloads.

After that, you need to click on the “Manually push Cisco WebEx Meetings and Productivity Tools to user’s desktop” option. The problem will be resolved.

17. Unable To Schedule Meetings Using WebEx Assistant

17. Unable To Schedule Meetings Using WebEx Assistant
Image Credits: cisco.com

There’s a glitch with the Cisco Webex app if you downloaded the WebEx Productivity Tool, but are unable to set up meetings using WebEx Assistant.

Possible Causes: The user may have multiple accounts within Microsoft Outlook.

How To Fix Scheduling Issue?

To fix this error you need to uninstall all the other accounts and create only one profile that is in Microsoft Outlook that matches the Cisco WebEx profile.

18. Meeting Issues Email Received

Ever happened that you are going to start a meeting and suddenly you receive an email saying that there are issues with starting the meeting? 

Possible Reasons: The issues can be related to latency and jitter! In short, if you and your users have a limited network bandwidth with which you were trying to connect to the meeting, then you might receive a meeting issue email.

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How To Fix Email Issues?

To solve this you first need to Sign in to the Administration site. Then go to Dashboard, and click on “Meetings chart”. From there you can see the Meeting Trend page. 

You can take notes of the issues with the meeting like poor signal quality, meeting topic, date and time of the meeting, and other things and report to the host.

19. Stuck At The “One Second Please” Page When Trying To Join 

Sometimes, when you are just about to start an event with Webex, your screen freezes with the “One second Please …” Notification page. This is really irritating, as the problem lasts for hours sometimes!

Possible Reasons: It could be that you are possibly using Mozilla Firefox 18 and Firefox believes that Java could be a security problem and prompts the user to disable Java. The user chooses “Never activate plugins on this website.” This results in Java being disabled, which blocks the users’ capability to begin or join a meeting using Java.

How To Fix This?

If you think there’s a Java security issue, make your users join or start the meeting using one of the two options listed on the page for installing the conference app and then join or start the meeting again. 

Or select Run a temporary program to begin or join the meeting. If you don’t believe there’s a Java security problem, ask your users to delete their cookies, then select Always turn on plugins on this website and then begin or join their meeting by using Java.

20. Problem Launching A Meeting In Mozilla Firefox And Google Chrome 

Problem Launching A Meeting In Mozilla Firefox And Google Chrome
Image Credits: webnews.com

When a person attempts to start a meeting with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and receives an error message like this:
We encountered a problem when launching your meeting. Restart your browser and attempt again, or join the meeting using another web browser. If the issue persists the first step is to contact your administrator of the system.”
The browser is stuck on a loop and then fails to open Meeting Center. 

Possible Reason: The user has may have disabled the ActiveTouch Global Plugin Container in their browser.

How To Fix This?

On Mozilla Firefox, have your user click Options. Then go to Extensions Plug-ins and enable ActiveTouch General Container. After this restart your browser, and attempt to go to the meeting again. 

In Google Chrome, you need to visit “chrome://plugins” and enable ActiveTouch General Plugin Container. Then reboot the browser and attempt to join the meeting once more.

So, these were some of the most commonly faced issues with Webex. In case the errors become an everyday consistent routine, it’s better to look for other options too, like the best Cisco Webex alternatives we have compiled for you below! Have a look.

Top 5 Webex Alternatives & Competitors

Top 5 Webex Alternatives & Competitors
Image Credits: shift.com

No doubt, Webex provides some of the best features of video conferencing. But many times it might not feel sufficient enough to meet your business needs. In that case, you should surely have a look at these top Webex alternatives like Zoom, BlueJeans, and many other apps!

1. Zoom

When it comes to video conferencing, Zoom has to be on the top list!! From Android to iOS users, everyone is well aware of the popularity of the Zoom app. Its user-friendly interface makes it the top choice for people.


  • Up to 100 participants can join without a paid subscription, and more with the paid one.
  • Meetings can be recorded.
  • Group messaging support.
  • Gmail integration included.

2. 8×8 Video Meetings

The name may not be so familiar to some users, but when it comes to performance, this app can beat Webex! That’s why it’s known as one of the best Webex competitors.

It’s completely free, which gives you all the reasons to test the app at least once. No signup, no service charges, simply get started with the meetings.


  • Both HD audio and video are available for video conferences.
  • Real-time stats during the calls.
  • Can be accessed via any browser.

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3. GoToMeeting

Another wonderful app in the list of best alternatives to Webex is GoToMeeting. Without any doubt, GoToMeeting became the most used virtual connecting app in recent times. It provides a fairly high-quality experience to its users. 


  • Free trial.
  • Easy to set up software with an email address.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Supported in multiple devices.

4. ClickMeeting

Another app standing next to Cisco Webex is ClickMeeting. It’s the best expert webinar solution making it the best Webex alternative! It offers a great user interface, friendly features, and great prices!


  • Different URLs for different meetings can be created.
  • Free trial.
  • 5000 attendees can attend the meeting at one time with a premium plan.

5. BlueJeans

Last but not the least, BlueJeans is a power pack competitor to Webex. Attending meetings with BlueJeans feels like everyone is sitting right next to you at your place. The best feature is the crystal clear audio quality of this app. 


  • HD video conferencing.
  • Available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux variations as well.

Wrapping Up:

Who said only humans have errors? Technology too comes with lots of hick-ups that require timely updates and fixes! 

Here we just discussed a long list of some of the common Cisco Webex problems that users face in their day-to-day lives while connecting to the app. 

We also mentioned some easy hacks to fix these issues with ease! Save this post, so that, next time when you come across any of these unwanted glitches, you already know where to look for! 

How’s your experience with the Cisco Webex app lately? Have you used any other Cisco application other than Webex? Do share your views in the comments section below. 

If you have any queries regarding the articles, don’t hesitate to state them below. We would love to fetch you the answers for the same. 

Do share this informative post with your friends and colleagues. Until we come up with yet another glitch and tricks to solve it, you can check out other similar posts on the site! 

Happy fixing!! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How Do I Improve My Webex Connection?

Some basic hacks to improve your connectivity are:
1. Reduce movement and distractions while in a meeting.
2. Turn off VPN.
3. Close all the applications running in the background.
4. Switch to call in audio.
5. Shift your schedule!

Q. Is Cisco Webex safe? 

Yes, Cisco Webex is a safe and secured app that keeps users’ data private to them only. 

Q. Is Cisco A Free App? 

Cisco Webex is a free app for chrome. It’s available only for windows. 

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