Burger King In Metaverse | Yummy Burger Entering The Virtual World

The food service industry is not away from the virtual world. Burger King in Metaverse is the latest news hyping all over the internet. The multinational chain of fast-food restaurants is set to enter the virtual world. Burger King, the leading restaurant chain has filed a trademark application for the Metaverse.

Burger King in Metaverse is huge news for food lovers. The food brand seems to follow the footsteps of McDonald who showed interest to enter Metaverse earlier. This news was shared on Twitter two days back. Burger King in Metaverse is all set to bring virtual food and restaurants to the virtual world. 

In this post, we will cover Burger King’s plans to enter Metaverse. Well, the famous Burger King is going to embrace NFT and enter virtual space soon. If you want to know more about ‘Burger King in Metaverse’, read through the post and get more details on this.

Let’s discuss this recent announcement “Burger King in Metaverse” in detail. 

About Burger King 

Burger King in Metaverse

Burger King is one of the well-known restaurants worldwide. It is owned by Restaurants Brands International. The American multinational chain of hamburger restaurants was founded in 1954.

The brand has its franchises operating in 17000+ restaurants in over 100 countries and US territories. The brand not just promises value but delivers it to its customers. It is one of the leading and successful brands worldwide. The leading restaurant brand now intends to join the virtual world. They have decided to explore Metaverse after its rival, McDonald, plans to explore virtual space. Let’s see what all details Burger King in Metaverse include. 

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Burger King In Metaverse 

Burger King in Metaverse

The leading restaurant chain, Burger King, could soon be headed towards Metaverse. It has filed trademarks to enter the virtual world. The trademark application was shared by Josh Gerben, the trademark lawyer. The leading multichannel restaurant has decided to enter Metaverse soon.

Burger King has filed its name for downloadable goods which includes beverages and food products in the online virtual world. It is also filed for access tokens to be used in the virtual world and also for the release of NFTs. Not just this, but the leading restaurant brand has also filed for retail store service. 

It has also filed for entertainment services in the Metaverse. Burger King has decided to be a part of the Metaverse after its rival, McDonald’s plans to enter the virtual world. Both the rivals will be seen in the virtual world soon.

The news about Burger King In Metaverse was shared by the trademark attorney, Michael Kondoudis, on Twitter. Burger King has also decided to explore the virtual world. The food brand has not yet announced the date of entering the virtual space, but will soon join it.

Earlier there was news about Slim Jim’s entry into the Metaverse. McDonald also announced its plans to enter the virtual world by applying for trademarks. Tyson Foods, Panera Bread, and many other major companies have also applied for trademarks earlier. Let’s see who all join the virtual world with their virtual foods and restaurants. 

Many major players have already started to work on their plans of being a part of the virtual world. Burger King has decided to offer various things in Metaverse. Let us have a look at their planned offers in Metaverse

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Planned Offers Of Burger King In Metaverse 

The well-known company has filed an application trademark and has planned to make the following offers:

  • Cryptocurrency trading 
  • Blockchain software 
  • NFT 
  • Retail Store services 
  • Virtual foods
  • Entertainment services 
  • Virtual Restaurants 
  • Virtual cafes
  • Beverages 

It seems that this exciting announcement of Burger King in Metaverse will make the virtual world even more interesting and realistic. Let’s see which food brands will be able to successfully launch their virtual foods items in the virtual world. 

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This post was all about ‘Burger King In Metaverse’. Many other companies have shown interest in the virtual world. What do you think will this move of Burger King to follow McDonald in the Metaverse be a successful attempt or not. Do share your thoughts with us in the comments. We will keep you updated with any other news related to Burger King in Metaverse as soon as we receive it. Till then, visit and explore other articles on our website. 

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