Can You Track A Phone If The IMEI Is Changed? 

Do you ever wonder what if your phone gets stolen? How will you track your phone? How is the IMEI number helpful here? What is the IMEI that gets changed? Can you track phone if IMEI is changed? If all these questions come to your mind, you have come to the right place. As we all know that getting an IMEI number for our phones is a very easy process. 

Even though there are many apps available that you can use to get back your number just with a single tap. But to be honest you don’t need any such app to get back your number. The simplest way to find your number is by going to the open dialer. There you just have to dial *#06#. And tada! Your phones’ IMEI number will be displayed on your screen.

But have you given it a thought that can you track a phone if the IMEI is changed? Well, you need not worry. If your phone has a sophisticated tracking system then this kind of tracking is really helpful. You need to remember that the network provider will not be able to check your device but the manufacturer will be able to do it.

So here we will discuss whether you can track a phone even if the IMEI is changed or not. This is something that we all need to be aware of. So let’s not waste any time and get started.

Can You Track A Phone If The IMEI Is Changed? 

Do you know your mobile phone has a unique worldwide number that is connected with it? This is called the IMEI number. This IMEI number is used to identify a device within that mobile network. Even though your Sim card or IMEI gets changed it will still allow you to track your device. All you have you do is give the IMEI number if it’s lost or gets stolen to the higher authorities. Then your wireless service provider will block your device and will restrict anyone from using your phone on their network. 

How To Change The IMEI Number? 

How To Change The IMEI Number

Stealing phones have increased a lot. Hence due to this reason, IMEI and ways to track your phone become very important. Many people use a flasher to erase and change the IMEI number. The device will use a USB link, computer, and USB link. Using these you can alter the unique number as this is not a very big task to do. 

The flasher is included with the CD. The cd file will get open on the computer. The phone whose IMEI number has been tampered with. This is actually associated with the computer using a USB cable along with a flasher. If the person who is using the tampering device is a professional then they will take less than 10 minutes to tamper with your IMEI number. 

How To Find A Phone Which Does Not Have An IMEI Number?

There are many programs that are available that will help you to find your mobile phone if it gets stolen, misplaced, or lost. While there are some manufacturers who pre-install this technology on your phone. So that you can quickly locate your device within seconds. You can even download an app to make sure that you do have different ways to quickly track your phone. If you are using an Apple device then you can find your phone using the Find my iPhone feature. 

You need to activate your find my iPhone service on your iPhone, Mac, iPad so that you can use the find my iPhone app. This is a cloud-based service and so it will help you to track your phone by giving the location of the device. If you now haven’t done that on your Apple device then you can go to and then sign up for an account. 

How To Find Your Phone On An Apple Device?

How To Find Your Phone On An Apple Device

To find your phone you need to follow these steps:

  • First login using your Apple credentials.
  • Now you need to make sure that your stolen device is linked to the internet via Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • Now that you have logged in successfully you need to check the Find my iPhone symbol on your screen.
  • Then the UI that you are looking for iPhone will pop up.
  • From all the devices drop-down option you need to choose the device that you are looking for.
  • Now your tracking process will start.
  • Once the tracking process is complete you will see the location of your device on the map.
  • When you decide to swipe your iPhone then find my iPhone will not work anymore.
  • You can lock your mobile and on the stolen phone you can show a customized message. 
  • You will also b able to see the screen of the stolen device if you have entered it.
  • But what if at the time of notification your device is not connected to the internet 
  • Well in that case apple will quickly send you a notification as soon as the stolen phone gets connected to the internet. So that you can follow it.

How To Find Your Phone On An Android Device?

If you are using an android device then also android device manager will allow you to track your phone with no additional software. If your phone is not linked with your Google account and does not have an internet connection then this option will not be applicable. Then you can use a laptop or another android device to track your phone.

  • Log into your Google account and then Go to the android device manager website/app.
  • Now that you have signed in you will have the option where you can allow the phone to either ring or you can enable the lock and erase function.
  • If this option does not work then it is probably because it does not have an internet connection. But you still need to follow till it gets a proper connection with Google’s services.

Wrapping Up:

So here we have answered your question can you track phone if IMEI is changed. The methods are really easy and you do not need to worry about installing another app on your phone and filling it. You just need to follow the given steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Happens If The IMEI Is Changed?

When you change the IMEI number legally, it will affect your mobile’s ownership. Moreover, it will also destroy your device when you try to change the IMEI number.

Q. Can IMEI Be Unblocked?

After you block an IMEI number then it will be shown as blacklisted. This means that you will not be able to use your mobile device from that very moment. Blocking IMEI means that you have blocked your mobile device for protection because of theft. Once that purpose is solved then you can legally unblock the IMEI number.

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