Centralized Vs Decentralized Metaverse | Which One Is Safe

You might be familiar with the terms Metaverse, Axie Infinity, Decentraland, or Sandbox. Have you ever wondered who is controlling them? Who is making laws for them? Do they have any control authority? We will be discussing Centralized Vs Decentralized Metaverse in our post.

Metaverse is just another name of a 3D virtual world. It is defined as the next evolution of social media. Tech giants have started to be a part of this future. Recently, famous social media company Facebook renamed its company name Meta. Microsoft has started projects in Metaverse. A few days ago, Apple also announced to step into the Metaverse. 

When all world-famous companies are stepping into the Metaverse, you should also make yourself aware of this Metaverse. How does this Metaverse work? What do you mean by Centralized Metaverse and Decentralized Metaverse? Which among them is best. So let’s start our journey.

What Is Metaverse?

As discussed, Metaverse is just another name for the 3D virtual world. It is not like a website or a company. Every company working on the metaverse have their metaverse. For example, Facebook Metaverse, which they renamed as Meta. Similarly, Microsoft Metaverse and so on. Metaverse started from the concept of social media. It is the next level of the internet. With Metaverse, you won’t only see things but also feel them. You will live inside this virtual world in the form of an avatar of your choice. You can also make friends and interact with other users on the metaverse.

The 3D spaces inside the Metaverse will allow you to learn, collaborate, socialize and play in ways that go beyond your imagination. Here are some features that you can experience in Metaverse.

1. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality allows you to explore new worlds and share experiences. You can connect and discover new experiences with friends and family even if you are far apart.

2. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality enhances the shared experience through photo and video with playful virtual effects with just a swipe. Creating an environment where you can express yourself with the people who matter the most.

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3. Smart Glasses

The new technology always opens doors for the impossible. Wearable technology like smart glasses and new sensing wearables will become gateways into the metaverse, allowing you to interact more with the world around you. Smart glasses allow you to record audio and video with just a touch, making the first steps in the journey of Metaverse.

4. Horizon Workrooms

This is a brand new concept released by Meta in August 2021. Remote work is becoming the new trend, and most often, employees feel lonely working remotely.

Workrooms are a flagship collaboration experience that lets people work in the same virtual room. These Workrooms remain unaffected by conditions or distances. It works on both virtual reality and the web. It is used for getting together to brainstorm, work on a document or whiteboard idea, hang out or socialize or simply have better conversations that flow more naturally.

This is the new future which is made by all of us. Metaverse is a collective project that goes beyond a single company. It can be created by people all around the globe and open to everyone.

What Do You Mean By Centralized Metaverse?

A centralized Metaverse is one where a single entity governs the entire network. They have their internal servers and the policies that regulate the virtual world. The users in centralized Metaverse are restricted within the set controlled parameters. The users can interact and share experiences, but their freedom is restricted. They cannot own pieces of the digital environment or have the freedom to control. This is also regarded as Core control. Here are examples of the centralized metaverse.

  • Fortnite
  • Roblox

What Do You Mean By Decentralized Metaverse?

This is undoubtedly an open-sourced platform where users enjoy the freedom to control everything. Decentralized Metaverse also has a control that lies within the community. Users govern the control. They also have a lot of individual control over their assets. They can buy and sell here as per their wishes. The Decentralized Metaverse is emerging hand in hand with blockchain projects.

Here are some of the examples of Decentralized Metaverse.

Centralized Vs Decentralized Metaverse

Here is a list that will help you to understand the difference better.

Centralized MetaverseDecentralized Metaverse
Controlled by single entityControlled by community
Restricted FreedomFull freedom
Controlled parametersNo controlled parameters
Cannot buy digital assetCan buy and sell digital assets

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What Is The Future Of Metaverse?

It is for sure that Metaverse is going to affect our lives, and without any doubt, there will be some drawbacks of Metaverse. However, we will take a look at the future opportunities that Metaverse is going to provide us. 

1. Securing Skilled Talent

Meta is recruiting skilled talents from several sources. Meta has also announced to hire 10,000 engineers in Europe. So Metaverse is providing a large number of jobs to skilled talent.

2. Making Investment Move

Gaint companies are making huge investments in Metaverse. Apple recently announced to invest in Metaverse. As more and more companies get involved, it will generate more jobs.

3. Pushing beyond innovative experiences

Companies are working hard to create new devices for the virtual world to enhance the experience. Workrooms designed by Meta is an example of this. Nvidia’s Omniverse Enterprise and Microsoft’s Mesh are some more examples.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have discussed Metaverse and its types in detail. The difference between Centralized and Decentralized metaverse, where is the future of Metaverse going to be. It is completely dependent on the user to choose which type of Metaverse he is interested in. Both the metaverse have their qualities, and both are important.

If you want to know more about any topic, leave a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will The Metaverse Be Decentralized?

Yes, the introduction of Web 3.0 will be the backbone of Metaverse. WEB 3.0 will support blockchain-enabled decentralized applications. 

Q2.  Why Is Metaverse Decentralized?

Decentralized means it is not owned or controlled by any single entity. Instead, it is controlled by millions of computers linked together. The advantage of a decentralized network is that it is impossible to censor or shut it down.

Q3. What Is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is the third generation of internet services applications and websites that will focus on ML of data and semantic web. Web 3.0 will make the internet more intelligent and connected.

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