Can You Post Links In YouTube Comments? Everything About Links In YouTube Comments!

Are you following a popular YouTube channel and want to promote your content there? It is quite common these days! People promote their business or ideas by posting specific links in YouTube comments to boost their outreach and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you thought links posted in Youtube comments don’t work, then think again! Here, we have answered your questions like can you post links in YouTube comments, and is there anything wrong with doing that?

YouTube is one the largest video streaming platforms where every hour and every minute, a new video is being posted. In such a competitive place, you would obviously want to boost your views and gain new subscribers. This competition leads us to promote our content via links on fellow creators’ videos with comments like “Hey! Check out my video.. (the link to your video)…” However, there was a time when YouTube didn’t allow us to post links in the comments section.

A few years back, YouTube didn’t allow users to post links in comments but now that’s not the case anymore. Now we can post links in YouTube comments (up to certain restrictions). But will those links be clickable? Can other users go through these links? The answer for that would be mixed!

Let’s find answers to such questions going ahead.

Links In YouTube Comments: Spammy Or Non-Spammy?

can you post links in youtube comments
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Every hour, every second, a new video is uploaded on YouTube. This video streaming platform is overflowing with content and that’s why YouTube creators are trying to find ways in which they can easily promote and boost their content. 

Engagement is very important when it comes to content creation and every YouTuber understands the value of it. Also, what can be a better way to engage with like-minded people than the YouTube comments section? People offer their views and share their personal experiences in YouTube’s comment section. 

If you want to slip in your thoughts and content in the quality engagement section AKA Youtube comment section, then yeah! You can certainly do that. YouTube allows you to post links in the comment section that can be accessed by anyone provided the creator hasn’t blocked the same.

However, you need to be wary in such cases. The highly sophisticated technology opted by YouTube enables it to detect user activity through various quality analysis tools. These tools can identify user behavior and regard them as “Spammy” or “Non-Spammy”. 

If you’re posting comments too frequently on other creators’ channels or are using #’s that are considered spammy by YouTube, then your comments are going to disappear instantly or within 10 minutes. Thus, you need to make sure you engage with other people in a healthy manner without being regarded as a bot by YouTube analytics. It is better to comment on videos that are in the same niche as yours. Moreover, you should avoid commenting more than 20 times a day.

Now, coming back to posting links in YouTube comments. Below we have covered everything that you need to know about links posted in Youtube’s comments section.

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Can You Post Links In YouTube Comments?

Back in 2013, if someone asked you the same question of “Can you post a link in YouTube comments”, the answer would’ve been “NO”. After which, we could’ve covered a number of hacks and tricks with which you can do the same. However, now in 2021, we no longer have to make use of old methods in order to post links in YouTube comments.

You can certainly post links in YouTube comments and there’s no doubt about that. But will those links be clickable? Can other users go through these links? The answer for that would be mixed!

Although we can post links in YouTube comments, the ultimate authority over such comments lies with the creator. If you’re the creator, then you can obviously post links in your own YouTube videos in order to show scrollers your recently updated content. However, if you’re a third-person commenting on other creators’ content, then your links might or might not appear for others to see.

If the creator has blocked off comments with links on their channels, then no matter how many links you post on that particular YouTube channel, the same won’t be visible. These posted comments with links will either find themselves in the “Spam box” or “Held for Review” section in the creator’s own YouTube Studio.

YouTube allows creators to filter out comments by offering them features like “Block links” and “Blocked words”. If the creator doesn’t want links posted by other users on their links and has checked for “Block Links” then your YouTube comment with a link won’t be visible.

In the same manner, if you posted a word that has been added in the link of “Block words” by the original creator, then even if the comment has a link or not, the same won’t appear in the comments section.

Take a look at YouTube’s community guidelines which offer regulations regarding comments with links and why they might get blocked instantly. The following comments with links are automatically blocked by YouTube so you need to pay attention to them.

  • – “Pay Per Click” referral links in comments.
  • – Comments that falsely claim to offer full video content. This type of content could be:
    • Movies
    • TV shows
    • Concerts
  • – Posting links to harmful software or phishing site in comments: “omg just got tons of  – – – B∪cks from here! – [xyz phishing site].com”
  • – Comments with links to counterfeit stores.
  • – “Hey, check out my channel/video here!” when the channel/video has nothing to do with the video it was posted in.
  • – Posting the same comment repeatedly with a link to your channel.

How To Block Links In Comments On Your YouTube Channel?

how to block links in youtube comments
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If you’re a creator and don’t want to receive spammy comments with links, then here’s what you should do in order to block links with comments on your videos. Also, before following them, you should know that these settings are applied to all of your YouTube videos and not a specific one. 

Step 1: Log in to your YouTube Studio account.

Step 2: Under the “Your Channel” tab on the left-hand side, scroll down to the “Settings” tab.

Step 3: Click on “Settings” and then tap on “Community” settings from the left-hand side.

Step 4: Scroll down in the “Automated Filters” tab.

Step 5: Check the “Block Links” tab at the end and then hit the “Save” tab.

After you check the block links tab, the comments with links won’t be posted on your comments and will in turn appear in the “Held for Review” tab in the “Comments” section on your YouTube Studio.

These links will stay in the “Held For Review” tab for about 60 days unless you approve them and after 60 days, they will automatically disappear from here. Moreover, you should keep in mind that the “Block Links” section doesn’t apply to you, the moderator, and other approved users you have added in the “Automated filters section”.

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Is Commenting With Links On YouTube Good?

As I previously said, YouTube is overflowing with content and this user activity makes people anxious to get to the top and they go on looking for ways to promote their creation. However, should you be commenting with links to your videos like “Hey, Check out my video….” 

Well, there isn’t anything bad with that. But let me add, it isn’t the only way to promote your content or even business. Moreover, what are your comments that are finding themselves in the spam box? Isn’t that a waste?

In such cases, you should try out other popular methods to boost activity on your YouTube channel. Try making organic content and steadily move up rather than looking for shortcuts to success. Try using popular and searchable #s and make SEO-worthy content. 

Videos with a “How To” title are the best, so try making your own strategy rather than blindly posting links in other creators’ videos. Increase your viewer activity and engage with your viewers. Slowly and steadily, your videos will receive the much-needed boost that it needs!

Wrapping Up

There was a time when YouTube automatically blocked or didn’t allow comments with links in YouTube videos. However, it isn’t the same anymore. People can now freely (keeping in mind the YouTube Community Guidelines) post links with comments on YouTube videos.

If you’re posting non-spammy and relevant links that do not fall under the restrictive guidelines of YouTube policies, then your comments will stay in the comments section without getting blocked. And if you’re lucky enough, you might even find a new follower among the commenters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does YouTube Automatically Block Comments With Links?

YouTube only blocks links that are considered spammy or aren’t within their Privacy policy. Here’s a list of comments with links that are automatically blocked by YouTube.

1. Comments with phishing links.
2. Pay Per Click links
3. Harmful links
4. Links with counterfeit products
5. Irrelevant and overused comments with links.

Q. Can You Block Comments With Links On A Specific Video?

No. You can’t block comments with links for a  specific YouTube video. Whatever settings you apply, these will be valid for all your YouTube videos and not just a single one.

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